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hi i have watched most haunted religiously and am afraid to say how fake it is we are being ripped off as viewers to see this rubbish portrayed i hope something gets done as again they are getting away with this and misleading viewers
last night (tuesday) 52 minutes in the sound man did bang the floor boards behind yvette fielding and i am afraid everytime this show is caught out they get away with it


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    Chris W Brown Mar 02, 2018

    Why do the crew on Most Haunted. Yvette Fielding does my [censor] head in aspecially with her screaming. Can't the t.v. companies get real ghost hunters to do Most Haunted. People who are not going to scream at the first they see or contact a ghost. How comes you've never taken members of the public on Most Haunted I would love to go on one programmes for them that they are put ons.

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