Matt Castrucci Kiapayment not credited to my account number to be viewed online

D Sep 05, 2018

after lease of my vehicle on 7/23/2018 I waited to receive paperwork or payment book in the mail. After payment due date came within a week I had still no paperwork so I called dealership finance office to see what's up. One of the managers name Brian said he looked on the computer and said it showed I needed to come back in to resign two documents and the deal was not one tried to tell me this for three weeks so Brian said to call Kia sales manager Mark we got hung up on and when I called back I got voice mail so I called my sales person Tony he told me next time went in to work he would get to the bottom of it he told me that twice after that no one would answer my calls or return my messages for two days. then I tried to e mail Tony he said he was off that day after he left me hanging about getting to the bottom of it .because of an situation of me and my wife buying our home 25 years ago the bank we dealt with hid some info from us and violated the truth in lending act and was caught in an audit they got fined and we got a large sum of money text that to Tony then every one wanted to talk they let me make my payment to Castrucci and they would forward it to Kia finance.when check to see if I got credit for payment it did not show up. they said it was all a mix up but it keeps getting worse.Mark said Brian was just mixed up about the documents and it was all over 43 dollars and who would pay it me or them if that was the case why is dealing with Kia such a mess I have had 15 brand new cars mostly GM but they messed me over on my last one so I switched and look what I got.

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