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During 2007 and 2008 I used this company as a merchant for my business. This company is a complete fraud. Once my funds had gotten well over $1500 USD in my merchant account. They seized my account, closed it, and took all of my money which I have yet to be reimbursed for to this day. They also have some record or addresses that trace back to them here in the USA, but represent themselves as a company operating in France. Please help.


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    myindoma Jun 23, 2010
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    khameron Jun 09, 2011
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    Hi everyone,

    I came across this forum googling the web for fraud complaints on MERCAWAY. Unfortunately, they seem to have scammed more than one merchant or customer.

    We used Mercaway for our business as they promised to provide excellent payback service and reasonable fees.

    We stopped using the Mercaway gateway mid of 2010. Since then, Mercaway owes a large sum that they don't want to pay us.

    Basically, they have collected money for sales of our products paid via their payment gateway. We have invoices and written confirmation from Mercaway admitting at some point that they owe us the respective amount. They then kept on promising (again in written form) that we would get paid and then they played dead by no longer answering our calls and emails. This mockery has now been going on for 9 months !!!

    In short, we are taking Mercaway to court very promptly.

    We need your help to gather testimonies that could help us win this case.[/B]

    Did any of you get screwed by Mercaway or Creaway (previous name of Mercaway)? Merchant or Commerce. We are interested in both situations and we need your testimony.

    Because of Mercaway, we had to prematurely stop sales through our website as we couldn't pay our providers and transport fees. We run a very small business and Mercaway stealing a large bunch of our revenue had a strong negative effective effect on our business.
    We really need to get our money back from Mercaway so we can pay our partners and creditors. We do not intend, like Mercaway is currently doing withus, to play dead and commit fraud.

    Your assistance is very much appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance.


    P.S: please email to [email protected] if you can help.

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  • Aj
    AJ12 May 09, 2012

    myself paid setup fees, with paypal.. why some1 need paypal having own merchant services
    as donation
    they never response after paying one day email remove dispute

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    Unhappyandpoorer Aug 18, 2012

    I was scammed by this company. They used fear tactics saying my computer was being hacked into and was about to melt down. I paib for life time protection in the amount of $399.99 on my credit card. They took advantage of my ignorance about computers. They continue to call me and I hang up when I recognize the voice.(Indian, I think) Says his name is Alex Murphy.

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  • Cr
    crusty88 Aug 24, 2012

    just found out my parents received a phone call from Mercaway telling them their computer was full of viruses they have been charged just under $400 and had to eventually call HP to reformat their computer, hence this why i am on here as i have been doing some research into this company and scam and trying to get their money back but not looking to likely cheers CRUSTY ...

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    robert blanusa Sep 07, 2012
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    yes i to was scheme they said they work for Microsoft, and that my computer had some problems. their phone number was 19056675578 in Canada they don't answer or they put you on hold and never answer.the programs they in stall you can download for free and they wanted 399.99, they ran my card three times but only have two pending and i can't stop them till they post to my acc. LOOK OUT

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    WarnYou Sep 15, 2012

    STAY AWAY from MERCAWAY. The call I received claimed to be from Microsoft and that a serious problem had been detected on my computer which had to be fixed now before it crashed. Microsoft had to connect and fix the problem. They needed access to fix the problem. I noticed that the program they used to access was a TRIAL PROGRAM. It is not likely that Microsoft would use a trial access program to fix you computer. Next, they had me bring up event viewer and it displayed a large number of errors and warnings which they said would continue until my computer crashed. Eventually, they offered me a warranty to fix this and any other problem for a lifetime. Of course they needed my Credit Card. This ended my conversation with Mercaway. My computer is a new Dell XPS 8500 (White) with all the bells and whistles just received 3 days ago. It works perfectly and I was not about to give them my credit card. I had a hard time convincing them that I would call Dell with any problem. They insisted that Dell would not help since my problem was a SOFTWARE PROBLEM. I finally told him to hang up before I did. I don't know who hung up first. I just hoped that Mercaway had not loaded something on my computer that really may cause a problem in the future. Computer still working beautifully. STAY AWAY from MERCAWAY.

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  • Ma
    MaryFC Oct 21, 2012

    Well I guess they got me too. Told me they represent Microsoft and had detected a problem with my computer. Viruses and no firewall. Lucky for me they only got me for $59.00 but my credit card bill just arrived and they charged me twice. In trying to reach them by their so called customer service # 1-347-321-8983 I found it to be not in service. Then I looked up the company Mercaway and found the complaints Hope this stops them. Good luck because I am not out of luck.

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