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Nacel Properties Ltd.Poor Management


Where do i begin? First off i just wanted to say that the manager and assistant manager at 7351 halifax street are ### and scam artists! They clearly don't qualify as managers and should be fired due to lack of management skills! Where do these ###s get off thinking they can get away with what their doing??? Seriously how are they licensed??? Or better yet are they??? And if so where did they get their license from, out of a cracker jack box!!! Then there's the maintenance crew omg what a joke they are!!! One is a crack head and is strung out all the time. These people are a total joke and make what could be a nice place to live in a total nightmare! I moved in this place several years back thinking it was the perfect place to live in being that it was a pet friendly building as said in the ad and a great location. The suite i moved into wasn't in good live in condition, so i brought it to lidia's attention, lidia's the manager and not a very good one at that!...The carpet was in bad shape first off, it had burn marks on it and it looked very dirty. It stunk like a combination of mildue, wet dog and cigarette smoke. The walls still had holes in them from the previous tenant, it wasn't painted and she said everything was done which was clearly a lie. I pointed out all that was wrong with the suite and she told me that they would fix it...So i figured if that were the case then why not. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, she seemed nice, sincere and accommodating plus it's a great location, the rent was reasonable and it's animal friendly which can be so hard to find out there unfortunately...When i moved in she gave me a sheet to fill out that entailed all that was wrong with the living conditions. Lidia then told me not to worry about checking things off and told me that they would get around to doing what ever needed to be done when they had time. Silly me i took her word for it in thinking that they would, boy was i wrong. After moving in there, i find out that there is so much wrong with the place. The plumbing situation was horrible, the water in my bath tub and bathroom sink kept backing up. When i asked for the maintenance guy to come and fix it, he said it supposed to be like that and no i'm not joking, tryed with a plunger a few times and that was it, so my sink and bath tub are supposed to be backed up, ya ok? There were stains on the ceiling due to the flooding issues they have in the building, i had the joy of experiencing a flood in my kitchen...One day water started pouring out from the ceiling in the kitchen and there was water every where, the maintenance crew came around to fix it a couple of weeks later, it still leaked. My dishwasher didn't work and would over flow, asked if they could replace it and they said no, the walls never got patched and painted nor did they do anything about the carpet in which should have been removed, nothing got done. They would constantly have the plumbing shut off which really sucked. I got warned to get rid of my pets or id have to move out? My pets are so well behaved, house trained not to mention clean. Like myself i am a cleanaphobe, so where do they get off? That was total b.S cuz in the ad it said pets ok and i'm a good, clean tenant. All i have to say is bring it!! They tryed to pin one months rent not paid on me when i have paid my rent...Lidia tryed to rip me off for 25$ and came up with the lamest excuse in that i was late on payment for rent when i always have money in my account for them to collect for the rent and have records to prove it...Like seriously are these people on crack??? What are they thinking??? I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone and it's too bad because it's a really nice area but it's people like this who ruin it for everyone!


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    Jennnny May 27, 2014

    I almost rented from them but when I saw it was Nacel I grabbed my deposit and ran from that place. Now I hear they have changed their name to Cascadia so beware everybody they might fool you again.

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  • Ke
    Keith_apartment May 22, 2013

    Didnt see this review before checking out the apartment. I no joke played "is that a blood stain or cherry koolaid on the carpet".
    Complete joke of a management company and a complete slum lord.

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  • No
    not_impressed_again Apr 22, 2013

    DON'T EVER RENT FROM NACEL. I lived in 7361 Halifax Street from August 2008- May 2012. My boyfriend and I moved from Ontario, so we had everything packed in our car. On our move-in day, the previous tenant took 4 days to move out, and we were forced to keep our belongings in the big closet in the hall with a stranger because we didn't want to keep our stuff in the car while we were struggling to find a place to stay until this guy got out of our apartment. We luckily didn't have to pay for the time we were not allowed to move in. The landlord said they needed a day to clean carpets and paint, but at that point we needed to move in. When we got arrived, there were giant holes in the walls, doors, closets caused by the last tenant, and the carpet had a strong smell of dog pee. They replaced everything but the carpet, and when we put in the request, they tried to charge us for changing the carpet, which we disputed. Then 2 months later there was a shooting in the lobby of my building (which was targeted).
    We didn't leave, instead stayed there because it was good rent, and we loved the location. The landlord at the time ( forget her name) was a sweet woman who went above and beyond and was really accommodating (It might have been the one woman who commented in this thread claiming she worked there ).
    When the old manager left, Lidia arrived and the place went downhill fast (really fast). The quality of the tenants went way down and the buildings were getting trashed, and the people were sketchier. It seemed like there was no quality control. In January of 2010, my car was broken into, and when I notified the manager(Lidia) and her assistant manager, all they said was "oh no, you too?". When I asked how many people had their cars broken into, they said 6 in the past week. It ended up being around 10 cars broken into and finally a fellow tenant managed to get a photo of the truck responsible and post photos of it around our building, since the manager did nothing in terms of security. Also, 1/2 of the year (every year), the garage door was either broken so we were stuck inside, or the door would be propped open days at a time, making it a free for all. Also the front door was always propped open, so no one had to buzz in, they could just walk in at any time. When I closed the front doors, I would go downstairs a half hour later and they would be propped open again. There was no security. What's the point of a buzz #. It was really unsafe. I also had about 3 people randomly walk into my apartment probably because the door was open downstairs.
    Nothing was ever fixed properly in our apartment. Our fan in our bathroom was broken permanently, and they would always jiggle it around and it would work for a day then die again. It was never replaced. There was black mold in our bathroom, and it was under the paint, and around the bathtub faucet, had grey chunky caulking on broken beige tiles. It was done so sloppy and every time I cleaned it chunks fell off at a time and the broken tile was slowly falling out, and they never fixed it. Our fridge was breaking and was warm. food was going bad in days and it wasn't until this thick goo leaked out from the fridge and covered our entire kitchen that they agreed to replace it.
    When we moved out, I gave late notice due to being accepted into a new apartment halfway through May 2012. The manager said that she would just take our damage deposit and that was all. Then she told us that she had found someone to take over our apartment for the next month, so we would get our damage deposit back. So we cleaned the place top to bottom and went through the inspection with her. She said it was unacceptable and took our damage (which long term residents said they never give you back your deposit no matter how clean it is). Anyway, I asked Lidia if i needed to sign anything to show I was present during the inspection, and she said nothing needed to be signed.
    8 months later, I have been receiving numerous calls from a creditor hired by Nacel Properties demanding money for June rent, along with a "nice" note explaining to save myself the embarrassment of court and give them money, and also an invoice for the amount "owing". The invoice also states that we were not present during our inspection when moving out.
    The biggest pain in the ### is they sent me right to a creditor instead of filing a report through the tenancy act. The creditor said I cannot dispute the charges and if I don't pay it, it will affect my credit. So I've been trying to contact head office and it sends me straight to a voice mail, with no access to talking to a person. Then instead of calling me back to discuss the charge, they just get their creditor to call me instead. It has been an ongoing nightmare with this company which will probably result in court or a nice nick on my credit. NACEL PROPERTIES are snakes. Never rent anything from them. I don't wish this upon anyone.

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  • Ab
    Abaay Mar 05, 2013

    Very bad management at this place .. They Only want your money .. They would promise something ... but they will not do it .. Since I came there ( 10 days ago ) water shut down happened 6 times !!! They told me they will change Carpets ... They never ever did it Just wanted apartment be rented!!!

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  • Ci
    cindyiz Oct 22, 2012

    Hi I worked thee as a manger many years ago i I left cause of there incompetence My boss was a alcoholic, and i didn't get payed half the time and she took money off my cheques i found out . and then i found out she was wanted by police for fraud.. so i think they are just hiring anyone who will work there, you should complain to tenant board etc, and or speak to top people . at Nacel properties Good luck .

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  • Da
    Dawn Horsfall Oct 10, 2012

    I had a similar experience! Lidia and Leon r a bunch of crack heads! I had stuff stolen from my apartment and also Lida had given the key to one of the cleaning ladies. Her name is Sharel and her brother lives there and i found out that she had let him in with a key! I don't think that she should be aloud to have a master key or even work there! but she still is and they r going to get sued buy me and my husband! I am so glad we are out of there! We live in a nicer building and a nice area! I don't recomend anyone living there!!!

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  • Je
    jessica jason wang Jun 27, 2012

    yes it true it is the worst nasty place to live 2 floor full of bed bugs

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  • Wa
    wanye Jun 06, 2012

    Thank you for posting because I was just going to move there!!

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  • All of the comments are unfortunately true.
    Most recently, I have learned there have been tenant cars vandalized and apparently one tenant was recently threatened while doding laundry in the basement by one of the crack heads.
    There are numerous tenants on methadone treatment, which is a positive program however they also continue to
    use the methadone AND a variety of other drugs such as crack, prescription drugs and quite frankly, anything they can get your hands on.
    If you report these drug activitys, or are concerned about these types of activitys in your building, it seems that somehow, the druggies find out who you are, and your problems here will likely escalate to being harassed and threatened by this crack group that are tenants throughout these towers.
    Be forewarned
    I would not recommend children move in this type of environment.
    It seems they are looking to change their "dog policy'.
    The sad part is that the real problem with the Maple Towers, is that the buildings are seemingly infested with crack heads.

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  • Th
    TheGayCouple Mar 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In February of 2011 my partner and I (we are a gay couple) moved into 12020 Harris Rd, Chelsea Apartments owned by Nacel Properties. We had 2 cats and a medium sized apartment trained dog and needed 4 parking spaces because we had 2 cars, a SUV and a Pickup truck. The property manager at the time who had many vacant suits had no problem with our 4 vehicles or our pets and rented the unit to us. Unfortunately a month later he was let go by Nacel Properties after a burst water pipe incident. I can only assume it was because he turned off all the water in the building for a day that this lead to him being fired. He was replaced with at first seemed to be a nice lady, Jessica Wang. For the next 7 months everything was good and we had a great relationship with Ms Wang. We talked every day, things where pleasant it was good. One day in October she asked why she never saw us with any woman and stupidly unaware that she would turn out to be the worst homophobic person I would up to this point in my life meet I told her my “roommate” was my partner and we are a gay couple.

    BIG MISTAKE, her disgust look on her face and undeniable change in attitude with a prompt dismissal from her office under the excuse she had work to do pointed to what was going to be a problem. I had no idea how far this woman would attempt to take it though. Few weeks previous to this I had asked Ms Wang to take care of a problem the building had with Cockroaches. At the time she said she would look into it. But after discovering we are homosexuals future inquires about the topic was unanswered and we were ignored as if we carried the plague.

    Failing to get any kind of response to the problem and her now deliberate and constant reinforcement that she did not like us “homosexual” people I made my complaints about the pest problem with 2 letters in the month of November. Between November 2011 and February 2012 not much had happened. She was totally ignoring us in every way possible. Displaying disgust whenever our paths crossed and we had to live with a cockroach problem. It was intended to take the issue to Arbitration in January but with the recent death of a family member that was pushed aside. One last inquiry in early February set off a chain of events that followed something like this.

    In an attempt to drive us out she tried to impose a new parking fee upon us. This was rejected. She attempted to say our suite was to dirty and it was a danger to the building. This was a lie. She attempted to schedule more than the one inspection per month legally allowed to landlords. We refused to give her permission for a second inspection in that month. She attempted to charge us an arbitrary fee for an oil spill in a stall yet at the same time ignored 15 other stalls with cars that had leaking oil. Our response letter was the same day, and the following day she attempted to say we had breached our agreement this time going after the pets, and one of our cars being stored here. We again responded to this and because of the seriousness of the letter filed for a tenancy dispute resolution at RTO.

    A week later she followed up to our dispute resolution filing with an eviction notice and tried to claim that because they don’t allow pets (yet they allow pets just not officially) that we had caused serious damage to the building and was a serious risk to everyone. All BS of course.

    At the end of the day we won the entire dispute and she lost totally and our eviction was set aside. The arbiter ruled that by not strictly following the no pet policy and that other tenants had pets and that the pets only became an issue a year into our tenancy after she found out about our homosexual status that we indeed did have permission for the animals and they did not have to go. Also found that we did have free parking at the property and a few other things. As for damage since all this was totally made up she could not provide a single shred of evidence and lost that too.

    Now 2 weeks after winning the case she refused Shaw Cable access to a closet on the weekend to fix an internet problem leaving me with no internet for an entire weekend. Worse, the act of knocking on her door on a weekend so the Shaw guy could get access was just cause in her mind to call the RCMP on me and say I am disturbing her. The RCMP spent more time talking to her then to me after I pointed out the recent arbitration victory. And then this morning I hear from her office on my way to work, she conspiring with the maintenance man and the gardener on ways to fabricate reasons to evict us because homosexuals are dirty people in her exact words, homosexuals are dirty people.
    Never in my life have I been treated this way, and even though she is dead set in making me move or finding some way to evict us (good luck since we pay our rent in full on time, have done no damage to the building and have never disturbed anyone else, as the RCMP put it we are good tenants) we refuse to be bullied from our home from some one that has only been in this country for 3 years. Out of principle we stand and fight for what’s right because we have done nothing wrong except to be born as who we are.
    So far the battle has gone well, except the cockroaches have not been dealt with and we have to suffer from sexual orientation discrimination at its worse.
    It is now time to seriously consider filing a human rights case over this landlord and going after Nacel Properties in emotional damages. We have so much evidence to support sexual orientation discrimination winning is almost assured. I am nearly at the point that I want to see her and every one working under her fired.
    This building while it has nice sweets has terrible halls. The carpets are torn up. The building is infested with insects and a racist/discriminatory manager (she hates black people too). Garbage has been allowed to pile up in the underground, half of the outside lights remain burnt out leaving the parking lot dark and dangerous. The only thing going for it is nice suites that are a fair size.

    Be warned renting here, the current landlord hates homosexual people.

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  • 89
    898473 Jan 29, 2012

    I forgot to mention the bug infestation, unsecure mail boxes and locks, the party animals, drug dealers and drug addicts, constant traffic and noise 24/7. Fire alarm constantly going off, the police coming around every other day as well as the fire department and's a gong show!!! It's a law suit waiting to happen.

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  • 89
    898473 Jan 29, 2012

    Yup, everyting this person has said is true, I have experienced the same myself. Very bad management at this place...The managers are crooks and nothing gets done if need be, they just want your money and that's it.

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