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On Sept 26, 2019 I purchased a shih tzu puppy from Robin Mayne with Mayne Haven Kennels. Robin provided documentation for health guarantee, NYS puppy lemon law, etc. The evening of Oct 4 2019, I noticed my puppy acting a little bit lethargic, and she began vomiting. By mid morning of October 6th 2019, the puppy was almost comatose. I informed the breeder, then rushed the puppy to an emergency vet. Now, I do have all conversations available in writing, as it took place via Facebook Messenger. I informed the breeder, Robin Mayne, my puppy was ill. She was lethargic, vomiting, and showed serious neurological problems. The puppy was rushed to an emergency vet, as it was a Sunday. The puppy was hospitalized, but euthanized later that evening as she was too far gone. The breeder insisted I have my vet send her vet all pertinent records for review, which was done. I VERY politely asked for my entitled by law refund for the cost of the puppy, as well as the $1000 vet bill. Robin REFUSES to acknowledge the puppy was ill or take any responsibility for selling a sick puppy. She proceeded to tell me to take her to court. As per NYS Puppy Lemon Law, Robin OWES me a full refund for the purchase price of the puppy AND my vet costs. ($702 for the puppy, $1000 in vet costs) Still she refuses to be reasonable. I have filed a complain with the NYS Attorney General.Desired Resolution: RefundDesired Outcome
Full refund of purchase price of puppy ($702) plus vet expenses ($1000) I do have ALL receipts, documents, messages, and the vet reports. 

Mayne Haven Kennels

Oct 11, 2019

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