Morgan Propertiesthe service and the customer service

M Jul 22, 2019

This is the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. It's the middle of the summer. I called 4 week ago to tell them the air condition was not working. The air is adjusted at 68. The heat in the apartment. Is 83. They finally brought a portable air condition for 1 bedroom on Saturday. They came out again today. This is after putting in a request 6 times. They are trying to doctor it up. My daughter is pregnant. My granddaughter has asthma.
This is the second apartment that we have lived in. We had to move out of the first apartment because it was always flooding. And moss was setting in. Water would come gushing from the toilets the kitchen sink. It was horrible. We had to to put up a fight to mover into another.
The manager never answers her phone and she is very rude. Called the office last week the rep asked if we can stay with someone else because of the. We pay over $ 1,300.00 and we have to find somewhere to stay. I cannot use my kitchen I am stuck in the bedroom. When my lease is up in 3 months. We are out of here. Some of my neighbors have the same complaints.

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