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MSN News review: They need a appeal icon-button to click on for appeal and review within 30m days or less.

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Every time I post a comment in the political sector, most of my comments get denied because they say it 'does not meet community guidelines'. My comments though some would not agree with does not mean that my comments are not protected by the first amendment. MSN news Sensors any conservatives opposing views for political reasons and not valid reasons.

Solution: create an appeal icon to record our comment and save our comment and appeal so after review, our comments can be posted. they don't have one. We need a community to have oversight on the denial of our posted comments so we can have legal rout to sue if it is justly resolved. If you do not fix it, you render any exhaustion unavailable, and we can sue.

Desired outcome: Create an appeal Icon to allow us to appeal denial of our comments that don't truly violate community guidelines so we can take legal action in compliance with the APA.

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