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I responded to a job posting on under insurance agents. The source was unnamed and, only by clicking the link and appplying for the job, did I find out that it was an "agency" in Texas called the Fitz Group which is an agent for NAA (National Agents Alliance). I received three e-mails about 10 minutes after I filled out a brief form at 6PM Los Angeles time (8PM in Texas). The first two were duplicates asking me to watch a 16 minute video by the agency owner, Alex Fitzgerald. The other was for me to call the agency's recruiter Joanne Patek then next day. In the video, Mark, who wants to be called "Fitz", talked about a lot of things, but what stuck in my mind was a statement saying that by obtaining referrals (a necessity in a commission-based job, especially in finance and insurance), you could "wean" yourself off of buying leads. I came to find out that the parent organization, NAA, sends out millions of mailers all over the United States to solicit business and it controls the flow of leads. The agents, like Fitz, encourage you to buy leads, which cost $25 for a "good" or "warm" lead off of a map of the U.S. on one of NAA's websites. There is NO reason for ANYONE to have to spend that kind of money on a lead that is not exclusively yours. I have talked to quite a few other people today that were with various agencies affliated with NAA, and to a person, all have said the same thing: THESE LEADS ARE WORTHLESS. THEY HAVE BEEN SOLD, RECYCLED, AND RESOLD MANY TIMES. Also, the leads that are available are by county only and Los Angeles County is huge (over 10, 000 square miles in area). The expenses required to do business with this organization are outrageously high and the returns are ridiculously low. Three agents I spoke with all made around $100, 000 per year, but one of them netted only $13, 000 after deducting expenses: gas, telephone, lead costs, and most importantly, chargebacks. The other two agents cleared in the $20, 000-25, 000 range. None of these three people are involved with NAA any more.

I know one thing for sure: I WILL NOT BE INVOLVED WITH THIS KING OF ### WHERE ALL THOSE PEOPLE ABOVE YOU MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AT MY EXPENSE. This resembles an MLM in so many respects, even if it isn't one (and I am NOT sure that it isn't). In closing, in the words of the ancient Romans: CAVEAT EMPTOR; let the buyer beware.


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Jul 25, 2019 9:52 am EDT

Fitz and NAA are jokes, ask him to show you a tax return, they talk gross revenue not net income

Mar 27, 2019 1:07 pm EDT

I wish people would post how much money they made BEFORE they responded to the ad. It's been my experience that most, if not all of the people who complain about paying for leads are ones who make a minimal wage, which is usually why they are looking for a job in the first place. Something that most people who are looking for a JOB don't realize is that the Alliance helps you start their own company. You see, a lead is an INVESTMENT. And to be completely frank with you, I would GLADLY spend $25 if my return was (on average) $500! Spend $25 and get $500 back?!?! SHOW ME ANYWHERE ELSE YOU CAN GET THAT KIND OF RETURN! And the $500 is honestly a LOW average! Not to mention the 18 A+ rated insurance companies that we work with who have in business for centuries! I love it how the original review is from someone who NEVER EVEN GOT STARTED! That's like saying you hate ice cream because someone else said it looked like it tasted bad... Hmmmm... If I have ANY ADVICE, it's make your own opinion! Oh, and BTW, I sell insurance for the Alliance PART TIME and make on average about an extra $5000/mo... The proof is in the pudding my friends. Come and taste it. It's DELICIOUS!

Feb 28, 2018 10:39 am EST
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I have worked with many agents. What I have found is the ones who do the work, don't make excuses, give themselves time to get better are the ones who succeed here at the Alliance. The type of person making this complaint will go to the next company and then the next company and make the same excuses. I see it everyday. The Alliance is run by a man with high integrity. It's an honor and privilege to work along side so many great people here.

Aug 31, 2017 4:43 pm EDT
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I can understand conceptually where this individual is coming from but wholeheartedly disagree. I am an actual agent with the Alliance for over a year now. This comment is unsolicited and 100% my own opinion, nothing scripted. Anyone who is in business for themselves, especially insurance understands that this process is normal. Leads generated by the Alliance have NEVER been mandatory, there are no sales quotas or mandatory minimums that anyone must purchase they are made available as an option and are solid leads.

On average agents generally make about $1000 for every $100 spent on "Those" leads to which I can say this is true. You unfortunately have from time to time people with the wrong attitude and mindsets that unfortunately creep into a good system only to complain that because they have to actually work seems to be too much. I am sorry for you that the experience did not work out, but I can point to a couple of thousand agents currently working with the Alliance that can affirm the system works for those want to work it. This work is not easy, but rewarding; the families we help and the expression on the faces after you assist a family laden with sickness to find protection for them and their families is priceless.

Charge-backs happen and are very common in the insurance industry, this "could be" the fault of the agent writing bad business only to collect a quick payday. The cost of doing business is in the control of the business owner. Overrides are ordinary and have been apart of the insurance industry since the beginning, and if this was MLM it would be illegal in all 50 states; and think about the fact that 15 nationally recognized A-rated carriers such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Kemper, Transamerica and Foresters have very good relationships with the Alliance. These companies don't do business with MLM's, check the records.

So in conclusion you have 1 person who never embraced the business concept and never experienced the company expressing their opinion. This is America we can do that here. This person talked to 3 other people who did not like the company and left, though I challenge whether they were actually making $100k a year. If I were a betting man, I would say those numbers were never verified (people have a way of embellishing...just sayin'). If you make $100k a year you don't leave and start over you control and reduce your overhead while increasing the revenue (its called good business-got that from Marcus Lemonis aka the Profit). The Alliance has over 2000 agents conservatively, I am amazed you never had the opportunity to talk to anyone who actually enjoys what they do and are still apart.

Lastly, there person affectionately known as "Fitz" is a national producer generating millions of dollars a year. You had an opportunity to work with an ESTABLISHED millionaire, but chose to leave and find "regular" job. Sounds like someone needs to get their mind right. Just my opinion...