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CB General Health Review of Mercy Medical Center Durango CO owned by Catholic Health Initiatives
Mercy Medical Center Durango CO owned by Catholic Health Initiatives

Mercy Medical Center Durango CO owned by Catholic Health Initiatives review: Another stolen pension

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Catholic Health Initiatives, with the help of Fidelity. They have quite the system to do it, while collecting funds from the government for having these pensions. Then they steal the pension back, and keep the reward money too. The pensions are never supposed to go to the employee's. It is just a way for the tax exempt "christians" to make more money. They cater to their shareholders only, over charge patients, underpay employee's, then they steal their pensions. They have gone to great lengths to pretend like they didn't steal my husbands pension. WOW. They have been doing this for years, so they have really worked out a weird plan. I guess when the greed is that hungry, they must feed it. They should drop the christian claim. But then they would have to pay taxes, which could really help the middle class with healthcare. But no, not these christians. They take anything they can, ethically or not. I hope every employee takes their pension out of the fraud Fidelity's hands. Fidelity is just the fall guy, the flunkee.

Like the manager of Fidelity told me... they"are just bookkeepers for Catholic Health Initiatives." "CHI has total control over the pensions."

The picture I have included shows how CHI tried to make the notary stamp appear to have leaked through the paper. This coincedentally covers out choice of option. They stamped a number over the area for good coverage also. The problem is they didnt match the front to the back where the ink leak supposedly happened. OOPS Notice everything else matches up, just not this supposed ink leak (on leak proof paper). There is no way to make that work, its illegal, and invalid. We are going to court. What do you th9nk?

Desired outcome: To expose Catholic Health Initiatives for the phony's they are . Corrupt is what they are. I wouldn't trust making a donation to anyone affiliated with this group. And never ever put any funds with Fidelity.

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