NAPAI am a independent napa auto care center and they sold me


Dear sir or lady I have been buying parts from a location at 901 s havana st in denver in between us guys some of the jokes and afending by saying in my mind I got the bad end of the deal due to me trying living my life in usa and beeing us citizen or what ever the reason now napa at this location sold me bunch parts they were remanufactured and the company above told me these parts have life time warranty after word of napas rep now they are not honoring their product even they sold these to my customers I can understand they may not like the way I may deal with them yet my customers are mostly happy the way I handle problem and I like them to keep it up their words also their phone # [protected] by the way my name is john my phone #[protected] or [protected]


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    Frank's Auto Service Dec 17, 2008

    usually my attitude to a complaint is HOW CAN I MAKE U HAPPY

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    darcy desjarlais May 17, 2012

    napa Regina repaired my truck, I made it as far as Calgary before I started to notice something was wrong, limped my turck into surrey BC, , made it to another napa were thay repaired the warranted regulator, but even after one week in there shop and one attempted repair to fix the problem thay could not fix the truck, leaving me stranded in Vancouver, , after making me pay another 1600 dollars to do absolutely nothing, , I will never trust any napa dealer not for a part, nor a repair, , you will never get a straight answer after thay have your money, and thay will tell you your ears don't work, and you have a poor memory just beforee thay call the cops to have you removed, , , napa is not your friend, , there warranties are not worth the paper there wrote on, but the saga is not over, , gonna throw good money after bad and take them to court, , just cant let this stand, , hope my word help the next person that is stranded understand, its better to be stranded with money in your pocket in a hotel room, then sleeping in a broke down truck with nothing but a napa guarantee to keep you warm, , ,

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    Sdisco Aug 30, 2012

    I bought a starter for a 2001 Pontiac aztec because it was broke down on the side of the road. never started it because aaa wrecker showed up and towed it to a mechanic . the mechanic pulled a plug on the car and said it was blown up. he took the starter back out and said to take it back because it is really expensive. my wife took it back and they laughed at her and said there is a no return policy and they would nt return any security deposit either . we are out $275 dollars and really need the money. wont buy there ever again.

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    16Karter Nov 13, 2012

    You purchased a "NEW" or "REMANUFACTURED" starter from NAPA and installed on your Aztec if I am reading correctly. When the replacement starter failed to start your vehicle you had a "professional" tech look at the vehicle and they determined that you had an engine that had expired(blown up). No replacement starter from any company was going to fix your Aztec with a blown up engine. You then attempted to return the NAPA starter that is now "used" for full refund? You made the wrong diagnostics on the side of the road my friend. Most auto parts stores sell "new" parts and will gladly give refunds for "new" parts returned. That does not include parts that have been used for testing and diagnostic purposes, which you basically did by installing a starter on a vehicle with a blown engine. NAPA is not at fault here, nor would AutoZone, O'reillys, Pep Boys, or GM parts if you bought a new starter and attempted to return an installed starter simply because it did not fix your problem.

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