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Middle Sex Management review: Being harassed by a tenant who is stalking the woman and stealing

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My mom has lived in the senior bldg for 30yrs. A male tenant moved in about a year ago. When he 1st moved in, he stole all the lobby furniture and put in his apartment. Maintenance went and got the furniture back. From than on he has been stalking the woman in this bldg. You have woman who are AFRAID to come out of there Apartments because of this man. A petition was made and brought to the legal dept for this man to be moved out. Nothing was done

Of course there is not 1 working camera in the whole bldg or outside the bldg and this tenant knows this. There are NUMEROUS police reports on this tenant from other tenants in the bldg. He put his hands on my mom, he put his hand in my mom's face, but my mom does not want to press charges because she is afraid of what he will do. The police were called and reports made. He has stolen the mats outside my mom's door 7 times and still nothing is done. The lady next door to my mom who is 89 yrs old is putting up with this man ringing and knocking on her door at 2 or 3 in morning. I put a camera on my mom's door, which of course, he saw, but he thought he was slick and stole my mom's mat again but bent down under the camera view BUT little does he know, the next door neighbor has 2 cameras that her son put in and we have this man on camera stealing the rugs 2 different times. I just saw a video from last night that he came on my mom's side of the bldg and was creepy around her door. Now my mom's car was broken into, nothing was missing, just everything taken out and thrown around car.

There are about 8 police reports on this tenant and he still walks around this bldg terrorizing everyone.

I'm going to the legal dept on Monday with more police reports and these videos

My mother's well being and safety is being jeopardized as well as several other tenants.

This man needs to be in an assisted living home or somewhere he could be monitored. This man obviously has mental illness problems which leads him to be even more dangerous.

I cannot leave my mother in her home and worry if this man is going to hurt my mom or others.

Can anyone please give me any advice or direction on how to get this very dangerous man out of the building.

I'm so afraid for my mom

Desired outcome: Want this very dangerous man moved out of this building. He is going to hurt someone very badly and than it will be too late

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