Midas Auto Repair Shop at Shrewsbury Massachusetts on route 9 Opposite IHOPthey wreck my car engine now i'm going to sue them bcuz they refused to settle the issue.

B Dec 04, 2018
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I went there for oil change after the oil and they did not put the oil filter there properly so as I was driving the car stop and the check engine light came on so I pup the hood pull the dip stick it was dry, I dip it in again it was still dry so a guy stop by helping suggest he take me to gas station to get some oil and put it in and see when we put that oil in it came right out. So we tow the car to the shop. When the tow guy came we found out the oil was coming from where the filter was but when I brought the car I didn't say anything just to see what they will say but the manager came to tell me indeed is coming from the filter side. So they offer to change the filter and oil for me of which I agree to it but when the finished that is when I realized the mother is total gone and this a car with only 19000 miles on it so we came into terms they find engine with same miles and put it in for me but when I go back to get the car they told me they couldn't get 19000 miles but 22000miles I said ok I will accept that but I need a documentation to prove that they really have a 22k engine in my car the manager told me there is no documentation so I told him I will not accept it so I walk out. 3 days later a guy called me saying his name is Tom Shivick he is the owner of the shop and he bought the engine and it's has 60k on it, so I ask him the same question I ask his manager do you have a documentation to prove that his answer also was no. Then he told me he didn't want his insurance to get involved that is why he wants to fix it for me without going through insurance. But Tom Shivick have a brother who is a lawyer representing him is claiming that the car 19K engine after three months of car renting and out of work bcuz I used that car for work. He claims that I should come and pick my car or else he will sue me for trespassing.


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    Midas International Corporation Jan 02, 2019
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    Hi there Baffour, we're committed to delivering great experiences. We're sorry to hear that you left unhappy. We'd like to talk with you more about your recent visit. Please send us a message through https://goo.gl/Htn9PP. Thanks.

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