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You orde they give good price send you different info but you pay thinking they will fix problem they agree on phone but never fix or give you money back even if you cancell they try to deliver a couple of times and try to collect almost 900.00 for restocking a nd shipping on 2998.00 price still owe 2498 after american express made them give 500.00 back with stiff wording to protect you the rest I paid in m/o posatal. the owner and president vice presedent are car salesmen watch out everyone their names are Joey H (HOLT) Mathew H (HOLT) and Firas Kittaneh President he is in Mesa arizona the restare in Tempe with two addresses in tempe about four e-mails .

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Update by Ronald Monzo
Mar 18, 2011 9:46 pm EDT

This again is an attempt to try to make my original order to sound close with no description I ordered a Leggett and Platt wall hugger with wireless remote and wave vibrator ordered on 29th Dec 2010 and paid for a pure botanical 10 " tale latex mattress with no petroleum products and I cancelled on the 4th of Jan when he wouldn't send me the corrected version of my order I paid 2998.00 $500.00 by American express which I got back so don't ever order from this co without a credit card they are scared to loose the ability to collect money from people there are other cases on this sight where they sent a 65 year old couple one of those special foam beds and the bed they received smelled like petroleum product an knock off and this stuff comes from Catawba valley fab ink NC same as comments above the bed I bought from a legitimate co was 296lbs and the bed they tries to give me was a knockoff @ 140 LBS. I have all the proof I need the mattress said queen and was only lobs and the phony base was lobs =140lbs total and I have all the proof. This co Simply Rest LLC is a fraud and so is the people doing business with them you can't even get on a good web site on Catawba Valley Fabricators Inc. .This co makes foam products and they lied to me protecting Joey (H) Holt and Mathew H and Fires Kitteneh Pres. of this co and all the legitimate manufactures gave the scoop and laughed at Joey H must be a real low life car salesmen. He has been doing this for years so I turned him into CA attorney general The Arizona attorney general to make Shure they have him on fraud list and FTC FBI Maricopa county sheriff and county Prosecutors Hopefully they will put this guy away and now 'm going to sue plus all legal fees I cleared the way with the sheriffs dept. to serve each person and the co.

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Aug 09, 2014 10:28 pm EDT

Why on earth do we let all these foreigners into this country. They are difficult if not impossible to deal with

Mar 18, 2011 8:17 pm EDT
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A response from our manufacturer:

We, at Catawba Valley Fabrication, manufacture and ship products for SimplyRest.

Ronald Monzo ordered a Full XL Talalay Latex Mattress and a Full XL Leggett and Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed from Simply Rest. The order was forwarded to CVF and processed; the order was then shipped from NC to CA to Ronald Monzo’s residence. On January 19th 2011 the order was refused because the customer claimed the product was a Queen size. The service that the customer paid for was the white glove service, meaning two men would take the products into the home and set up the complete system.

Instead, Mr. Monzo refused the shipment before the products were even taken off the truck. Now, we are in the shipping business and I can’t tell the size on the products until they are unpacked and measured. The sizes are not labeled on the outside of the boxes so to say the products were the wrong size is absolutely incorrect.

Once the products were refused, they were taken back to the terminal unpacked and measured, and we confirmed the correct products were shipped.

Since the correct products were shipped to Mr. Monzo, SimplyRest called Mr. Monzo multiple times to reschedule the delivery. On Feb 8th the delivery company called and spoke with Mr. Monzo and he confirmed he didn’t want the product delivered and he told the delivery company he had purchased a different bed three days prior.

Simply Rest ships hundreds of mattresses and adjustable beds over a month’s time to many satisfied customers and the statement that Mr. Monzo has written is incorrect in the assumption that the product was the wrong size. I realize the customer can refuse delivery, but don’t fabricate a story that the wrong product was shipped because you want a full refund to pay for your purchase of a bed with another company.

Mar 18, 2011 8:17 pm EDT
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In this matter, the customer had ordered and modified his order multiple times. Before shipping the product, SimplyRest emailed a copy of the invoice to Mr. Monzo. Mr. Monzo confirmed the order by paying by a combination of American Express and Money Order.
Upon shipping the product, Mr. Monzo was unsure that his order was correct even after many phone and email conversations. We assured Mr. Monzo that his order had not been changed upon receiving payment.
SimplyRest sent Mr. Monzo exactly what was stated on the invoice. Mr. Monzo then proceeded to refuse delivery stating that we sent the wrong size. SimplyRest, with the help of Catawba Valley Fabrication and the delivery company, confirmed the contents of the shipment before trying to deliver again.
Once again, Mr. Monzo refused to accept or schedule delivery stating that it was the wrong size. We provided the packing slip (that confirms that the correct size was shipped) to Mr. Monzo. However, despite proof and assurance that SimplyRest sent the correct product to Mr. Monzo, he wanted to cancel his order on the incorrect assumption that we sent the wrong size.
At this point, as a result of refusing delivery, Mr. Monzo is responsible for freight cost there and back and a 15% restocking fee as listed on the terms and conditions that Mr. Monzo agreed to when making the purchase. We accordingly agreed to refund Mr. Monzo the full purchase amount, less the shipping and restocking fee.