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Moose Punta Gorda

Moose Punta Gorda review: Manager

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I recently got hired at Moose in Punta Gorda, FL. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and customers. The manager micro manages and knows everything, and her approach on constantly giving negative feedback is so unprofessional. And she literally asked me if my coworker was talking about her and said another person, mentioned her name by the way, told her the coworker was taking about her. I thought that was unprofessional to bring up names, and when I had an emergency and couldn’t come in, she immediately called me a liar and said I obviously don’t want the job. Then she proceeded to tell my business that I got money from fema so that’s why ‘she knew’ that’s why I didn’t come in. Never gave me a chance to prove my emergency happened. I think her attitude is not appropriate. She isn’t a team player, she doesn’t want us to have our coworkers phone numbers, she wants everything to be handled just by her.

I know it’s a hard job, but she needs to be a team player and to not gossip. And she also becomes completely out of line when drinking. She shouldn’t manage us when she’s intoxicated.

Desired outcome: I don’t think that job is for her.

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