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National Merchant Center review: Don't let them scam you and steal your money

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8:40 pm EDT
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I setup a merchant account to process credit cards for my business with National Merchant Center (NMC) in March 2010. I processed for one month, then they held onto $30, 000 and never released it to my account. I filed a civil lawsuit against them for the theft of the money, and they responded in August 2010 that they had declared bankruptcy in November 2009. I paid $5, 000 for the law firm to represent me in this case.

The owners Alexy Pitt and Roman Balanko are Russian immigrants defrauding small business owners in the US. We will fight them until we get the money they stole from us. Don't let them scam you and steal your money.

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Jun 24, 2014 7:28 pm EDT

We became brand partners investing as much as 32k we decided very early on that the deal was changing too much and that things went as represented. We've been two months trying the get our hard earn money back.
Any advice as far as making them give us what ours back please?
How can the is government allow something line this to be operating in the USA.

Nov 18, 2013 12:56 pm EST
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Do a search for national payment provider on this web site and a google search for the CEO, Alex Pitt scam. You will see he has a record of not paying employees plus he has 5 alias. they have also gone by the name of PayPro

Nov 13, 2013 6:25 pm EST

Would you please provide further information? I am doing background on Lucrazon, just opened, as they are soliciting investments from private citizens, some of which are not high-wealth individuals. I want to make sure that 1) the company's products exist, work and fill an unfilled niche in the market, 2) the company has a reliable business plan, 3) the founder has a proven reliable business background, and 4) there are no affiliated pyramid schemes/selling operating in the background. Unfortunately, thus far, the people I am aware of that are being solicited to invest with this company have a track record of investing in ponzi schemes associated with various online products and technologies that do not actually exist and are not generating business revenue (all revenue coming from new recruits). Additionally, my understanding is that Lucrazon is claiming to hold merchant processing accounts with large corporate brands, some of which I understand are currently with First Data. Because they are such a new company, I am having trouble performing due diligence.