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Matt Anton is a CRIMINAL, runs INFECTIOUS or Honey Pot Websites that distribute MALWARE, Slanders People on The Internet, Runs BLACK HAT SEO SERVICES, Runs LINKFARMS banned by the Major Search Engines, Sells BOGUS Software. Matt Anton Changes the names of his companies as fast as he can to stay ahead of numerous internet reports on his criminal activities. Matt Anton accuses businesses of extortion with no proof of extortion. Matt Anton edits internet documents to make it appear that people download Child Pornography.

DO NOT GO TO HIS WEBSITES: They distribute Malware!!!

The Best place to start is here:
[redacted] Extortion Remove Negative scam reports
Published on Oct 11, 2014 by DAN ANTON.

The first thing you notice will be Matt Anton on his home made video, in sweat pants and a t-shirt saying he can get scam reports removed. For a self-proclaimed “marketing genius”, Matt Anton provides ample evidence that he is far removed from the world of professional marketing. Matt Anton’s presentation of self and his company is hideous.

We would have immediately fired Matt Anton, in a heartbeat, if he posted this video under our corporate auspices. From a marketing perspective this video is beyond dysfunctional. A video such as the one developed by Matt Anton, and posted by his brother Dan Anton, is immediately and irretrievably damaging to organizational longevity.

Matt Anton calls people “###” and “###” in his comments on this video.
IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL you never use words like ### on the internet. You are now showing your existing customers and potential customers how poorly you manage yourself in public.

Matthew Anton
3 weeks ago

Sorry it was a typo. I meant "###". Thanks Robert Matthew Anton

Sorry it was a typo. I meant "###". Thanks Robert (retrieved 12-29-2014 from Matt Anton Video comments section)

The video shows the email direct from [redacted]. Right from the horses ###, er mouth.
I'll put my reputation up against your faceless, spineless coward fanboy shill for [redacted] any day:
deva dip
3 days ago

+Matthew Anton Are you sure, This makes you look ###ed. /link removed/

Retrieved 12-29-2104 from

We would terminate Matt Anton IMMEDIATELY if he did this under our corporate auspices.
We can think of NO LEGITIMATE CORPORATION that would not fire him immediately.

Matt Anton states that he has “evidence” that he is being extorted. Matt Anton States he has an email from a corporation extorting him. Matt Anton presents NO EVIDENCE that he is being extorted. Matt Anton does not have an email showing he was being extorted.

Matt Anton refuses to accept any responsibility for the fact that people have filed a no less than five (5) reports on the internet on companies run by Matt Anton.

Here is one other UNEDITED comment from another person that viewed Matt Anton’s video.
Felix The Truth
+Matthew Anton

You are just bitter buddy. They provide a service so people like you (Matt Anton) and your "partner" (Dan Anton) don't rip people off, but it sounds like you got caught. (Retrieved 12-29-2014 from comments on Matt Anton’s video.)


Matt Anton, with his brother, Markets scam reports Houdini[redacted]-houdini-expert-famous/ and[redacted]-houdini-remove-negative-[redacted].html And
"The longer you wait to purchase the more expensive it will become. As a business owner and online marketer, don’t you want to know the secret to REMOVING your [redacted] from Google? Imagine being able to do this for yourself, current clients, or sell this as a service." This is from Matt Anton’s website as of 12/29/2014.

Matt Anton KNOWS beyond ALL DOUBT that his product is a complete total scam and sham. Matt Anton’s brother is CEO of Backlinks Vault. Com.
Back links Vault has five (5) scam reports on Google. Some of which named Matt Anton as a ripoff artist.[redacted]
If Matt Anton, was not a scammer, and crook, and his method of scam report Removal worked, five (5) scam reports would not be available on major search engines.

Matt Anton, KNOWS, BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, he is ripping of innocent people. The most basic search for BacklinksVault, returns a scam report second from the Top on Google.

Matt Anton states, in public, that he is a hacker. The following are cut and pasted (not edited) from where Matt Anton markets this criminal product as of 12-29-2014.
Re: [redacted] Houdini - Remove Negative [redacted]

The method can be started for Free. It's a hack no one is exploiting within scam report. In order to fully ensure the [redacted] gets removed we recommend investing additional funds, anywhere in the range of $20-$100
Re: [redacted] Houdini - Remove Negative [redacted]

Hack is still working. Case study 100% verifiable. Order before price continues to go up. Over 50 copies sold!: unedited from noted url

Matt Anton is an Amazingly Brazen Criminal. Matt Anton’s internet reports are there for the world to see yet he creates FALSE TESTIMONIALS for his potential VICTIMS to Review. As noted above, Matt Anton’s product is a scam. Matt Anton has five (5) scam reports on Google. How do you know Matt Anton has created false testimonials? Because his product does not work.

MATT ANTON IS VERY FACILE AND MANIPULATIVE ON THE INTERNET: To summarize here are the minimal amount of negative reports made about Matt Anton and his companies.


Four scam reports naming Matt Anton and his companies are noted here:[redacted]
One Report Naming Matt Anton and Matt Anton’s companies are noted here.
Matt Anton is noted in the following scam report:

scam report | DAN ANTON: BACKLINKSVAULT and ...
/link removed/
Dan Anton is a BRAZEN criminal, avowed hacker, runs a SUSPICIOUS website, and has been banned by Wikipedia, etc., etc., : This will be documented in this report.
Matt Anton and his companies are mentioned in this report referencing consumer affairs:


Matt Anton Launches SafeRankBacklinks SEO Service ...
Sep 21, 2014 - Matt Anton is an internet marketer who focuses on SaaS (software as a service) products, releasing SafeRankBacklinks, a guaranteed SEO ...

The Article here posted by Matt Anton was deleted by the website.

Matt Anton Celebrates 1000th Personal Marketing ...
WFLA‑TV Loading...
Sep 12, 2014 - Matt Anton recently celebrated his 1000th personal marketing consultation leveraging the Google Helpouts platform. September 12, 2014.

The Article here Posted by Matt Anton was deleted by the website. Matt Anton was touting a new “link” website of his.

Matt Anton is COO of which he has developed with his brother to circumvent the numerous negative reports his companies have received.

scam report | DAN ANTON: BACKLINKSVAULT and ...
/link removed/
Dan Anton is a BRAZEN criminal, avowed hacker, runs a SUSPICIOUS website, and has been banned by Wikipedia, etc., etc., : This will be documented in this report.

An Internet search referencing Matt Anton retrieves the following data:

He is Black Hat SEOing and Parasite Linking:[redacted]&qs=n&form=QBLH&pq=matt+anton+[redacted]&sc=0-13&sp=-1&sk=&cvid=96d46bf1aa964dbeaf9ea7289f4a3d48 ConsumerAffairs.Com Co…

Keeping antioxidant supplements In Shape With Winning ...
←Easy scam report removal tool by matt anton Expert Home Business Tips For You; The Secrets Of A Successful SEO Campaign →
They are the sole property and responsibility of Tau Chapter who hosts and maintains this web site. Links. ... remove a scam report by matt Anton ...

Affiliate Marketing Bonanza | How To Succeed In Affiliate ...
scam report removal tool by Matthew Anton ..

Metal Supply Inc. | Metal Supply
Steel Fabricators: Metal Supply Inc. fabricates, processes and distributes steel, aluminum and other metals, ... scam report removal google by matt anton ...

2014 March | Govt Job Board in Odisha Matt Anton shows how to remove a scam report ...

About | Exercising made easy
This website is to teach people how to start exercising if they have not been doing so since physical education ... scam report removal tool by matt anton ...

Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours ...
Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours admin January 24, 2014 General, Health, Herb. share: ... remove a scam report by matt Anton ...

Dua For Marriage
advice beauty love online relationship advice wazifa for beauty in urdu wazifa for love wazifa for love marriage. ... scam report removal tool by matt anton ...

Not one Letter of the foregoing has been editing and was retrieved from the following search paramerters[redacted]&qs=n&pq=matt+anton+[redacted]&sc=0-13&sp=-1&sk=&cvid=96d46bf1aa964dbeaf9ea7289f4a3d48&first=38&FORM=PERE2

Matt Anton’s marketing of scam report Houdini, which he markets to UNWARY VICTIMS, which Matt Anton KNOWS, BEYOND ALL DOUBT, DOES NOT WORK, is ASTOUNDING in its SOCIOPATHY and CRMINAL INTENT. This list goes on for at least another 20 entries and was stopped at this point.[redacted]-removal-tool-by-matt-anton-and-tricks-for-savvy-home-business-owners/
I will remove scam report scam report Removal for $5[redacted]-[redacted]-removal[redacted]-removal-tool-by-matt-anton-to-help-you-manage-your-home-business/[redacted]-your-own-home-business-read-this-first/

Want scam report removal by Matt Anton Advice On Home Business? Check This Out!
Posted on November 5, 2014[redacted]-removal-by-matt-anton-advice-on-home-business-check-this-out/
Matt Anton Slanders People and Businesses on the Internet. Matt Anton Edits Internet Documents to make it appear that people download child pornography.

Matt Anton States on his you tube video that he is in possession of an email extorting him. We reviewed the purported extortion email. It is not an extortion email. Unequivocally it is NOT AN EXTORTION OR BLACKMAIL DEMAND.

Matt Anton edited a 60 line internet article to make it appear that a person downloaded child pornography.

/link removed/
Among other things, the person that Matt Anton did this to performs music in public and is a songwriter and involved in the music industry as a studio musician and accompanist.

Rober Atilan Solo | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums ... Cached
Rober Atilan Solo's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

Blind Ambition Acoustic | Listen and Stream Free Music ... Cached Blind Ambition Acoustic's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates

The Liquid Smoke Blues Band | Listen and Stream Free ...
The Liquid Smoke Blues Band's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates
The following is unedited from[redacted]-houdini-remove-negative-[redacted].html

9th Nov 2014, 02:39 PM
Matthew Anton
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Re: [redacted] Houdini - Remove Negative [redacted]

Watch the Youtube video and look in the comments section. Webster's dictionary might put this next to the word "irony".

Some corporate shill was posting comments in favor of [redacted] extortion practices. A "Rober Atilan", sounds legit right? ha

Apparently someone created a scam report about him to showcase the broken process of anonymity and not vetting claims. It states he's a cyber troll shill that downloads child pornography, and it's live! Let's see if Ed Magedson stands by his word to NEVER remove a scam report.


Matt Anton Is a Criminal Psychopath with a narcissistic personality disorder of the highest magnitude.

Matt Anton runs honey pot websites that distribute malware:

One can imagine a variety of illegal activities in which a criminal and hacker may be involved.

“Rating by the Website Value was registered 3 years 10 months ago. It has a alexa rank of #124, 513 in the world. It is a domain having .com extension. This site has a Google PageRank of 2/10. It is estimated value of $ 55, 200.00 and have a daily income of around $ 92.00. is SUSPICIOUS and may contains potentially risky contents. You should be careful while visiting this website.
Updated 2 months 2 weeks ago”

We filed a report on 12-16-2014 on scam reports about Dan Anton and because he was banned from Wikipedia and other illegal activities.

It is pretty straight forward and we had considered the matter done. Except for what transpired the evening of 12-16-14
I received notification that this report had been filed. I read the report to see how it had been filed. In finishing that process, I clicked through the scam reports website to, Matt Anton’s website.
I was hit with a virus of severe malevolence. It circumvented Malwarebytes Malicious Web Protection, windows defender real time protection, bot guards, trend micro’s RU botted, glary registry repair with malware removers, firewalls, router and browser security set to its most protective.
It would not let windows defender run nor would it let Malwarebytes run. They would not run in safe mode nor was the malware able to be detected by Malwarebytes anti-rootkit, or Spybot. This virus wiped out all restore points. The computer was eventually reset to "new". All files on this computer were wiped which is not a huge problem because files are stored in several servers on the internet.
Dan Anton and Matt Anton knew we were investigating/researching them. We had received an email from Dan Anton stating that he had our IP address and he intimated that it would be in our best interest to let the matter drop.
It is not likely that Matt Anton would infect random machines, maybe he would. Matt Anton is a sell-stated and avowed hacker. It is without doubt that Matt Anton is a criminal well beyond extremely unethical. If he is not spreading virus to the general public, he has the mac address, or he specifically of the infected machine via the IP Address they obtained. This infected machine is four months new and is scanned daily for viruses. As noted whatever it was blew by our security.

There are independent reports on the internet that he runs infected websites. That is enclosed in the report and the link noted above.
We clicked through the ror report on Dan Anton and we immediately noted suspicious activity on the computer.
This was the last website we visited before we shut the computer down. When we turned it on a few minutes later, the computer was trashed. We know the malware did not come for scam reports.
When we got the machine up and running, we assumed that all our book marks and "favorites" would be gone from the browser. The only favorites that had been removed were the sites we bookmarked as we searched Matt Anton and Dan Anton websites on the internet.
After the threatening email from Dan Anton, we felt that something was wrong. We filed the initial report on Dan Anton at Fed EX on one of their computers. Fed Ex has internet security something akin to the NSA and The FBI.
Whatever website we attempted to go to that was run by Dan Anton and Matt Anton, was Blocked by Fed EX security.
However, fed ex let us go to scam reports, email accounts, and google as we were filing our report on Dan Anton and Banklinks Rank.

Bank Links Rank is a Link Farm a form of Black Hatting SEO. Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours admin January 24, 2014 General, Health, Herb. share: ... remove a scam report by matt Anton[redacted]-removal-by-matt-anton-in-home-business-is-simple-with-these-wonderful-ideas/ Matt Anton shows how to remove a scam report Matt Anton shows how to remove a scam report

A normal person cannot make this stuff up or consider it.
Matt Anton, a criminal psychopath, without a shred of moral responsibility, does it in his sleep.

matt anton
matt anton
matt anton
matt anton


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