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I borrowed 200 dollars from this company, biggest mistake of my life! I was unable to make the payment the first month and tried to stay in contact with the company as to why I was having trouble and I was going to pay them up to date as soon as I could. Not even a week after my first payment was due the harassing calls started. I informed them not to call me at my job but they continued to do it. They threated physical harm to me on my answering machine at home. This company is crazy! How are they going to get their money if they get someone fired from their job? This company has harassed me so much that I refuse to pay them a single dime until they take me to court. That's how bad it is. I would have paid them had they not harassed and threatened me so much. I have recorded their phone calls and sent them a cease and desist letter to stop calling me. I am also pursuing a law suit for harassment. I am sure they will end up owing ME when it's all over. I would not advise anyone to borrow money from them no matter how destitute. Security finance is a much better company to deal with if you need to borrow money.


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Apr 18, 2016 8:35 am EDT

Hi I borrowed money to purchase a car through Morris finance but was unaware that the interest rate was going to be so high I wasn't told of the interest-rate not once prior to me buying the car but I was Windlewood into purchasing the car, I fell 1 months behind in payments and get harassed every time I would do anything to try and resolve it. Then as the blue I go out the front and the car has been towed away so not once did they even mention that the car would be towed I don't like the way they handle their customers they should be ashamed of themselves if you're into so if you're interested in buying anything do not go to Morris Finance as you will regret anything that you do with them because they are not there to help you that I knew there to rip you I am a very unhappy customer

Aug 24, 2018 4:19 am EDT

Hi there, I’m speaking with a number of unhappy Morris Finance customers. Would love to chat. Please contact me directly [email protected] Thanks