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Mervyn's Department Stores review: Rude, abusive employee

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On this date, I went to the store with my 2 kids, in search of some Heely's for my 6 yr old. The store was in complete disarray as usual. There were no employees to be found in the shoe department, so I approached a cashier since my question was a very simple one and she did not need to leave her area.

i said, "excuse me" and she immediately stated "the line is over there" (in Spanish) and in a very rude tone of voice. I said I only had a question (whether they had the wheels for the shoes at the register) and she proceeded to yell at me and berate me with negative remarks in front of other customers and my children.

I walked away and we took the shoes back to the department and left the store. The woman left her station, and followed us out the door , yelling at me again. I walked away quickly as I did not want a physical confrontation to occur in front of my children.

I called the store from my home, and asked for a supervisor. SHE answered the phone, and allowed me to tell the whole story before telling me that she was one and the same. She claimed that she was attempting to apologize when she came after me outside the store (yelling?). I asked her for her supervisor again, and she placed me on hold. After about 8 minutes she came back and stated that "no one was answering".


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 12, 2009 2:14 am EST

Hi i worked for mervyns for a few months. i couldnt complain about the pay with the way the economy is now i made "7.65 an hour... or at least i thought come my first check it was 7.35 an hour. ridiculous i know. i at that time had my own place. which eventually i had to break my lease cuz the pay was so low.
anyways i have many stories. customers can be dicks and so can employees. i had managers talk crap to me for absolutely no reason. i tried to do the best i could i am a single mom now workin at a sports bar.
anyways mervyns is a horrible company thank god they closed down.
they deserve it.
maybe if they would have upped their pay and standards they would still be open .
the last thing i said when they fired me was ur gonna lose so much business without me. ha look what happened thats funny.
now i still don't have my w2 and cant file taxes. i cant find any number that works for them.

Nov 23, 2008 10:02 pm EST

Mervyns got what it deserved...CLOSED FOR GOOD...not only were some of the employes skanky slugs but their credit department (GE) are nothing less than terrorist...a bunch of predatory malicious sharks...they need to be reported to the comptroller of the currency for all the crooked things they did against the consumer...

Aug 05, 2008 10:50 pm EDT

I was an asst mgr at Mervyns right after Sun Company bought from Target. It was by far the worst co. I have ever worked for. People do not understand that it is the higher ups that literally give us no help to run the stores and expect us to stock clean and ring customers with very few employees. I worked 4 Target and Wal-Mart for many years and they never allowed us to get so understaffed that the MGRS spent hours on end ringing because we had no one else. I was expected to work 12 hour days and many times I closed the store which was sometimes at 11pm and you usually stay until 1 am to get the store somewhat cleaned up and then they expect u back the next morning. I am not making excuses for the rude and unproffesional behavior but when you are operating on 5 hours of sleep and working long hours even the best of us snap. The new owners are running the company into the ground so they can get a profit and could care less about the employees. It is a shame that this is how our society is. I truly felt like I was expendable and if I didn't like the working conditions there is always someone else ready and willing to take my job. Just remember it's not always the employees at fault.

Jun 02, 2008 1:57 pm EDT

I too agree with the comments made by Priscilla. I went into Mervyn's yesterday with my daughter and my mom. My daughter (two yrs) was standing by me with a purse she had gotten off a purse table. She was "helping" me shop. She would move the purse from the table to the rack by me, and then back to the table. She did this several times. She was about two to three from me and about the same from my mother. A store employee came over and starting yelling at her, "No, no, no you can't move all those purses." The table that my daughter had moved the ourses from all messed up (as the stores stuff usally is) and she assumed that my daughter had made all the mess. My daughter ran over to me and staring crying. My mother said, please do not talk with my granddaughter that way. The women replied "I did not talk to her any differnt then I speak to my own grand children". My mother said "That is not the point, please do not scold my grand daughter". "You can talk to me if you have a problem with her". The employee responded with "Would you like me to call security?" I then jumped in and asked "For what?". Mom mother said "If you feel you need to then call." She said my name is *** call if you have a problem with me. I then asked she call a manger. After three attemps, no one will respond. So I go to a differnt counter and ask for a store manager. The lady respinds can I help you. I tell her the story, she sayd I will call a manager. After four attemps they tell me she must be at lunch. "Ok, who us the acting manager"? I respond. A lady walks over and says can I help you? I tell her the story and she says OK let me get the store manager. Then the again try to call someone. Another four or five pages. Finally a man comes out, the first lady let without waiting for him. So he wonders aorund for a while not knowing what they paged him for. Finally I ask him are you Dennis? He responds "Yes". I tell him the story. He says "Ok, I will let the store manager know." That is all, he does not ask how can I make this better. No apology, nothing.

May 01, 2008 12:17 pm EDT

It sounds like one bad experience not representative for the company. I have been happily shopping at Mervyns for decades. They have great clothes at great prices (always sales going on).

I'm just guessing here but it seems it would be tough to get good help when you hire transitional part-time workers for very low at or below poverty level pay.

I mean what do you expect for that? You're not Paris shopping at Beverly Hills for crying out loud.

Mar 21, 2008 6:34 pm EDT

I'm not going to disagree that mervyns employees are rude to SOME customers.

FYI we can't just stand there behind the registers and wait for your royal ### to come up and purchase some things. If you simply stand at a register for more than two ###in seconds, you'll be helpled.

a lot of us are rude because we have a lot of rude customers.
atleast in my store, atleast 95% of my customers come up to me talking in spanish, dont speak a word of english, and i just get so god damn frustrated.

retail sucks already, but when you've got illegals looking at you like youre "special" just beacuase you dont speak their ###in language you start to get upset.

OH next time someone asks you to open a mervyns card, simply reply no. one day, an employee is gonna jump over the god damn counter and jump your ### for being an ignorant ###.

Mar 15, 2008 11:16 pm EDT

The same thing happened to me at the Mervyn's store in Palm Desert, CA.The employees are nowhere to be found to the point when we always joke that there must be hidden traps for them to escape whenever they see a customer. Now when we find them, they are rude, uneducated and act like deers caught in headlights, unable to help. The store itself is pretty much in order. The other day, due to an error on the answering machine saying the store was closing at 11 pm, I went at 9:45 pm where i was told that they were closing in ten minutes. Then i grabbed my items, and I was not even at the register that the assistant manager, without an hello, interrupted me loudly to say that I'd better hurry up because He was not keeping the employees after hours for me !. When i aksed who he was , he said that he was the GM, which I found out later that He wasn't, he only is the assistant manager. I dropped my items in front of him and told him that i did not appreciated being talked to this way. I will see the REAL GM tomorrow,and after closing my Mervyn's card and give her a piece of my mind, i will out of there and NOT go back. It's ok, because I had only opened the card to get a great deal on Heeley's for my sons. I am not surprised as I ahve heard so many complaints about MErvyn's and their lack of class,being employees or managers themselves. I have more stories about their service, but I decided I wasted enough of my precious time talking about them. So unless you really want something there that you really cannot find anywhere else, or do not care about terrible attitude and service, there are many more friendlier stores who actually VALUE and RESPECT people. I will make sure that their Corporate offices know about this to.

Mar 02, 2008 8:07 pm EST

Mervyns would be an "ok" store if they were ALOT MORE cleaner and organized and had better people working for them...