Napa Auto PartsDefective Parts, Horrendous Customer Service

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When my alternator went bad last year, we went to Napa to get a replacement. We purchased it, took it home, put it in the car... only to discover they gave us a defective alternator that didn't work. We were able to drive the car just long enough to get to Napa and have them test it and verify that it was defective and couldn't run the car. They traded it out for a different one... And we went through this entire processes ANOTHER time before the third alternator they gave us finally worked.

Less than a year later, that third alternator they gave us goes bad. We drove the car to Napa today, and had them test it, and they verified that it was defective and needed replacing. Since I have a three year warranty, they told us they would replace it since they had the parts in stock if we brought them the core. So my boyfriend takes the car home, pulls the alternator out, and gets a ride to Napa to exchange the alternator. Here's where the real fun starts.

Jason, the employee at Napa who had tested the car and told them they had the part, says they don't actually have the part... after we've already taken the alternator out and brought it in. He tells us that we either have to wait until Tuesday to get a replacement, or drive out to Lynden ourselves.

Since my boyfriend was the one who took the part in, I gave them a call to see what could be done. I explained that it wasn't this one time that I'd had a bad alternator - that this would be the THIRD bad alternator that Napa has given us. He told me, and I quote, "Well, I guess you just have bad luck." and hung up on me, refusing to help out in any way.

I will never go to Napa again after this three year warranty is up. I would rather drive somewhere else that's farther away where customers are actually valued. I seriously urge anyone reading this to go somewhere else, unless you want to be given defective parts that aren't tested before you put them in your car, and unless you want the rudest and most unhelpful employee who hangs up on customers to help you. If I didn't have someone who was able to replace the alternator free of charge, I would be out HUNDREDS of dollars due to Napa's defective parts.

Walmart has better customer service than this awful store.


  • Wa
    wanderinghebrew Jun 11, 2011

    NAPA sells refurbished automotive parts. A refurbished alternator can cost significantly less then one of the higher end models that NAPA sells. Have you been putting the refurbished alternators in your vehicle? If you are, I recommend that you spend a little extra and get one of the unused higher end alternators. Good luck, I'm sorry things have not been working out for you guys.

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  • ...I purchased an alternator also for my GMC Yukon, and they guaranteed that it was new. It was defective.
    This also happened with several parts for my AUDI.
    I do not mind spending the cash, it is my time that I value more.
    I will not go back.

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  • Ju
    Juanita Siglo Nov 28, 2017

    I think I am on the same trajectory, but without a boyfriend who can help me. We paid the local garage to replace the alternator before my daughter took the car 700 km away to Williams Lake BC. Last night she called me from the car, stopped in the dark, half way up a steep hill, and the car won't start. After an evening of towing it back to Williams Lake the garage there says the alternator is defective! Guess what, I need to pay them to replace it!

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  • No
    notanapafaninny Jul 25, 2018

    wow. My stories the same! Bought an alternator 2 months ago. Paid $200 to have it installed. Last weekend the alternator stops working while on the NYS thruway. Had to get towed 50 miles to the tune of $300. now I get the pleasure of paying $200 again to have a new one installed! ANd Napa has been promising the part for 2 days...while my car sits at the mechanics!! Unbelievable!!

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