MVQclubsave/MVQTwenty4proplustaking monies out checking account

I Had my bank stop payments before on this accounts, but some how they have gotten back of taking funds from my credit card again as of 2-11-10 i have had my credit card canceled. If possible i would like to have these funds returned to my account, if not please try to put a stop to these people.


  • Jc
    JC Gafford Feb 11, 2010

    Reading between the lines, I think your comment is stating you had given the magazine company permission to put the charge on your card, then you cancelled the charges and had them withdrawn from your bank as an electronic debit. You put stop on the charges at the bank, then they went back and started to charge your account again. Is this pretty much it in a nutshell?

    If so, and if you didn't authorize the charge on your credit card, you need to call your credit card company and dispute the charges. By law, the credit card company must return the money to your account and only if the credit card company can prove you gave the magazine company permission to put further charges on your credit card, can they re-charge your account.

    You possibly gave the magazine your cc number originally, then cancelled that payment type. That part of your transaction should be over. You gave the magazine company your bank account number and when you stopped payment at the bank, they went back on the old information they had but you didn't authorize any charges after the charges at the bank.

    Don't just let this die, This magazine company should be put odut of business. Have you contacted the Better Business Bureau? or the Consumer Protection agency (through the government)

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  • Ph
    Phil Salamone Mar 15, 2010

    Finally found a phone number for this company. They are based from Adaptive Marketing, LLC and their phone number regarding membership is 1-800-962-4106. You have to specifically state that your account is with MVQ twenty for them to "Locate your account." I have now a confirmation number that my account has been canceled with them.

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