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CB Insurance Services Review of Metlife/Farmers Merger and BOA
Metlife/Farmers Merger and BOA

Metlife/Farmers Merger and BOA review: Home/auto insurance, BOA Home Loan.

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2:43 pm EST
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Mailing from MetLife explained the merger with Farmers, saying it was all automatic and I needn't do anything.

A few months later, was notified my home ins was cancelled, but nothing about my Auto. This was a Combo policy.? Obvious Home Ins is extremely important, so started in with Farmers, only to find my first 3 calls I didn't exist, and my policy number meant nothing. Got that fixed, but nothing else. It still is a problem from nearly 3 months ago.

I would swear on a stack of Bibles, as of yesterday, I have the equivalent of 4 days, @ 8 hours per day of time spent trying to resolve this problem. 3 hrs today.

Biggest fault is Bank of America says I am responsible for all penalty fees due to having no Home Insurance for nearly 3 months.

My home policy was cancelled by Farmers, and a notice sent to BoA, which started in with them wanting information about my lack of Insurance. That was hours and hours of wasted time, as I'm still responsible for all penalties no matter what. As of yesterday, I finally found the info, given to me by Farmers, which shows I was insured all the time with a second policy number for a re-newel I never knew about..

BUT due to info BOA had from before, I didn't have ins for 3 months, and the penalty stands.

Bank of America started with advising me I needed to supply Ins on my home. They know a citizen usually doesn't know how to find, and ask for more info, and after a serious scramble to find info, I sent it via email the day my respite ended, so it was then a day late. They didn't like it I guess and got a notice for $2800+ for an escrow acct I never had before. I managed to get around that, but then got a notice for over $2000 for insurance the Bank got to protect my Home Improvement loan, only, none for me. I got that turned back, but still owed a penalty. (Home loan was conventional and I paid Ins/Taxes)

I struggled back and forth with them over that and had to accept that altho the problem was communication between Farmers/BoA, I was at fault.

Gave in and told them I'd pay a $574 fee. This was because I got a bill for $992.26. (While this is going on, BoA won't accept any payment for my normal home loan payment which is now behind, plus a $2250 unpaid balance on my escrow acct I never had before.)

Desired outcome: BOA; refund (s) all. Restore loan, $401.32 down to $223.90, use all unapplied funds. RESTORE Credit rating. Uncharged stop of loan payment. avoiding late payments.Farmers; pay anything BOA has to have to restore my Home Loan OUT OF ESCROW.

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