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Submitted claim for accidental damage after recliner scuffed against open brick. The damage was certainely not wear and tear and there are no marks on the rest of the furniture. Sent in photos, customer service officer questioned that it was accidental! I was astounded! Did she think I did it on purpose? She explained that the scuffs were on two surfaces therefore they needed more photos including position of recliner in room. I sent more photos including the brick arch way where the recliner was scuffed. Letter was then sent out from Multimaster saying they would not fix it as it was not accidental. Multimaster narrows down accidental to a more narrow definition than most people would imagine and I feel mislead and deceived.


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    Taylorh2 Aug 14, 2013

    I don't understand why you think that you deserve to have the company fix the recliner ? You "scuffed it against the wall, they didn't.

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    Heatherha Aug 15, 2013

    Taylorh2 I payed for accidental damage insurance- do you know what that is? It means that if you accidentally damage the item it is covered by the insurance.

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    Hollander1 Feb 02, 2015

    I bought two identical 'Berkline' beige leather recliner chairs August 2011 from Harvey Norman Castle Hill NSW and paid over $1100 each.
    Now the coating on the leather on one of the chairs, (headrest and end of arms) has worn away exposing the leather. Naturally any dust and dirt, now enters these worn parts, and being of a beige colour shows up dreadfully.
    I have been using the leather cleaning products recommended by the dealer Harvey Norman since purchasing.
    Now the American Berkline Furniture Company have gone into liquidation, and I'm sure Harvey Norman won't be of any help, Where do I go from here?
    Thank you
    Sylvana. Sydney

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    Hollander1 Feb 02, 2015

    attached please find photograph of complaint from Hollander1 2/2/15

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    Bruno Pessan Oct 13, 2015

    We purchased a leather lounge and this Multimaster scam for an extended leather warranty which covers rips, tears, burns, scuffs etc.. Guess what ? It doesn't cover anything at all.. I contacted the overly rude Emma Hill about some scuffs in our head rest and after emailing this arrogant twit picture after picture, we had a rep come out to inspect our lounge a week or so later.

    We explained and showed him where the scuffs were and he asked how they were done and we said from our heads probably .. Shouldn't be a problem he said and off he went.. Weeks went on so I emailed the charming Emna again to be told she was on holidays and I'll have to wait till she gets back on the 29/10/15..

    Today I received a letter saying our claim was declined due to wear and tear.. Huh? It's a scuff and it's covered and the lounge is less than 2 years old. I rang to be told it was declined because I couldn't tell them how and exactly when it was done.. 2 am by a f%#^#en zombie?
    The product with its midget sized sponge is useless and so is this scam is a warranty so please save your money and use it to pay for a repair.. Total utter waste of money and a true Aussie scam ..
    Regards B. Pessan... I hate Crooks!!!

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