MellowMushroombyop half and half

A Jul 04, 2019

I called in an order to the store last night at 10:32 for a pickup order. I ordered a Large BYOP Half and Half: one side was the Philosphers Side with bacon and anchovies added on (anchovies on the side, which they told me they could do) and on the other side I did a cheese pizza with avocado, tofu, and pepperoncinis added on along with a sweet tea, cheese bread, and Mary Janes brownie sundae. I got there a little after 11:30 and they said they were out of tofu so they could replace it and I chose to add tempeh instead. I got the pizza and left and when I got home it was 11:54 and I noticed the tempeh was all on the philosophers side and not my side which is a big problem bc I don't eat meat and my boyfriend hates tofu and tempeh. They told me the anchovies were in the bag with the desert that they tied together so I could carry it easier and it wasn't. Everything else was perfect, but my pizza was messed up. I know I should've checked it before, but there were so many people and it wasn't long until they were closing and I was ready to get home to eat after working all night. I didn't call the store because I knew they closed at midnight and it was too late. I'm just really disappointed because mellow mushroom is my FAVE place to eat and the only pizza I eat bc I can get vegan/vegetarian options. I would really appreciate it if someone could contact me back please.

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