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I'm writing this on behalf of my girlfriend;

The Motorvehicle, VW Beetle, was taken to McLean Motors on Queens road, Everton Hills , QLD. There was an issue with the rear drum break locking up after the car had been standing still, and a steering wobble (steering rod). 2 Days and ~$850 Dollars later, the car was finished after being told several earlier expected completion dates. Several parts were replace however one would expect this work to take only 1 day at the most, and cost around $400 dollars total. There was no notification given that the price would be almost a thousand dollars for a few simple parts and maybe 3 hours work.

The repair bill was swallowed, and the car brought home. It almost immediately began to stink of petrol, and after a few days it was decided that any residue would have evaporated. The car was refilled, and within 12 hours, was empty again. It was noticed that petrol was dripping onto the ground.

The car was then returned to the workshop, and it was stated to the mechanic that the customer was unwilling to pay, because this was clearly the fault of the mechanic who repaired the car. The mechanic admitted that the fuel line was disconnected to get it out of the way. It was then simply put back on - they said it was done to "manufacturers standards". Why then, did the hose tear? If it was old, why was it not replaced? They were obviously not worried about increasing the price.

After negotiation, the mechanic agreed to repair the vehicle for $10, as they 'can't work for free'. This was agreed upon as a price for the repairs.

The work was performed while the owner waited. Once complete, the mechanic stated that it would cost $56 dollars - far exceeding the verbally quoted price.

The customer argued with this price, and was finally made to pay otherwise the vehicle would not be returned.

This is obviously a case where the mechanic is taking advantage of a young lady, both in the initial repair cost, and in the absolute poor treatment and lies told.

The mechanic proceeded to tell her in justification of the price, that she was lucky to bring the vehicle in otherwise it could have caught fire, which would not have been covered by their work guarantee. They are lucky that the car didn't burn and they got SUED.


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    Crankcase Jan 18, 2010

    I've had my car repaired at McLean motors and the service has been very good. The service was quoted and all extras were confirmed prior to doing the work or were suggested for another time as they were not necessary at the time and would save us money.
    We were recomended McLean motors by friends who've used them for 10 years without any problems and trouble free driving.

    In reply to the above comments, if the initial service was 2 days and you were told "everal earlier expected completion dates" long exactly did you expect it to take?

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    Greg Drower Oct 06, 2011

    I've also been taking my cars to Cameron McLean for many years now and have not had a problem...if they find something that wasn't mentioned in my initial instructions, they will call me and tell me what is wrong and how much it will cost.

    Unless this girl gave explicit instructions to call her with a quote before doing the work, these guys would have no idea of the final cost, until all parts and labour were completed and if she had stated at the initial drop off of her car, to call with a quote, that's exactly what she would have got !

    Greg Drower...Happy Customer of many years.

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    AUSJETPILOT Jun 14, 2012

    I've known McLean's for about 2 years. They are by far the best mechanical workshop in the area. I've seen a lot of well wishing backyard mechanics that just arent qualified to work on late model cars. Mclean's are really good in my opinion. Ill be taking all the family cars there for any work required. I used to work in the parts industry, and the 2 day turn around on a European vehicle is exceptional. Parts for most vehicles that are of obscure brand are hard to find, and in most cases is genuine only, hence the higher price. The bill for the work is more than fair, and with all due respect, considering you can't spell the word "brake" correctly, and decribe the cause of a steering wobble as being a "steering rod" (not usually the rod that causes issues, more so the tie rod ends at the extremity of the rod), I'd be guessing you have little knowledge of mechanics. If I was your mechanic, I'd charge you more for your ignorant and inconsolable attitude.

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