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CB Automotive and Vehicles Review of MoveOn MOVERS of Las Vegas
MoveOn MOVERS of Las Vegas

MoveOn MOVERS of Las Vegas review: Moving losses/damages

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I contracted with MoveOn Movers of Las Vegas, Nevada in late May 2022, to move my household from Tempe, Arizona to Napoleon, Ohio. I paid this company over $20,000.00 and have experienced the following: Damaged furniture and artwork. Lost Sleep Number queen bed, lost chrome and glass sofa table, lost 55 inch Samsung TV. I filed a claim with MoveOn Movers Insurance claim agency CSI and they sent me a check for $162.00 for my losses. I did not include in my claim damaged furniture and broken glass on several pieces of artwork as well as the mirror backing in a large curio cabinet. 'the move was a disaster. The day of pick-up in Arizona was a moving van with the MoveOn logo and two professional movers, who packed and wrapped items. Deliver in Arizona was to be one week later. It was almost two weeks later when the first box truck arrived at 8:00 p.m. in the evening. They would not start to unload my items until I paid them the final $6000.00 of the moving costs and after unloading some of the items on the truck, mostly boxes, the movers told me this was only a partial load and someone would call me the next day with delivery time for the remainder. I did not receive a call until two days later with a mover telling me they were about an hour away from my home...It was more like two hours before they arrived. Again a "Budget" box truck for delivery. The movers tried to give me a bed that was not mine; they damaged a door and wall while trying to place a recliner in my den. They then told me to wait 10 days before filing a claim for the lost items. I believe I waited 15 days. Several days after I filed the claim, just for the lost items, a box truck pulled up in front of my home and said they found my TV. I could tell by looking at how bent the box was and the fact that part of the TV was sticking out of the box, the set was damaged and I refused to accept the item. I refused and returned the $162.00 check to CSI and MoveOn Movers on 11/13/2022 and as of this writing, have heard nothing from either company. Hopefully you can offer me some assistance in this matter.

David A. Gilliland


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