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We made the mistake of hiring a psycho maid. She said she was going to kill our nanny. Since when were killers allowed to be employed by agencies? I am not making this up. This woman could not even look at anyone straight in the eye. Should have known better before we hired her.

I made a complaint with the agency and what do I get? A sorry, yes, but they even defended the hag! How could you defend someone with criminal tendencies? She was intending to kill our nanny because when she left, we checked the room she stayed in & found a knife!!! To hell with people like this.


  • Me
    mega pacific Sep 18, 2013

    yes ma'm beth told me you and our applicant have some arguments kaya naka pagsalita siya ng hindi maganda pinag sabihan na po namin iyong applicant... she said very sorry for what happen she didn't mean it.. nabigla lang daw po siya kaya naka pag salita siya ng hindi maganda..

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  • Ye
    yenggay Oct 21, 2013

    I dunno if mega pacific employment is a legit agency to get nanny or helper they dont know how to screen applicants? or they are one of them? the two helper that they provided was rob me one stayed for 3 weeks and even detained in ever ortigas extension for shoplift the other helper they provided even took my wallet on the same day they brought the helper.. and what can they tell me? sorry and they said they will do somthing about it. big mistake DO NOT TRUST THIS MEGA PACIFIC DONT TAKE RISk

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  • Je
    Jean Cuadra Nov 05, 2013


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  • Ce
    CemEcell Jan 23, 2015

    Mega Pacific seem to me to be a bunch of scammers. We made clear to Mega Pacific we wanted a long term maid.
    The first maid lasted 1 week then wanted to go home. The second one we found out that was waiting for a job abroad and was using us as s stop gap, another temporary option. The 3rd one told us she was pregnant and stayed just 3 months. The 4th seemed a bit mental and lasted 1 week.
    Mega Pacific make money on every replacement, promising the earth and deliver nothing. In my eyes they are in it for short term gains, a bunch of scammers, . DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY!!

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  • Mo
    Mother of triplet Jun 30, 2015

    Yes walang kwentang agency yang mega pacific na yan! Puro walang kwenta ang mga employee same s knila after ng 3 replacement u need to pay again for another agency fee, puro promises lng sasabihin nila pero wala nmn matino s mga employee nila ok lng s knila mgpalit ng mgpalit kc dun sila kumikita.Hindi sila marunong magtrain ng mga employee tanggap lng ng tanggap! DO NOT TRUST THIS AGENCY!!!

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  • Su
    Sunflower12 Mar 28, 2016

    BEWARE of mega pacific employment services. I got a replacement maid from them who only lasted five days and then escaped without my knowledge. The maid could not follow simple instructions despite claiming she was a college graduate. The sad part is that mega pacific refuses to rectify the situation and beth, the oic, refuses to take my calls. I just want to terminate my contract with them and get a refund because i will not get replacements from them anymore or deal with their agency in the future.

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  • Su
    Sunflower12 Mar 28, 2016

    Beware also that when she left, her things were not checked and we just discovered that some valuable items in our home were missing.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Lee Stewart May 15, 2016

    we got hired an househelper fromyou MegaPacific. You were asked if this woman can write, speak and understand english for my daughter who is 2 years kasi tuturuan nya ang bata and you said yes. And we asked ano and educational attainment nya sabi nyo nakatapos ng grade 6 at yan din ang sagot ng maid but by the time of deployment nagulat kami kasi hnd marunong magsulat at magbasa at hindi nakakaintindi ng kahit kunting english at burara hnd marunong maglinis at hindi marunong magluto panay celfon pa. Nalaman nalng namin tinuruan nyo pala mga maid nyo kung ano ang isasagot sa interview kahit hnd naman totoo.Tumawag kami many times and asked for replacement pero panay pangako lang kayo at sabi nyo wala pa kayo nakikitang ipapalit. kinukuha namin ang refund ng payment hindi na kayo sumasagot sa text at tawag namin. Ninakawan pa kami ng mga gamit at pera sa tuwing day off nya. pinauwi nalng namin kasi sakit sa ulo. My point is sinungaling kayo hindi kayo nagsasabi ng totoo sa mga client nyo hindi nyo iniisip na binabayaran kayo

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  • Ti
    Tin Marquez Jul 06, 2017

    I got my refund sa isang agency na kinuhanan ko ng maid na wala din first.hesistant na sila tumanggap ng calls from you... kaya what i did i went to the brgy hall na nakakasakop kung saan yung office nila at pina blotter ko... ipinatawag ang owner ng agency at nagharap kami sa brgy... the following day she sent back my refund.
    .not the full.amount but atleast 70% nabawi ko...kasi if not lagot sya sa kapitan were she was asked to promised to give back my refund. They even ask the agency to update them the ff day kung nila...together with the palawan express receipt as proof... advice lang mommies.. bigyan nyo lesson ipa blotter nyo para magka record sila... 😊

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