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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Nanning and China ForumUnfair discrimination and acceptance

This is a UK Man, whom operates a site unfairly, and to his own definition of what wrong and whats right
for9 the members:
I have never sworn on and called people names, not even the Administrator whom name is known as
(Robert At The Rock).I have never given any information which was not unlike any other members.Yet,
He accused me of "Rambling" and not talking as the rest, while I find that I was only portraying myself.
Whenever the administrator deems that you have broken a rule of his, which his regulations are not exact
ly comforting to anyone whom joins.
This man has began a personal Vendatta against me, and cannot even prove that I was a bad member.
The other members swear, and argue all the time with each other, and Ban other forum members for doing
so little to infringe on any rules.He manages to keep the other real bad members, as he has a use for them,
in his life.He has called me Names, and accused me, of things which he, himself does all the time.His forum
is so restrictive and almost any subject is censored, and you can be banned.
This man not only banned me, and others, but seems to make it all personal.He not only bans your
computer (IP Address) but also bans my( Internet Server) where I live, and which is really uncalled for.
This (Robert ) makes it difficult for other people on my Internet provider, to access his Nanning Forum.
He lives in the (UK) and his only connection with the city of Nanning is through his wife.Most of the
members on this Forum do not even live in Nanning, but in their own countries.The members whom do
live in Nanning, only associate with other members whom are visiting, and they have their own group.
Few of these members seldom merge with anyone Chinese other than their wives and those families.
Essentially most have no knowledge of what really goes on in Nanning, and still give advice from mainly
issues they are told about.Most members which give knowledge about Nanning, do not, nor have ever lived
there, long enough to know anything about China.
I may be wrong.I cant help feel that theis (Robert ) must be breaking some type of Internet Laws, when
his Forum is supposed to be a Public Forum, but if he doesnt llike what you talk about, He banns you, and
kills your IP Address, so you can not enter his forum.This Forum is more like a private affair, than a forum
which really is capable of giving bonafide information, which has no personal credibility, of actual personal
knowledge from any member.This forum should not be allowed to be so restrictive, and not so personal.
This is a Private Forum, and should not be allowed, to be in the directory, as if they dont like you, you are
banned. The rules are insufficient, and do not allow freedom of speech or personal opinions which do not
please the administrator.If you remain as (Passive Member) you have few problems as they all Placate
the administrator, and so you cant really have any type of conversation which ic unlimited.

Thanks There is more, but you will have to access the site and you will see.
This is the second Forum in China, which has been very unfair and you cannot discuss things with the
administrators, and Moderators.


  • Ol
    old dog's still bury the bone Nov 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes i am afraid most posters praising the virtues of china and Chinese women do not know what they are talking about unless you have lived there for some years, there are wiser men that i that have disagreed with me only to find out much to there regret that there Chinese traditional wife has taken them for a ride, lock stock n barrel, silly sods, only a fool does not take notice of wisdom.

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  • De
    dead eye dick Mar 25, 2011

    robert from the rock and robert from uk are just down right wankers when all is said and done, a waste of bloody time bothering with there and there cronies, 99% that is posted on there forums are utter crap and have no idea what living in china is all about

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  • Ra
    RATR Jul 25, 2010

    I am Robert at the Rock. I never had had anthing to do with the Nanning and China Information Site except I am friends with some of the people on it. There is no cross ownership between the two. I hope that clears that misunderstanding up for all concerned.

    Now jimping, Josh, Blue Yankee (choose which ever name you wish) was banned because he is a tool. Factual: He was told by his lawyer to do an income statement as proof of support for his wife's visa appliacation. He claimed his right as a retired person he doesn't have to lodge a tax return (which would give him this proof), refused outright to do it and even argued the point on the forum when others suggested he do it to just staisfy the governemnt requirements to make life easier and get the visa approved. He is an old fart which is what I called him in an email. I told him I felt sorry for his lovely wife, which he mixed up and started telling other people that I said bad things about her. Keep going you old fool, the forum is no longer but you will remain an old fart for a lot longer.

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  • Ji
    jimping Apr 24, 2010

    Its incidious that everyone is a guesser, and so far have not come anywhere close.Its a shame the cover ups
    which continue, and everyone is the Good Guy!! Geeze, why is this? It appears that these people are banning a
    supposed person, from all these forums, and they have no real clue as to whom he is, or even if its a he, and not a she.(However, this person is now banned from all these forums.Its sure applauding, as how you do this, when its apparent that all the Good Guys, are creating a deterreant against a fledging phantom.Even here they initiate Bannings, and such stolic comments, in defense of there decision to committ the person in question as
    a bad person, and for devulging a WebSite Address.Geeze, this is really terrible.Its okay for the Administrator to release the banned members information on the forum, so all can harrass him.Geeze! some memebrs leave bece they get tired and dont want to stay.Golly! Its acceptable for the Good Administrator to contact the banned member personally and make a personal attack after the ex member has left, and call him a Old Fart
    and just how could anyone help, supposedly, unless they offered money, when the facts of anything were alre
    ady divulged, and thus no one offered, to accept the truth, and so still rant that the banned member came back to forum using another name, which is not illegal, when you have someone causing you personal problems and all the Good Guys act as one, and agreeing to gang up on one person, as they are all, Right!!!
    So far, these Great Honest Good Guys, are not even close.They do not discuss the fact the writer has al ready stated that not of these writings are nothing more than to set the record straight, and that Equal Fairness on this forum is just not possible, as all they think about is themselves and how good they are, and the sound of the words.They have no Compassion, and no reasonable thoughts that quite possibly that they are wrong and must also take some blame, for perhaps being too judgemental of members, and that they dont
    have any idea, of whether they are causing the person personal harm, because they are on the Internet to Help People, when you could expect better help from a Bear!!Just how do they suggest to help someone when its not a concern .A Good Member of the Forum, asked the members for some help befeore he returned to
    Nanning of some memebers living in Nanning.Not one of them even suggested helping him, their helping was they could not help him.He wanted them to help puchase something, but that didnt happen either.
    So all the Great Good Guys, whom wish to look good to the world, and to make one person responsible for
    causing havoc, and being bad for forums and being banned from non joined forums, really makes Short Sight ened'ness a gift to be rendered.Everyone rise for the cause.We have a person, we dont like.There are at least a few hundred of us belonging to three forums, lets make this man look really bad !!! There are so many of
    us, the Public, must really be aware of how ferious this man is.Its really possible this one man, can do us harm
    so lets gang up on him and tell the world how bad he is.(besides that he is a Disabled Person, and has many Health Problems, so maybe we can make him so depressed he will die. He is only disabled, so whats the problem, open season on disabled people, right!!! Its great being the Good Guys because we raise hell with this man, and everyone will be on our side.
    Thus Gentlemen, you have not established your case, and obviously banning me from the other forums enforces the unreasonable decisions, and proves you dont have to belong to a forum to be warned and banned.
    So what is your argument again, that this person has violated your forum rules, to forums not yet a member of, and havent ever been. Gosh, these three forums really need members to belong to your forums, as now you are sugg esting you bann people before they even join. This is Traditional Freedom Of Internet Forums, and yes, I do have a Forum, and dont have to join any.You would never guess where this forum is, because its a honest forum, and belongs to everyone and does not discriminate against Disabled Persons whom need the benefit of good associations with real people, and is their only way of communicating as they are not able to travel and see people.Your forums are not for those whom need someone to talk too.
    Its really a Question. Do You need training to be able to distinguish Bad People from Good people?Do
    your forums, require a Master Degress or a Doctrine? Do you need special responsible degrees in the Arts to be offereing a Healthy Climate on your forums.Do you have the Expertise of really mixing with the Internet Social Members? Do all of you marry Chinese woman within ten years of your age, or always just at least with a Twenty or Forty year difference?Do you really care about anything about Chinese wives other than to complain all the time, or want pundits for every good thing you do for your new wife? Its tragic as if the
    wives could see how their Real Kind and Generous Husband really treats other people, as you treat me, their would be no reason to marry you anyway.Its a shame your wives believe that you are all good men, its a shame that none of you, may never be a Good Man, so long as you hold with ganging up on one man, so intent to blind other peoples opinions, to prove how good a person you are.(It may happen, if you ever really did believe in One God, and not the Gods of The Forums, for a sense of direction.)
    Its a shame that none which reply to this complaint, can not establish once, as to how Good a Person they are, and Man.Its a shame that each reply is so self centered, about their own abilities to degrade a Mans Character, not knowing what personal harm they can ensue to a person they have deemed to judge, without even being personally acquainted .Its irresponsible that not one man, not one reply can find a reason to apologize to a man, they undoubtly are hurting in ways, they wish not to hurt in.
    Its been stated this complaint is not a Vendetta against anyone personally.In my life, its the mannerisms
    which are disliked, as potentially I would welcome to be friends with all of you.(Not one of you Good Men,
    could do or say this, as I am too Truthfull for any and all of you, and can say, I am happy that I am a Person whom Forgives all of you, but I dont forgive the attempts each make to decribe me as Bad Person.I am a very Truth full person, and am also pleased that you would establish how bad a person is, whom is disabled, Poor,
    and Honest.There is not a Man among You to apologize to me, doing to the same as I am now.To defame a Minister of the cloth, is quite unique, when all of you deem yourselves Godly People.Of all the Things I may be,
    I am not ever as bad as most of you, and not afraid to apologize for having you display to the world on these complaints, how predjuice all can be to strangers, they form a hate club against.
    Dont ask me to defend anything, as its not your knowledge to know.You have chosen to not be a friend, of any whom do not please you.None of you have any true forgiveness.The Proof has bared witness in the replies stated i n this complaint.To be Just, and Very Truthfull.The person you blame is not me, and you will not ever know who I am, only whom you believe I am, and still wrong.Do any of you really believe the use of a name not familiar with you, would be believed, so Familiar is the useage here, not the given.Thus whom ever the man you are against, its suggested you apologize.
    In Fact, There is more truth in this whole complaint, than any member in three forums have even come close to, in trying to dislodge who this person is. You have all reasoned I am a Liar, and do not defray from it.Have some company, You have not been called Liars, because its a cheap word, though suitable to each of you.

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  • Na
    Nanning Apr 19, 2010

    I think we having a little confused here America forum is called Nanning and China Forum. UK Forum is called the Nanning and China Information Forum previously known as the Nanning infor site.. The personal blog is by a man called Andrew which is called MyNanning. Each one is totally Independent from each other they serve different purposes hope this clears up any confusion

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  • Fr
    from the forum past Apr 19, 2010

    Nanning...just got a bit carried away with my thoughts...wondering why someone would complain about a good forum of friends...perhaps a rival website or forum but I know now what the sour grapes are all about and that is all they are...A member got banned and did not think it was justified...when that member returned under different pseudonyms and ran out of options he decided to launch a complaint...end of story...completely sour grapes...nothing more nothing less...
    Now he has been banned from another forum for divulging an email address...
    Both the UK forum and the Australian forum on Nanning marriage are good and reputable forums...I don't want to comment on the Nanning info site because it appears to be a personal blog and not the same thing...

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  • Na
    Nanning Apr 19, 2010

    Hi Danming and John.

    Damning you ask "I would ask you now if you are the author and creator of Nanning Infosite" the person I think you asked that question to should be directed at me because am Robert from the Nanning and China Information Forum UK I don't see it in competition or rival the American forum which over the years has been very good and may still continue to be good after the recent problems it has encountered may I advise, you are deeply missed on the American forum great time to join again.

    John I think I own your apology and explanation I don't want to go into detail here if you drop me a line at my e-mail address which is [email protected] I shall explain in detail.

    And for the rest of the whingers I am not interested we have more important things to do

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  • Fr
    from the forum past Apr 19, 2010

    I am here as "from the forum past"...sorry forgot my password...but I will support RATR and that forum as a small group pf people who have become good friends over the years...BobUK is another rival forum and jimping was banned from RATR forum even after many people tried to support him...Even you John tried to support him...
    But I am going to say that I have enjoyed RATRs forum and will likely sign up again...after it stabilizes a bit. But for now the facebook discussion group keeps me occupied just fine...I miss your postings John...

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  • We
    Welsh John Apr 19, 2010

    Hello Bob Uk
    When you first had your misunderstanding on the Nanning Forum, i agreed with you and also spoke up, but after what to me seemed to be a clear explanation you continued to argue and attack RATR...WHY? You also thought that a post by the imfamous Kent (i can say that because i've argued and laughed with this man over the years) was in someway aimed at you, or that someone was having a joke at your expense. the post, as Kent as since posted, was a JOKE...funny or not it was still a JOKE, and not aimed directly at anyone...Bob, Get over it!!
    Your posting of e-mails between you and Robert (The English Site, of which i am not a member) was nothing short of disgraceful..If you had bothered to "ask around" you would have found out that this guy is a REAL GOOD GUY!! i'm so glad you are not Welsh.

    As far as the original post on this thread...well Kent is Kent, i guess when he woke up the following day he probably wished he had'nt said anything...

    Both these forums have loyal memberships...Why? is it because they are horrible places run by despot's as discribed above? or is it because they are warm and friendly places for a particular group of people, joined together in a common cause?...answers please on a postcard!

    Welsh John...(Danming where are you...MIA)

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  • Fr
    from the forum past Apr 17, 2010

    At some point you have to look introspectively...Yes there are different opinions shared by different people...However when you join any forum it is a privelege ...not a given right...Some people leave freely as their need for a forum diminishes...some people are asked to leave...
    I would ask you now if you are the author and creator of Nanning Infosite

    If you are and I believe you are because that site is a disjointed, fragmented, and dysfunctional, as your complaints.

    You have always hidden behind the veil of anonymity and may have cloaked yourself as worthy members to try an inject your delusional writings from the forums you have been banned from...

    Argue argue argue and never stop and think or rationalize anything...

    Keep playing your sadistic you are banned from yet another site...

    sorry this is my last entry on this whole are not worth my time anymore...

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  • Ji
    jimping Apr 17, 2010

    This is a great subject, and has aquired many votes of interest.
    To this point, no one has realized, that to let this issue rest, would be the wisest
    and best way to resolve it. However, the subjects, refuse to let it die, and have
    followed here from the forum to protest, to a claim, which has many times de
    clared, this is not a hate complaint against people, Its a complaint of how a
    Online Forum is operated.(unfortunately, some people have taken sides, and some
    have helped to defend the wrongs done to them.
    The administrators have defamed a person whom they believe is writing this
    and also have never offered any tangible information which would place them
    in any position, other than the Voice of Authority, and deemed above any blame
    as this did not all materialize, just because it didnt happen as they wish every
    one to believe.
    It escapes everyone, that the complaintant, has stated, its not to be a Get Even
    Tactic, just a informative complaint which is the rights of individuals to do.
    No one has to like it, and no is asked to agree with the writer, and has not offered
    any statements or dialogue, which was not transgressed first by the defenders.
    It great to have a Perfect Online Forum, where all the members can sway
    public opinion so greatly, that they are able to collect like supporters, whom as
    themselves do not know the person personally, and are contribruting to make
    the Internet, a place not to enjoyed by all persons by any age, that do not parti
    cipate with topics agreeable to their own perceptions, of what is right or wrong.
    This complaint should not have gone this far.The defenders have shown that
    they not only wish to control their own forum, but also to control what people think
    when not posting on their forum.
    This a point of regret, that such people cannot let people have their opinions even when not on their forum, and still can not let a debate and contribrute to debate
    without making it a personal hate devise.
    Good Luck to all.
    Please let your comments continue, and see what the total of comments can be given
    to be, for, or against. Only the other side is fighting for favors, not the writer.
    Just remember, this has turned into a personal vendetta to assure everyone that
    the writer is the only corrupt person here.
    Great to be an American!!

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  • Bo
    Bob UK Apr 16, 2010

    Got this email today from

    Nanning Infosite <[email protected]>

    I notice you posted my e-mail you just a pathetic little man from Leeds you shall be banned from the UK Forum

    Robert from Norwich Norfolk Uk

    Bob UK

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  • Fr
    from the forum past Apr 16, 2010

    You are correct...Jimping or whomever you are...I only suggested your problems were with the American Immigration Policies...Now you admit to I know who you are...and after many hours of trying to give you sound advise you trash the very forum which tried to help you and many others through a rough process...that is very low...don't bother responding...You are shameful.

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  • Ji
    jimping Apr 16, 2010

    Its a typical comment from others which is expected.Its a shame that the Intelligence levels have not drawn in more rewarding comments, with such little minds, without motivation, to think beyond themselves.
    When you keep bring my alledged Immigration Problems to this Complaint Forum
    when it was not brought up by me, shows that any whom do this are very gullible, and
    have no sense other than that to believe all you hear, and none that you see, is not too
    recommendable for anyone to read.
    Just who really knows I had problems with any Immigration at all.Just what has
    anyone whom believes lies from a third and fouth parties, have any sense of direction at all, to be qualified to voice concerns of forwarding slanderous remarks, which you
    or anyone would ever be privy to know, or to discuss with a person, and make decisions
    of character of a person or persons, opening yourselves up to liable, using context and
    content you have or never will have knowledge of in this life, and the life whom you
    are trying to discredit on this complaint site.
    The people whom are so selecticve on Mannerisms, cant even spell, or speak in noth
    ing but mono sylables, and cant even have in-novative sentences which are not direct
    copies of another persons knowledge, which no matter how inaccurate, is established
    into weak minds such as yours and any others, whom choose to form opinions of another
    persons life, whom you have no idea what you are saying is anywhere near the truth.
    Now for the case in point, most people do not like people whom get reactions, and in
    this case, if you will read, this has not been a Dull Subject, and has experienced many
    reactions of Negatives and Postives, which is one of the sole purposes of this complaint
    to open a discussion, which is healthy, and informative, about those whom respond, and
    are allowed to give their opinions.(Your opinion is not valid, as you have no real inform
    mation, except canned infromation, which you or anyone has no idea, if what you are
    and have been repeating has any validation, of truth, and thus, this opinion you are allo
    wed to do, without any Censorship, or Deletion, or any Judgements, made which actuall
    y pertains to your character, and judges you in return, which I would be oblidged to
    do, having been attacted by your personal favor, and attacking my complaint without
    any knowledge.
    Why should I accept your dergrading conclusion, until you are more aware of any
    facts, to support your allegations, and decision to offer such advice.Please inform us of
    your life and your allegations, and of on whose information you feel qualified to be jud
    gemental towards me, because what you have read here, in comments, based on non established content.
    Now why has this turned to a discussion about me, and not to be reversed to all the
    respondents, whom cannot maintain focused, and not make personal slams.
    To be continued, keep the comments coming.

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  • Al
    Alan. Apr 16, 2010

    jimping, I suspect that Robert (Australian) removed you from the forum in order to save the rest of the members from going insane. Can you understand your own dribble that makes no point.
    I was a member of China Robs forum, I was am a member of the Nanning and China Forum and read all your posts, and replied to help, and assist you, but you disregarded any advise offered.

    'from the forum past' is totally correct, your concerns are with the American Immigration Policy, that is, you did not want to comply with it. Instead you shout the 5th ammendment. The ammendments don't apply to your Chinese wife for whom you sort a Visa for the US.

    For you, it is your way, or 'no way'.

    At least I use my own name, and do not hide behind a false one. Neither do I forget my username 'pingjim', then have to re-register as 'jimping' because I forgot the name I was using !!!

    Enjoy your family in Guangzhou, lifes to short to keep complaining.

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  • Fr
    from the forum past Apr 16, 2010

    jimping... ...your concerns are with American Immigration Policy...not a small circle if internet friends...

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  • Na
    Nanning Apr 16, 2010

    I am not Robert from the rock so makes your post completely wide of the facts, about you been banned from the various forum is not my concern, what makes me laugh is the allegations make especially about the British forum from a certain Bobuk About your problems with America immigration is not my concern as a British citizen why should it be. Would be far better if you get your facts right instead of making laughable allegations which are deeply unfounded but then again I am not the stupid one

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  • Ji
    jimping Apr 16, 2010

    For the Audience: and future members of the Forum in Question:
    Its regarded that any comments from the present members and administrators, and mediaters, is a vain attempt to abolish themselves of all wrong, in intimidating those
    whom have been banned, and were not breaking the forum rules as much as those who
    are remaining.This is why all this is here in the first place.
    Its readily seen that Robert at The Rock is searching for straws, to blame, and to laugh
    at.Unfortunately, if this is a decided venue to protect your forum, with an utmost intell
    igent scenario for the ending, by choosing a name and personally attacking a respond
    ent on this site.(Talking a load of rubbish, is this intelligent reply, and as his statement
    when the forum went down, there were members he implichly cared about, and then
    there were members whom he had no personal use for.These members were the bann
    ed members, whom did nothing more than try to communicate, and be harrassed by
    the members and administrator for doing so.Its easily seen that the scope of this com
    plaint is not being considered a real reality check for him, his members, and the fact
    that to run a Forum, is not merely to bann people if they use content and context you
    do not understand.So its clearly stated, this Robert, has no intentions of being less to
    lerent of new members, he doent understand, as he id the authority, and will bann you
    instantly.) This must be rubbish, so why does he respond, if he cannot respond with in
    his language, "of producing further rubbish'.to be added in these statements of facts, as
    each time each member replies can be considered a "cover Up, " for not having any ada
    quate qualifications to control a forum, let alone containg a forum for his own use, wher
    e everyone must cater to each whim mentioned.
    This is not the way to protect a forum, by openly critising a complaint.Howvere just
    as on the forum, these people continue to be the portrayers of good English, and knowing
    supposedly the purpose of a forums true purpose to dicuss information freely, and with
    out malice, and without change.This forum is not established enough to be considerate
    of the need for healthy discussions, which my not be understood by the administrators
    cronies, or themselves.Objectionable views belong on forums and to be shared with oth
    er people from other countries.Not just on a forum where no merit or ideas or oportunt
    ies can arrive from other users for insight of the present past and future.Censorship
    is one thing, not letting members be themselves, and have healthy discussions do not
    always have to, please the host forum, or its members to be a healthy forum where a
    person can honestly gain some knowledge, without being banned, for having a more
    intelligent prospectus than the administrators superior being, whom at this point seem
    s rather really very much misinformed, about how to deal and advocate to the Social
    Status he wishes to have from being a administrator.( God forebid, that we have to
    please members and personal attitude to belong to a Public Forum, to express ourselve
    This complaint began as a complaint, as the banning has happened many times for
    no infringement on the forums rules.Each mediator has there own idea of what is accep
    table, and also were over-ruled by the administrator.(Why have mediators whom you
    fail to agree with? )There is no milicious debate here, just a Online Justice Recall for
    members whom have been barred and the future members whom will be barred.
    The new forum brags 50 (fifty) members, as its observed, they must not be active or
    they joined, and just dont participate.At any given time, online forum members including guest, is less than ten a week, many of whom are the same people.This forum
    seems to block all access to any new member, as they have to join first to see the content
    s of theforum, without a true perpective what the forum really does.Robert and Danny
    supply information, on the screen, of which is mostly uninteresting as the things men
    tioned are hardly the type of information sought.(This is Ramblings, which a few mem
    bers would be banned for doing, having no real indication, of what the point is.) The new
    forum is not accessable, and perhaps does not have any up to date information, like at
    least twenty other forums, viewed, so what is the point if you have answer a question
    or seek information thats months old, and reading the same online information you
    personally can view, by yourself, on any site.
    The Roger thing, as a Lawyer, (may be possible, but anyone should check the cities
    listings in Nanning for Legal Immigration Lawyers, and see if his name appears.)In this
    retrospect, a lawyer which cost this writer a large expense, and in the states, cost was at
    least cheaper than this mans fees, on some documents.There si nothing different.This
    man does not go out of his way to retrieve documents for you.He doesnt offer any more
    favors than any lawyer would, or lets say in this case, (a Para-Legal) I believe that this
    man, request American Dollars, not Yuan for his services.(Having talked to him person
    ally years ago.)How is this cheaper, unless changed since last talked with him.Anyone
    can type up your information onto forms, and send them to the NVC and the other
    departments for a Visa Petition.(You can do it yourself.(Our lawyer did it, and we could
    have done it.This man can not receive anymore information, than any lawyer who is
    working for you.This man, cannot support you in the USA Government, when you have
    left China, and need extra help.You still must acquire help from the lawyer in the
    country you took your wife to.The Guangzhou, Embassy is not about if your documents
    are all tidy.Its about much more than many people wish to believe.One guess is money
    So the only ones whom are really making the Forum appear badly to the public
    are those whom grasp at straws as whom began the complaint in the first place.Any
    one can observe, the Name references in trying to find the person whom began this
    complaint.By the rebuttals, anyone can see that the forum members are really just
    trying to blame anyone, and everyone.They leave snide remarks, like Garbage, and tra
    sh, and can not rebutt anything which is tangible, with sincerity and a straight forwar
    d apology for accusing the wrong people, which they have accused above.
    These sad references will be their own form of taking this issue and handling it
    intelligently, and honestly. This is not all made up, to be a Get Even Tactic, who wants
    to have a Forum in their lives fore'ever, when you have people like this, trying to defend
    their case with even more intimidations.
    If none of this was not true, why would they try to further this complaint, into
    doing the opposite of which they are trying to do.
    This is their undoing, not from those of us whom were banned. We were members.
    Come to Florida, and see me sometime. This is self explanatory.

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  • Na
    Nanning Apr 16, 2010

    Your still talking a load of rubbish you're too laughable for words lol

    0 Votes
  • Bo
    Bob UK Apr 16, 2010

    I got this email this morning from the Robert at the rock
    Why are they emailing me. I have alreday asked Cliff to delete me from both forums.
    First he say Roger lin is very good then Roger lin is a waste of time.
    He is getting confused himself.He forgot about the money.
    They picked on the wrong person when they tried to bully me

    Hi Bob..

    I am writing to you as co-founder of the Nanning and China information forum based here in the UK I notice you make several allegations which really are totally unfounded, American forum and the UK Forum are completely independent from each other like yourself members have membership of both forum but their are run very independently and your allegation about Roger Lin there is some members who do not wish to go through the process they rather have an agent and Roger Lin is very good, we receivers absolutely no commission in fact we rather members do it independently with are guidance as we know ourselves agent are a waste of time.

    You never asked question about anything to do with Chinese marriage visas etc what are your true motives I wonder if you do have a young lady in China we are quite happily to help you in every way with the process of marriage and visas and their be absolutely no fees whatsoever.

    But if you wish to keep complaining that is your choice the majority of people know different I think you be wasting your time if you wish to cause problems between the two forums as many try before and failed.

    Your sincerely.

    Robert Co- founder of UK Nanning and China Information Forum

    2 Votes
  • Bo
    Bob UK Apr 16, 2010

    Hi Nanning

    Who are you Robert?

    you said this
    Hi Bobuk

    Your talking a load of rubbish you're too laughable for words


    1 Votes
  • Ji
    jimping Apr 15, 2010

    This Alan Man, has no idea what he is talking about, and its all speculation on his part, and none still delay to display any kind of proof, and the insuations, of whom a person is before speaking about other people to justify their own credibility, when the facts, have been exzzagerated, and mainly speculation.much of the so called information they possess or believe they possess was written by the respondent, and repeated here, in the essence of making a case against the writer, as they possess no actual proof of identity, and declare themselves
    on hear-say, from the only source available to them.
    Again this Alan, is taking context from content of others opinions, and wishes so strongly to be correct, yet wishes all whom read these writings to validate his assumptions, from conversations from forum members.
    Its a sad case, when they are taking names from a Public Forum, which is supposed to be secure with the infor
    mation which its members have in the Forums Files, to display in text, inaccurately, to defuse a situation they
    may be associated with, and not explaining their part, in disolving the members whom they all agree to
    dismiss, for no credible reasons, except to express their authority, and influence, over those whom do not accept
    the verdict, of being banned, and having their personal server banned as well.(What is a Forum afraid of
    when they not only bann the Member, but go so far as to ban the ex-members server as well)
    A froum should have reasonable tolerance, and realize if a big deal is not made over a members post, it
    will perhaps not be problem to anyone, who does not understand.
    To give a member his own section, whom actually did do far waorse things, than the members they banned
    and still let him continue to be on the forum, as well as few others whom have violated the Forum.The
    administrator and mediators also should be banned for breaking their own self styled rules, but they laugh
    it off, and continue as if they have not broken the rules of the forum.
    It is not the forums business, to take personal scripts, or members, or ex members to display personal con
    tent on controversy subjects such as this, to discredit anyone, for any reason, for objecting to being banned
    the use of Private Information, from the forum, put on public display, and to name names and actual
    write ten context.Is this the manner that secure information of a member is kept confidential.They should just
    delete the ex-members information, and not let other members use it at their whim, to help to discredit a
    unfair banning practice, of one person, and keeping the others on and giving them their own sections to do
    as they wish.If a Forum is so afraid of having someone not suited for the forum, why do they give these people
    a section of their own, and say he is only allowed to post in his own section.(For some reason this solution has
    no way to be recognizable as a person whom has been banned, but keeps his own section, within the forum.
    What is the reason why a Mediator and administrator have to be critizing every post, and Censorships to
    move your post, from one to the other, when each mediator and adminstrator has a different thought of whats
    proper for a section than the other. There are too many holes in a forum, which can not apologize when they
    are wrong, and give an equal chance for a member supposedly in a violation, to openly discuss the problem
    with those whom want the member banned.(However, , this is the problem with many forums, in todays
    online forums.The fairness stops with those whom put these forums on line, so they can control other peoples
    lives, while being a member.There appears that the onl;y people right are the people whom do the judge
    ments, and the members is always wrong, which is not the case, and as one person is wrong, then their must
    be two persons wrong, when one members is banned, and one member is kept, and the administrators no
    matter how wrong, or mistakes they make, can be accepted as politically correct all the time.
    On my forum, none of this happens.No one is ever banned, and the topics are not censored.The members
    do the moderating, and censoring if any is to be done.
    This is the way a forum should be. Free!

    1 Votes
  • Ji
    jimping Apr 15, 2010

    Its a shame, that the one person whom is trying to be so positive in connecting the two names as one person, and also assuming that this person has been removed from many forums, has a problem.This
    person has no idea of what the truth really is, and has no idea, for certainty that this one in the same possability, person, has ever been banned from any forum other than ones associated with this forum.Its
    true, on Rob Nannings Forum, they were taking a Vote Among Members to bann and to get rid of ano
    ther member, who had did nothing wrong, other than to write information, about China, and actual experiences of the life here in China.(It appears that no-one on this site, where the old members all regrouped, have testified that Roger Linn is a Bonafide Lawyer.Whenever this took place, has never
    been disgused, fore as far as last known, this man is not a Bonafide Lawyer, and his Post on the Forum
    have been few, and it appears, is not an active member, as others would have you believe.This man
    has no jurisdiction, in the states, so how could he help you through the full process, and why doesnt he
    do more postings, if he is so reliable.
    Though many sites, actually offer more knowledge than this forum about Visas.Other forums
    do have the freedom to dscuss the Visas, and actual living experiences they incur while living or visiting here in China.Infatuating younger women, to marry them, twenty to forty years yournger
    and actually not wishing to become a family member, other than with their wives, leaves a lot to
    the imagination.There are no actual discriptive experiences about their Nanning Women that does
    not portray, self sacrifices, or that is not actual Whinning, and complaing all the time, rather than being
    compling with their wifes families and to be with their inlaws, and enjoy the experience of a Life Time
    Actual life experiences with their wives and families once they are in the states, is nothing but Bragg
    ing about how much money they have, and have no concrete motives to do nothing except to ask stupid questions, about how to get along with their Chinese Wives, and can they do, if their wives get water on the Bathroom Floor, and actually having learned nothing about their wives culture,
    and thus complain, not realizing the difference in their ages, and that they do not even try to show their wives, beyond bragging and complaining, how much they do for their wives, and seeking credit
    to establish themselves as learning and really caring about their wives culture.
    If bragging rights need to expressed on a Forum, then perhaps they must do a Reality Check, and a few years after their wives have secured the Green Card and other personal compensations from the marriage, and assured they will not be deported, and leave their New Husbands, then you can see the

    1 Votes
  • Na
    Nanning Apr 15, 2010

    Hi Bobuk

    Your talking a load of rubbish you're too laughable for words

    -1 Votes
  • Bo
    Bob UK Apr 15, 2010

    Yes I agree with jimping.
    the forum is nothing but trouble to me aswell.
    Robert Robert at the rock theone John Cliff are all in it together.
    I think both forums are linked. The same people are on both forums. If you say something they dont like you get bullied and intimidated.
    They tricked me.
    I reported posts then they removed them to make me look wrong. I think you are wrong jimping he is not english he is American or Australian.
    But the others I dont know. This one is english but the same people are on the other one aswel so nobody knows what is going on.

    I think I have found something out.
    It is about money.
    Robert at the rock forum always pushes the people to a person in Nanning to do the visa for them.
    If anyone asks a question about the Visa they are quickly told to contact this man in Nanning Roger lyn
    I saw on the uk one they do this aswell.
    If he does 20 a year thats alot of money the commision would be high but no one is told this is going on.
    they are making money.
    That is why if you ask questions you get shut out They want you to go to Roger Lin.
    That is why they made you go jimping you asked questions.
    They just sit and wait for a new person and then get him to pay money for the visa and make it look like you must do it They are like spiders waiting for flys
    If he just wants information they cant be bothered with him.
    I hope they get shutdown

    1 Votes
  • Al
    Alan. Apr 14, 2010

    'pingjim', 'jimping', 'joshirv', you are all the same person.
    You have been removed from several forums for the same reasons. Your continual ranting and ravings of nonsense with those who tried to help with your Visa problems.
    You refuse to conform to any rules, even those of the US Embassy, and so you bring suffering upon yourself, and your wife, whilst causing misery to all those who try to help and advise with good solid proven information.
    If you don't get satisfaction here by your standards, then you will move to new pastures in the hope that someone else will listen.
    We are tired of your continual moaning - give it a rest.
    Comply with the rules of the US Embassy, with whom your real problem lies, and live happily thereafter.

    Did your solicitor who refused to deal with you anymore belong to a Forum as well ?

    0 Votes
  • Ji
    jimping Apr 04, 2010

    The only item which is credible, is the facts which all the members are trying to justify,
    by their own admissions, and are naming names, which is supposedly confidental on this
    forum, yet this last comment, seems to name names, of personal people.He also makes rhetoric about assumptions, which he has no way to know if he is accurate, in his replies.
    The credibility of the first complaint, is now being administered by the Forum Members
    themselves, and have openly admitted that one member whom was banned still retains
    access, to the forum, and has his own place, called "Kents".Is this really fair, to dispell other
    members who were not going against the rules, as these last commentors wish anyone to
    believe, there is no prejudice on this site.The first complaintant on here, was and is well
    within their rights to complain, of the prejudices against members.As mentioned, they are
    begining to now, defend all their own infringments, which they themselves broke the rule
    s of this forum, but fail to mention those facts.If these comments continue to display fur
    ther acuations which they cannot prove they didnt harrass the people, who were banned
    then, further proof will be admitted to this complaint site, and then many people will be
    less happy with this complaint, as they are very personal complaints to the banned
    persons, and there is never no apologies, and no real reasons stated for questions asking for
    the reasons ob being banned. As far as having returned to their forum with different
    user names, all were legally justified and well established before the forum was ever begun
    on the internet.(However this is not revelent, as the forum banned the IP Addresses so there should have been no problem, in that one the IP Address is banned how do the
    rejected forum members return to the site, as they are not allowed to access the forum,
    so how could they return to forum with the same IP Address, and the same computer?
    Already there are some holes here.(This Danming did not mention how he Threatened
    this KENT Man, with the lost of his computer and was going to turn him into the Chinese
    Government.After this threat, Kent was given his own room on the net, and still he is not
    banned, and still has access to the site.This is a Total Get Even Forum, and as the Robert
    at The Rock, displayed when he was not sure of restarting the forum, stated that there
    were many members he did not like, and he could care less, who returned to his forum.
    This is a Cover=up with members doing the covering up, as they have more moderators
    than any normal forum, and correct the members all the time for doing topics in the wrong place.
    The new forum, is something to read, and though written better than the last rules
    and seeminly with more thought, are just as restrictive and as non credible as other
    forums which preach the same regulations, and do not give facts when they perscute

    0 Votes
  • Da
    Danming Apr 03, 2010

    I was a member of the subject forum. I don't hide behind any alias. I was registered under the name of Danming

    The forum always had a central theme within its represented name and was always well moderated.
    ...I found the forum to be an exemplary place to find information and receive support both legal, strategic and emotional regarding marriage and relationships of foreign men to Chinese women mostly from Nanning.

    It had about 100 members who contributed useful information at their will and genuinely under the guidance of Robert aka the administrator this man has a complaint against. In an effort to maintain useful direction of the forum, which for the record was not a public forum but a private forum, some rules and regulations not unlike many other forums were set down in a responsible and normal congenial manner.

    There were two members that were conditionally and one indefinitely...and it is my understanding that they were bona fide bans because the two who were banned tried to regain access using pseudonyms, alternate email addresses and returned time and time again to make postings that did not contribute to the fabric of the forum content itself.

    One member was banned and returned many times under pseudonyms which caused dissension and division within the group of contributors. This member took it upon himself to try and inject something into the forum beyond its scope because he was bored with its content. They have accommodated this member reasonably by sectioning off a non general area not viewable to the public so this member can vent off topic. So far this member has complied with his restrictions.

    Another member was banned indefinitely because of open complaints to the administrators and ridicule far beyond any acceptable any tolerable limit...

    One member was logged in as Joshirv purportedly from Guangzhou, who returned with different aliases and the other was logged in as Kent who returned with several different aliases after being banned as well.

    The member Kent has been given his own section of the forum which is off limits to the public on the condition that he only post to this section. To date he has complied and therefore has had reasonable accommodation by an understanding membership.

    It could very well be that either of these gentlemen launched this complaint and remotely that they are the same people and even more remotely two people masquerading as several and each other...

    As it stands the forum continues with both the private members login, a public guest account and it continues to serve its members well...for those who remain.

    The forum has been plagues by numerous outages far beyond what can be reasonably expect so naturally some suspicion of maliciousness remains.

    Should you wish any transcripts of older log entries to substantiate my findings, I will be more than willing to supply them for a nominal service fee of course.

    For now I remain part of another forum on the same subject which is not plagued by similar antics of distraught members. I will remain as a guest of the forum as parts of it are still useful.

    So for me the administrators have gone far beyond their way to accom0date the core membership and have acted with due diligence to see that the forum remain in its original focus.

    0 Votes
  • Ji
    jimping Apr 02, 2010

    Its really a dastardly gall of a Man, whom continues to sway Public Opinion in his favor, for his site.He has
    done nothing except, degrade members, whom he doesnt like, and continues to go with the Burden Of Proof.
    Robert At The Rock, has delibertly abolished a member thoroughly because he brought nothing to forum whic
    no one chose to understand, and because there was no value which they sought in him as a friend.This Man
    did not swear, did not call anyone names, nor did the ex member need to prove the existance of being banned
    and also his Server being banned as well.RATR saw no distain in selecting choice words for calling anyone names, for not ever breaking the rules of the forum, which are so ridiculous, that the forum as many forums
    are, that there is limited freedom, as long as you are Passive, and continue to humor the Moderators and the
    Special Administrators, whom can never apologize, for any wrong doing, and with them, the only people who
    are wrong are the members he bans.Never has he on request established to any Banned Member why he
    banned them, and none choose to address the members personally, except to attack them on their own personal sites, which is against the rules as your address is supposed to remain protected, but however not
    protected from the forums administrators, and moderators who may use it freely.
    Its wrong to have Forum Sites where when the members do not Placate the host, they are banned, and
    the host is OverLooked from doing any wrong, and to constitute his word is GOD, But you can not even say God on this site.Let all be assured, that there is at no time that a member should have to prove anything
    when the administrators are more at fault than the members are.
    This site is not deserving of any further protections, when it banns members just because they have a
    personal vendetta against the members which they dont even know.Since when does a host have a degree
    to be sitting in a place of judgement just for having a forum, which is supposed to be a public forum, and
    they cannot take anything which they have no control over.
    This man only knows the name of one man he accuses.He has no proof of what these memebrs have
    supposedly done so badly, that he has a personal grudge against them and he doesnt even know them.
    This man throws stones, and will not write in this article the reasons why he banns these people, for nothing
    which all the administrators and moderators have also broken the same rules and they are still on the
    forum and still have it as a Private Club

    0 Votes
  • Fr
    from the forum past Apr 01, 2010

    The poster of this complaint has failed to demonstrate anything credible with the exception of his personal dissatisfaction. When he was banned he re-logged in under a pseudonym several times and continued the same lack of civility towards the forum membership...There is nothing out of the ordinary with the forum or rules as it stood or what it tries to accomplish which is simple comradeship between men who have married Chinese wives...both living abroad and within China. It remains as a good source of credible information with the exception of the complainant. The complainant has an agenda to frustrate those who contribute to the forum in a constructive and civil manner...

    -1 Votes
  • Fe
    feedup_with_dieselrat Apr 01, 2010

    Well Kent, I can only say that if every "forum" and website about Nanning you see as being unfair then maybe you need to look to your actions. You are very good at attacking and alienating people so as they say, you reap what you sow. The forum had a pretty good track record for being open and providing solid information, but you among others took it upon yourself to destroy a good thing. Finally everyone got tired of your childish antics (how many times did you say you were leaving and never coming back to the forum?) and petulant attitude. Now you have the forum all to yourself so enjoy and good riddance to you.

    1 Votes
  • Na
    Nanning Mar 23, 2010

    if your looking for a good forum about nanning try this forum at

    They welcome your personal opinions there

    0 Votes

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