Morris RitzWhy Does This site let people Right other People off


Why does this site allow for people to make unjustified personal attacks on people, it is not human.

If any one reads this please understand the complaints written before this explanation are from the same lady using different logins. Fo true explanation please contact the Australian Plastic Surgeons Association.

I had my surgery with Dr. Morris Ritz, Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery about a week ago and very happy with results – i got perfect (full open rhino, remove dorsal hump and reshape tip)... I had to shop around for 5 months to find right surgeon.
I chose Dr. Ritz because I felt comfortable with him and very good imaging done .


  • Ma
    Marc61 Nov 13, 2012

    And why do I get the feeling that YOU have set up a profile JUST to defend this revolting doctor?
    You have NOTHING else on your profile, and so you are no doubt just someone esle that Dr. Morris Ritz PAYS to defend him. My wife had a TERRIBLE experience with this doctor and it is simply the case that LOTS Of women have!

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  • Mo
    Monique Anderson Nov 14, 2012

    Yes, I think that someone who sets up a profile name - just especially to call 'someone else' crazy - is likely to be pretty crazy themselves! Also, it's pretty clear that "jason" and "youarecrazylady" are the same person- and yet this 'youarecrazylady
    id is accusing others of creating multiple id's- It's hilarious! I find that all over the net- people accusing others of having multiple id's when it's always the accuser who has the multiple ids themselves! I think it's great, Marc- yes- that women have forums and complaint sites like these, because so often, we don't get any platform whatsoever. These kinds of sites give power to people who cannot afford the kind of lawyers to take rich people to court- and this man, Dr. Morris Ritz- well, as far as I am concerned what he did to Kerry Muillins should have him in JAIL

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  • Wa
    waltclin Nov 14, 2012

    Hmm interesting

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