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Mighty Bites review: CUstomer service is horrible

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At approximatley 10pm on the 08/12/2011 I placed an order for £13.90 worth of food to be delivered to my friends property 58 Ashford Avenue, Whinneybanks, Middlesbrough, TS5 4QW. Within 2 minutes of disconnecting the call, I made another call to the establishment to ask them if it was ok that once the delivery driver has arrived for him to knock at the door and politley wait for 2 minutes as I would need to come via the back door as the front is broken, the gentleman said this was not a problem.

The food arrived within time and the delivery driver knocked and we advised through the window that we would be there within 2 minutes. My friend was at the door within 1 minute and handed him a £10 note and a seperate £5 note. The driver then explained that he had no change, we said this was not a problem and he could leave with our full £15 and return with the change once he had either gone to the local shop which was still open or return to the establishment and return with our £1.90 change. The driver said no it was too far to go. My friend then asked him politely to speak to my self as it was myself paying for the food. I advised him the same thing and to return with the change, I would anticipate if I owed a fast food restaurant for all my drivers to carry change with them. The gentleman then started shouting at me to get the change of which I said that would make no sense and if I had the £3.90 change on me then I would not of given him the £5 note. He kept repeating himself, of which I offered him the full £15 to just leave, he proceeded to not listen to me and even tried to enter my home, my partner then ran to the door and asked him to leave, i'll admit, he shouted at him saying "just take the fifteen pound and go" to which the gentleman then said something about returning with petrol, I told him to leave my property and was calling the police. He left at this point with the full £15 and I shut the back door. I was waiting for my mobile phone to charge to call the establishment and make a complaint to the manager when I recieved a phone call on my friends phone of which the telephone number I'd given to 'Mighty Bites' to use as a contact telephone number. The gentleman stated he was a worker at this shop and was furious with what we had said to the delivery driver and accused us of harrassing us. I attempted on several occasions to explain the true events of the incident but the gentleman proceeded to shout at me, saying that the delivery driver had waited outside our property for 10 minutes before we abused the delivery driver and that we had more than our change. In the end I advised I was calling the police and disconnected the call.

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May 17, 2018 9:05 am EDT
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hey friend.when will my order be showing up. you guy's took my money on 04/26/2018 my name is eddie berryman in hagerstown, md. zip 21740

Apr 15, 2018 1:47 pm EDT

you need a slower more precise utube how to set up. the one I found is horrible. stan Johnson in st louis, mo

Aug 16, 2016 2:04 pm EDT

A representative from Mighty Bite keeps calling me about someone else's order. They have my phone number by mistake. I have called the repeatedly and they claim they don't have my number. Really -- then why/how are they calling me? They give me a return 800 number which I call to try and get them to stop calling me. They claim the number isn't theirs -- but, then, how is it that they answer? They also claim they do not have a customer by the name they are calling about. They say they have no way to stop the calls. It's no wonder they have so many complaints if their arrogant, High-handed, indifferent attitude persists in their customer relations. Next step will be to contact and complain to the communications commission.