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MasterCutsunfair to employees

If any of you are interested in taking a job at mastercuts, think twice!!! They could care less about their employees. We have a 23 year old manager that treats you like your 5 years old. Even if you're older than her, she has absolutley no respect for you! This # needs to practice what she preaches!!! She'll tell you things that your not supposed to do and I swear the very next day she'll be doing exactly what she told you not to do. She will write you up for anything and everything that you do and don't do... Such as not folding towels. How childish is that??? If you request a copy of your write, you can forget that. Their so called company policy won't allow them to give you a copy. Correct me if i'm wrong, but anything that goes onto my employment records is my business too!

They were desperate to find new workers in september 2008 because all of their staff quit. So they offered to make a $1, 000 hire on bonus for any new employee. We have not seen any portion of that $1, 000 yet! They are fake they are liars and i'm so shameful to even admit that I am employed by them!

If you buy something there and you'd like to make a return, you better think twice! They won't give you your money back!!! They will make you call a number that might possibly send you a check within a few months.

Just to give you an example, 7 of our girls have left since december. They weren't planning on leaving, but they just had a change of heart after working for this new manager (or should I say monster). Believe me, they do not pay you enough to put up with this #. They only offer minimum wage and rarely give raises to anyone! I might as well work at burger king (no offense)!!!

If you have a problem at work and the manager is off duty, you better think twice before you call her to ask for help. She will either ignore all of your phone calls without returning them, or get really pissed off that you called her. Isn't it a managers job to manage her store?!?!?! Oh and don't even think about trying to go above her and call the supervisor. The supervisor could also give two # about you. She will do exactly the same thing. How do we get rid of this girl???

So if your a hairstylist and you're looking for a new job, don't go to mastercuts!!! They only care about how much money you're making for them, they don't care about you as an individual. You will eventually find out for yourself what a cheating company they are.


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    candace2 Feb 26, 2009

    i worked at a mastercuts for 4 years, and it was 4 years of hell. we went through manager after manager. i saw at least 16 people go in and out. our district manager was such a snotty ### i wanted to punch her in the face everytime i saw her. all that company cares about is how they are gonna get the next dollar. times are tough, but they are all about combos combos combos. i got written up for not trying to sell combos, when i clearly did...its not my fault people dont have money to buy a twenty dollar bottle of hairspray. and they say they pay so ###. on a busy pay week i would make four hundred dollars after taxes. and so did everyone else. i will NEVER work for another regis company again in my life. i have two kids to raise and support, i cant afford to bust my ### and not get anything in return. and thats another thing...they were all about getting clients in and out. heaven forbid you take your time on a client to do your best. they wanted you to do it as fast as you could so your wait time didnt get too long..well sorry ###...i am not gonna rush through anymore haircuts just to get to the next client. no wonder they have such a bad rap. and then to give out coupons for 5 dollars off a haircut? jesus the haircuts are only 15 dollars. and a free haircut after so many points is fine, but can i at least get some credit. dont let anyone fool you, that haircut does NOT get counted towards your service sales. so you make NOTHING off that haircut. good luck to you if you are still there. i did the math on the payscale...with the hourly minimum wage, plus whatever dollar or cent amount you are over and gets added an hour, the comission is only 38%! hairstylists START at 45% anywhere else.. and thats all you can get ever at mastercuts. thats the amount everyone gets when you figure everything out. i went to school and paid how much money to learn this trade, to make 18, 000 dollars a year? ###. i know a girl who got out of mastercuts and into a private salon, and she made 55, 000 dollars last year, so my advice to you is to get out as soon as you can! good luck.

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  • No
    nooneuknow May 09, 2009

    I have worked for MasterCuts for 6 years (and Regis Corp. for 10 years) and I will completely agree that they do not compensate their employees fairly. This combo thing has gotten out of control and they do absolutely NO advertising locally but expect us to stay busy. They also are a walk-in only salon but do not want their employees to have a set schedule. How inconvenient is that for our customers? You can't make an appointment or call ahead to put your name on the list AND the stylist you trust and are comfortable with has a schedule that varies week to week? Not too smart on MasterCuts part. However, the girl in Hawaii has posted some wrong information about the company. First, all products are able to be returned to the store of purchase within 30 days from purchase with a valid receipt, for any reason. Second, any write up done is required to be signed by the employee receiving it and a copy is given to that employee. The write up is done a 3 layer sheet with the employee receiving either the yellow or pink copy (whichever one has "employee copy" printed on it). Writing up an employee for not folding towels is a valid reason for write up for certain types of employees, such as a person who ignores a direct order to do so on a regular basis or a person who has a history of insubordination. It (written documentation of the insubordination) is the first step in the termination process. As for the manager problems, these things are store-based. I happen work for a wonderful manager who knows how to do her job and does not put up with lazy, immature employees. Any complaints about management can be done to the AREA SUPERVISOR(step 1), the REGIONAL MANAGER(step 2), and higher up the chain of command. The phone numbers for these people are located in the back of the Shop Talk which every salon receives every 2 months. There are also grievance forms which can be filled out and sent in to the proper person (it will tell you on the form or in the back of the Shop Talk). Just an FYI, name calling, ranting and providing false information makes you look like the problem person at the salon. Grow up and have a little respect for ANYONE in a position higher than yours (regardless of their age) and you will have less stress at your workplace. Going through the proper channels to complain about your manager is the only way you will stop this problem, but be prepared to provide some kind of proof and be smart about it. I wish you luck both in being more mature while at work and removing the problem manager (if she is indeed the problem).

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  • 3p
    3pissy stylist May 26, 2010

    right now there is three stylist who work for mastercuts reading this and we have worked there ranging from 3-10 years. were all in agreeance that mastercuts employees are treated unfairley and are poorley compensated for as much work as we do. AND THE COMBO THING...REDICULOUS...WE LIVE IN A VERY DEPRESSED AREA WITH A CRAPPY ECONEMY...PEOPLE COME TO MASTERCUTS FOR A FAIRLEY PRICED HAIRCUT...WHY WOULD THEY PAY 20 DOLLARS FOR A CAN OF HAIRSPRAY?? WHEN THEYRE ASKING US WHAT THEY CAN BUY AT OUR LOCAL WALLY WORLD???? they want our combos at 12%...were barley pushin 8 and most the time we buy our own juss to keep the area supervisor off our butts. and our manager is in cahoots with the AREA SUPERVISOR so any complaints to her would be thrown out on account she loves our manager...she can do no wrong. the only good thing about mastercuts is ...cant think of anything at the moment...oh..and this union thing...they tried getting us to sign a paper which wrongfully stated our rights and thought we wouldnt catch on??? they had to re-word it and asked us to sign it again...we never did. no wonder they dont want us to join the union...they made us watch a video on why the union was bad and we wouldnt want to be a part of it...but in the video it never stated anything good...or how it could benefit us...

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  • Di
    disgrunteled employee Aug 14, 2010

    You are totally right about them not caring!
    I managed for them for a year, before I had to step down to help care for my terminally ill grandfather.
    The new manager that they brought in was HELLACIOUS!!
    She managed to offend ALL the stylists and 1/2 the customers within a week with stories of her sexual conquests on the salon floor!!
    But since she was buddies with the area manager, it was all good...*snort*
    About 2 weeks into her stay there, 1 of the girls noticed that her license had expired LAST YEAR!!
    I called my regional manager to let her know what was going on,
    and you know what she did about it?!?!?
    Is your regional Kelly?
    I know she covers part of Hawaii.

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  • Mi
    MiKayla Sep 22, 2010

    i've worked at mastercuts for a little over a year. manager after manager, stylists in and out...sounds all too familiar. we have a new manager that's never managed before and has no idea how to do or go about anything. and wont ask for help, so of course everything is chaotic. i got hired back on about a month ago after being on maternity leave for a while. i was moving around the country over the summer and came back to ohio with nothing but what we could fit into suitcases. of course i told my new manager my situation and she acted like she understood and was concerned. being 15 minutes late today because i have no car yet, and my ride bailed on me...i walked to work...after being 15 minutes late to open the salon, she sends me home and tells me there will be a write up in the morning (which i figured) and continues to tell me that she'll call me in the morning to let me know if i should go into work when i'm scheduled. can she even fire me if i have 1 write up for that? can she fire me without having talked to me about that before. does she have grounds at all to fire me? if anybody knows anything about that email me. just so that if she does terminate me i can have the grounds to back it. not that i'd want to work for her or that salon email is [protected]!

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