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Don't even think about doing business with this company. I attempted to purchase an IMac G5 from MegaMacs. I paid for expedited service and did not receive the computer until a week later. When I did, it was defective. I requested an RMA and a refund and returned the machine. I called the company to make sure I was clear about the refund. Instead they "fixed" the machine and sent it back. Meanwhile, I purchased another computer from Apple. I informed MegaMacs of this and that I wanted a refund. Eventually they did give me a refund MINUS A 5% RESTOCKING FEE for the defective machine they had sent. They also DID NOT refund any shipping fees. All in all, it cost me more than $100 for nothing to attempt to do business with this company. They are CON ARTISTS and definitely should be axed as an Apple reseller.


  • It
    itsthedon Feb 12, 2010

    I had a heinous experience. After ordering an Emac with keyboard, mouse, 1GB Ram and a Combo Drive. The unit arrived by FedEx nearly two weeks later, without a keyboard & mouse. Luckily I had one, but upon staring up the unit, the Combo Drive was inoperative and not showing up on the resource map. Email & calls to them were not returned.

    So I wrote to the BBB whose membership they proudly trumpet. To my consternation, BBB thought I was unreasonable to request a replacement drive or OS upgrade (Panther to Tiger) in lieu of returning the unit ad apparently the missing keyboard and mouse was nitpicking. Eventually, without any notification a keyboard and mouse arrived - apparently the settlement by the company and BBB summarily closed the complaint.

    I continue to get emails from Mega Macs which now just routinely go to spam. This is the model of American enterprise that needs to be broken.

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  • Ch
    Christina Chang Jan 28, 2012

    MEGAMACS IS A SCAM AND A RIPOFF!!! Stay awayyy!!!
    First of all, I goggled Megamacs and went to the resellerratings. com and only saw positive reviews. I love to read reviews before ordering anything from online. I did not realized that people from megamacs write fake positive-reviews on that site.

    MegaMacs's business model is based on marketing deception and legal technicalities. (ALL LEGAL BUT UNFAIR)
    Everything they do is legal. However, unfair and false advertisement. I bought a "refurbished" Macbook. I love buying refurbished stuff and i bought many refurbished produced from Apple. However, the stuff Megamacs is selling you is just the crap you buy on ebay. The laptop was filled with scratches and old model. It was used probably for 3 years. Also, they do not sell the laptop charger with the laptop!!! They get away with this by not writing laptop charger on the description.!!!WTF

    They will buy all used apple products on Ebay and resell them to you for high price. Their price appears to be attractive compare to all the apple products out there. However, just realize that you are buying used and OLD MODELs of apple products which they bought from ebay.

    Here is the worst part!!! After I saw that it was all scratched up. I returned the laptop. They charged me 35% restocking fee!!! 35% for opening to see what they ordered. On top of that, they did not return my shipping charges. I usually read before ordering online. I read that there is a 15% restocking fee. I thought it is fair. However, 15% if you did not open the box. If you opened the box for a second then you lose 35%. This means if you order a $600 laptop and return it because it is not what you thought it was they will charge you $200 for restocking!!! Their business is deceiving and a scam. Stay away MegaMacs. If you want, you can go to ebay and buy the same stuff for 1/2 the price.

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  • Cy
    cybercool Jun 10, 2013

    They are running some shady business. I bought a MacBook and as soon as the warranty expires the memory fails leaving me with no other options but buy new memory from them, pay extra for shipping and handling. If you work hard for your money never buy from them. There are better online stores.

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  • La
    Lance666 Feb 07, 2015

    Do any of you read the policy page?

    "Most products carry a 14 Day return policy & most used items also have a 30 Day warranty.
    Most products Listed as "New" carry the warranty expressed by the manufacturer, and all support issues must be directed to them.
    Most items may be returned within 14 days of shipment for a store credit, replacement or refund. Under the following Conditions:
    Store Credit is issued for the Purchase price (Minus Shipping). <<<<<<<< CAN YOU SEE THIS OK???????
    Replacement is issued for the exact same item, as it is recieved back to us
    Refund is issued minus shipping charges, a 5% Processing fee and applicable restocking fees (see details below).
    Used and refurbished items generally carry a 30 day warranty, in some cases they can only be repaired and not replaced due to stock variances. (If an item is in the need of support past the initial 14 Day return policy it is at discretion to replace or repair the item. ) does not cover return shipping costs in any way." <<<<<<<< CAN YOU SEE THIS OK???????

    THESE ARE NORMAL POLICIES. You aren't buying a used computer from your grandma: "Oh, deary me! I'm so sorry it wasn't perfect. Let me give you back all your money, all your shipping costs, and a big slice of my homemade apple pie to sooth you."

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  • La
    Lance666 Feb 07, 2015

    As for purchasing another computer without getting any assurance that MegaMacs would refund your money, that wasn't too bright, was it? They decide if they will send you an RMA for repair or an RMA for refund. YOU do not decide for yourself.

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  • Di
    dixiedogsdad Oct 25, 2015

    I bought an iMac from the Megamacs. I thought that I was getting an amazing deal for the price. Three weeks went by and I had still received no computer. However they charged my Visa twice! I called them asking where my computer was and was bluntly told that I had not placed an order. They refused to give me my Money back and had to go the my bank and place a dispute… It took me three months to get my money back. Horrible Company DO NOT BUY

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  • Bo
    BOHICA2016 Jan 14, 2016

    Gee I wonder where Lance666 works? If it isn't Hades it's probably Megamacs.

    I have bought a couple computers from Megamacs and everything went fine. I even got chargers with the laptops I ordered. I've ordered other items like keyboards, etc. with far less success. Poor quality products described as "new" and zero customer service. Trust me, you'd be better off spending a little more money and getting what you want from a reputable retailer or reseller. On balance I've been lucky with the big ticket items, but unlucky with the small stuff. I'm not going to wait until my luck really runs out with these clowns. I'd advise you to do the same.

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  • Wa
    Walt Kaiser Feb 10, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased several items from MegaMacs, an IMac, a laptop, iPad all with no problems. I got exactly what was advertised and in a timely fashion

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  • Ah
    Ahmed Isak Dec 19, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Very bad customer service. No email. Phones just keep transferring from extension to extension.
    After 48 hours of placing my order, No email or acknowledgement notice.
    Charged my account in less than a minute . This is Scam business.Buyer be aware

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