Nation Maid Employment Agencypoor service and misrepresentation by agents

N Jul 20, 2019

We had hired 4 maids from them, the last 2 being Myanmarese helper. The first one decided to run away as she was mentally depressed and had wanted to go home despite counseling and refusing to wait for the replacement to arrive. The agency knew she had problems and yet still pushed the sales to us sonascto "offload" from their database. The 2nd maid that they recommended was one who was "experienced" with 1 year previous working experience with a Chinese family according to their biodata. So the salary was higher and of course we were prepared to pay more for someone who had more knowledge in working in a Singaporean environment. Lo and behold! She came with hardly any training, not understanding much English and we questioned her and found that her previous employer in Sg was a Myanmarese family staying in Sg. So she basically didn't need to use/learn English.. her standard of hygiene and idea of cleanliness was horrendous. We feedbacked to the agency and they just said, "they're all like that!" Instead of rectifying the situation they just used a phrase to generalize every single helper that is returned to them. So we are paying experienced pay (at least $100 more) to someone who is worse off than a new fresh helper. They did not bother to check the background of the helper and suitability to the household and are just interested in getting the sale/transaction out. Follow-up customer service was zilch and they are really not interested in helping the customer get a good helper for the household. Beware those of you who are considering this agency. It's more like a glossy sleek appearance masking a can of worms within.

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