[Resolved] Mobielappyrepairing of dell laptop


Bro4u Order [#203360] accepted by MobieLappy

Order their services from Bro4 at September 2
Client Number- [protected], [protected]
Client Name- Raghu
Address : #128, 1st floor, itpl back Bengaluru, Pattandur Agrahara, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Gave them for servicing of my laptop for a power issue. Took their own sweet time (6 days) for servicing after following up multiple times. They charged overall 5K for the power ICU issue where they said the power ICU+ hard-disk was the issue and gave me back the Laptop which is still facing the power issue.

After servicing, the Laptop was really slow which they advised to change the RAM + gave me free windows 7 licence [which costed me another 9K INR ] . This took another 8 days. After receiving my Laptop, the Windows 7 crashed multiple times for which they took it & (again took their sweet time )changed it to Windows 8.

Now after less than 1 month, the power issue is back and they are refusing the take my Laptop despite me calling them 5-6 times. I took an LEAVE from my OFFICE since they promised they would arrive at 12pm still no update .Later told me that they would take it in 2pm... It is 7 pm now...Trying them since 5pm...cutting my calls now.

After a lot of haggles and me telling them that I will sue them etc. a peaceful resolution was placed - they said they would replace my new hard disk with my old dard disk and pay me back 5k INR .

So far he is avoiding all messages with promises. He called me and promised to change the hard disk on Monday. When I had to leave for the US. I gave my Father in law's mobile number and shared the same with him.

When I came back- there was no interaction with him

I gave them 3 weeks of time to come back and resolve this issue, he does have time to come or the money but he has time to go and watch Raja the great at movie theatres with his friends. (yes he is added as a friend in Facebook)

Kept their SMS conversation as photo copies.


  • Resolution Statement

    The provider came back, replaced. You old hard drive and paid me 5k back. Thanks complaint board!

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