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Tread carefully if you are considering the Massland Options programs which are promoted by Mark Rolton. The theory is sound but the stage numbers and promises are wildly unrealistic in most cases. Also be aware that there are differences from State to State in terms of how the theory can be applied and Mark Rolton is from Queensland. Mark Rolton is a self confessed opportunist but his earnest stage presence can be very alluring. People are attracted to the notion of partnering with Mark and Massland but the bold promises of funding and endless assistance seldom materialise unless a deal is incredibly profitable and even then word has it that Mark renegotiates deals further in his favour and the student still has to find and secure their own finance. Mark is not known to put his hand in his own pocket for deal money. In effect Mark is creating a troop of energetic deal hunters who pay to attend his courses, then work incredibly hard to find deals (if they are lucky) and then take their best deals to Mark to cherry pick at will. If you want to level the playing field then just attend his free events. There is little more information presented in the paid courses even to the level of his Conclave course which costs tens of thousands of dollars. If your enthusiasm is still pushing you towards his courses and his amazing promises, make sure you secure the names of three of four people in your State who have succeeded with his methods and importantly one or two who have struggled. Do this before you hand over the cash - this will give you a much more realistic perspective, perhaps even shock you; but you will be hard pressed to get this information.

  • Massland Group's response ยท Oct 28, 2014

    Hi Roger
    At Massland we value feedback from our students and investors, in fact we’re constantly asking for testimonials and input into their experience with our company. We don’t appear to have any record of a Roger R Billington ever attending our educational programs, or any interaction with Massland, so we’re not sure how you have formed these views or any credible knowledge.
    The entire methodology surrounding property options and all of Mark’s property educational ideas is based on 20 years of doing the time and actual deals in the market. Mark relies on his investors putting in the ground work and following what he teaches very closely. We are strong believers in our students doing the time and work and learning the steps to achieve results and have never suggested otherwise. We offer support and joint venture deals with our graduates, paying for development approval costs in these joint venture arrangements – which is unique in any industry.
    Massland does not advocate ‘get rich quick’ schemes and all who decide to invest must do the due diligence and learn – just like any savvy property investor would advise. Quite simply, we’re passionate about property and have developed deals that most developers cannot match.
    Like any educational course – university, college – whatever…for education you pay to learn. Many graduates have applied themselves and followed the steps and advice from Mark Rolton and made fantastic gains. Rolling in everyday from all walks of life are real life testimonials from our students who have used various strategies taught to make profits. These are honest testimonials from our clients who have started and are growing in confidence, momentum and, most importantly, wealth.
    We’re not big fans of forums that don’t offer the full picture, which is why we always encourage our investors and students to contact us directly where we can provide the real facts about Massland. Feel free to contact us directly if we can help further on 07 5531 7822 or [email protected] – we’d love to chat!

  • Resolution Statement

    "Massland" customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

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  • Be
    Beatriz G. Dec 04, 2014

    These guys from Massland are shameless. I went to one of his conferences back in February where I got interested in one of the projects.
    On the same day they ask your credit card details to have the opportunity of securing one of these properties. But they indicated it will be fully refundable.
    After proper analysis I decided not to go ahead with the project and asked for my money back (1000 dollars that they charged to my credit card without delay).
    Is now December and I called them numerous times, every time they promise to return my call and organize my refund but months have gone by (10 months!) and I'm still yet to see my money back.
    Be aware, these guys are running a scam.

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  • Ma
    Maddy1 May 28, 2015

    This massland guys are cheater. Please please dont go in their seminars.. Mark shows everything lucarative and didnt able to answer at all of some of legid questions of attendies.He took my credit card number for refundable $1000 expression of interest fees and i am chasing with from last 2 months and they are simply not giving money back.


    BE AWARE !!! BE AWARE !!!

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  • St
    Stephen Tu Sep 02, 2018

    @Maddy1 Has this been reported to ACCC, regulatory bodies or even police ?

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  • Bg
    BGT Developments Jun 01, 2015

    I have attended his seminars. To be honest you are partially right. not everything is delivered on and they drop the ball a bit (we've had to go it alone on deals as Massland wouldn't look at them). But I've been that grateful for the information alone as it has propelled me as a property developer forward like never before. Our company has since helped out other massland graduates who now have the knowledge but struggle to put it into action to create win wins. If you have spent money gaining this knowledge (and I'll assume you love property) - DON"T WASTE IT!
    And for the record, don't listen to all the haters out there. Mark is a prioneer in this space and has done incredibly well from it. But it's called "pioneering" because no one has offered this information (or packaged it up) like Mark has before. Now I'm sure a lot of what he had planned was very different in his head to how it actually played out (hence why there's so many pissed of people), but the core of the knowledge is all you need to pay for any of his courses multiple times over and if you haven't put it into action already then get off your computer and get out there and start talking to some people.

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  • Ca
    Cazj Oct 13, 2018

    @BGT Developments Did you have any experience in property investments or real estate market prior to Masslads course attendences??

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  • Ma
    Massland Customer Service Jun 02, 2015

    Hi Maddy,
    Sorry to hear you've been unable to resolve your request for a refund. We always strive to offer the very best service and if you have experienced a delay, please accept our sincere apologies. We've been unable to track your contact details from the name on this forum but would be more than happy to help if you could send your full details to [email protected] and we'll ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible. You can also call us on 075 531 7822. Look forward to hearing from you, Massland team.

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  • Ma
    Massland Customer Service Jul 02, 2015

    Hello Beatriz G (post 4 December 2014)
    We have tried to contact you on a number of occasions to follow up your concerns in your post. Your refund was processed in December 2014 and we understand this resolved any concern or outstanding issues. Our priority is always to provide the very best customer service and address any concerns promptly, as we have in this instance. If there is anything further we can help with please contact us on 075 531 7822 or email us - [email protected] As this matter was quickly addressed over six months ago, we'd really appreciate you updating the status of your post to 'resolved' - with thanks, Massland team.

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  • Jo
    John Kyneur Dec 22, 2015

    expensive one weekend seminar this one.

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  • Hi
    Hinchinbrook Jan 11, 2016

    Happy new year to all the Massland investors, after a great couple of years under the guidance of Rolton and his so called excellent staff.
    spare a thought to those who paid deposits for HOUSE & LAND packages in Hinchinbrook in Sydney's west. This development was a personal Guarantee to myself and others as the best investment in the metropolitan area ( Conclave 13) from Rolton himself, we were in just before the boom, excellent timing we thought, paid our deposits. The start of the lies, weeks, months of no return phonecalls for someone to explain what was happening, finally local council's fault, we are told, this has been sorted out sorry for the holdup expect contracts to be released in approximately 4/6 weeks, more lies how do you issue contracts on a paddock. It just went on and on for months speaking to various massland staff, Rolton unavailable as usual. Then an email from the so called property manager, council has knocked back the development.
    Then out of the blue (apologies) for the failed development, and an exciting new offer your deposit can now be transferred to a better location with a larger block for a slight increase in costs, Edmondson Park the new development.( led down the garden path once again ) builders have been allocated
    a few more council reqs required, earthworks to start early July with a build finish late November early December 2015 this information emailed to me from the property manager (so called) an August inspection showed no progress at all. Then the news i was waiting for as were the other investors, the Sydney market has dropped off, send your bank details for deposit release.
    What an absolute disgrace this is Massland the lies the deceit, Rolton was trusted by so many, to invest with no doubt you have made money from our so called investment we have lost money instead of an approximate gain of 20% on our investments, we should be reimbursed our monies we paid in good faith, future investors be wary.
    john s

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  • Ma
    Massland Customer Service Jan 20, 2016

    Massland is a successful development company that works with hundreds of satisfied investors. We have developed over 600 lots - either townhouses or house and land packages – and built, settled and sold them to investors as part of their financial retirement strategy. It is in our best fiscal interests to ensure all developments are completed, however this is not always in our control as was the case in Sydney recently. Massland devoted well over 2 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultants fees and DA costs to secure development approvals for projects for our investors. Unfortunately due to numerous delays with council and difficulties with Sydney Water which couldn’t be resolved, the approvals were not successful. Of course Massland are extremely disappointed with the outcome for ourselves but most importantly for our investors. Massland FULLY REFUNDED ALL DEPOSITS back to investors in relation to the Sydney project.

    We continue to focus on our current developments being constructed in south east Queensland and continue to work closely with our investors to grow their portfolios.

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  • Na
    Nathank Feb 06, 2016

    Rolton is "selling" dreams - that's all! After working at Massland - they make their money from selling (1) rubbish so called educational material (2) getting kick-backs (commission) from developers for promoting their land release. Massland aren't developers - they are simply scammers - misleading average Australian's. BEWARE.

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  • Bg
    BGT Developments Feb 07, 2016

    Nathan, as I said above. Few people ever pioneer a space without some hiccups along the way. But the core of what Mark teaches is undeniably some of the most powerful knowledge you will ever learn. My partner and I sat through the training and funnily enough we both said to each other, "I'll bet most people in this room have no idea of the power of what they are being told". We both went on to agree that most probably wouldn't apply the knowledge now that they had now been bestowed with. But those that do can literally turn their life 180 degrees. If you fall into that category of people not applying the knowledge, then I'd encourage you to go reapply it along with the disciplines that Mark teaches and watch things unfold.
    I have no affiliation to Massland and no other reason to post this expect for the fact that I appreciate the information that Mark has passed on. But I do have experience with options. I traded them for many years and taught others about the derivatives market back in the early 2000's (so I understand the power of options). I also understand business and the challenge of pioneering a new space and the naysayers that spring forth from the sidelines (because they all know better). Don't get caught in that trap people. Squeeze every last drip of info out of this course and then MAKE SURE YOU APPLY IT.

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  • Ma
    Maresa Jun 25, 2019

    @BGT Developments Seriously! Do you actually read the reviews???? There is one common denominator! NO SUPPORT after they take your money! You still think that this scammer is VALUABLE?? Im sorry, but people who struggle financially will be the ones who will be ripped off and suffer the most. You my friend, are a property developer with money! BIG DIFFERENCE! If you have spare disposable cash lying around to try this with intention of losing it, sure. Give it a crack. Its called gambling! But for the average everyday aussie battler???? NO FRIGGIN WAY!!! I HATE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS!! THEY NEED TO BE JAILED!!!

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  • Ma
    Massland Customer Service Feb 08, 2016

    Our core business at Massland is property development - we've built, settled and sold over 600 townhouses and house and land packages to many satisfied investors. It's what we do best and we're continuing to focus on delivering the best possible outcome for our valued investors. Since last December we've finished constructing 109 properties - 34 at Bundamba, Ipswich, 26 at Boronia Heights and 49 at Marsden - you can read more about this here: 34 townhouse
    With another 76 townhouses close to the Brisbane CBD at Vantage Place on the verge of completion, we're forging ahead.

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  • Ma
    Massland Customer Service Apr 25, 2016

    Hi Thuy
    Simon has left several message for you to call him and would like to resolve this matter as soon as possible. Please return his call and we'll make sure this is quickly finalised to your satisfaction. With thanks, Massland.

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  • Ve
    Very Unimpressed Jun 25, 2016

    I just tried to have a conversation with Massland. I was invited to do a 45min Special meeting to see if I fit their company...
    I tried to ask questions, but was constantly told that they need to go through their process to see if i was a fit for them. but what I wanted to know is if they were a fit for me..
    She made a point to say that we need to ask you questions to see if I was a fit for them.. and then asked if I can make a decision today . LOL
    (they don't need to check if you are a fit for them, they just want to know if you have money to give them)

    I again told her that I have questions first and don't want to waste time if you can't supply me with the answers.
    when I asked simple questions like.
    How long has Massland been running?
    How many staff and what are their experiences that they can give me?
    How long have they been working in the industry and what are their track records?
    Where can I see the financial figures and deals already processed?
    What is the ratio of successful students.?

    I was told that she was only a consultant and that she couldn't answer them. And that Mark is only looking for people that can make a decision today..
    I was also told that I was very defensive.. LOL..
    I guess they don't like people questioning them for facts of the company or have any kind of business sense to first check them out before handing any money over.

    I am not being defensive, just being cautious and doing my due diligence.

    I ASK:
    If in-fact they can actually answer my questions and give me someone who knows what they are doing I might have been interested.
    But to have someone call me and just read from their usual sales script, which I find useless when they are actually asking for so much of an outlay, is very unprofessional. That does not come across as a company that really wants to find JV's.

    Thank you everyone for putting your experience above, it helped me put them on the spot..

    If they can't answer your questions, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME...

    BTW. I was told they had 3 membership plans, , starting from $1, 500 to a few thousand..
    Before handing any money over, make sure that they can answer your questions.

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  • Ma
    Massland Customer Service Jul 01, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback on your recent experience and our apologies that you were unable to obtain the information you needed.

    Occasionally when we work with external partners there is not always the depth of knowledge to answer all questions. We'll look into the issues you raised and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. We have a strong track record of successfully developing property for 15 years, and I'd encourage you to visit our website to see some of our recent projects -

    We'd welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have - please call the Massland office on 07 5531 7822 and we'd be happy to help.
    All the best.

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  • Th
    Thuy Nguyen Aug 23, 2016

    I am a property investor and got an email from Mark Rolton regarding Massland developments.

    On 1st December 2015, I placed a deposit on a block of land. i have not heard anything from anyone from the company since.

    I would like a refund because I can no longer afford to get a loan. I have tried to email Simon Cady, their representative but can not get any responses.

    Interestingly, I got to speak to someone straight away when I was a prospective buyer, but not when I have an issue

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  • Ma
    Massland Customer Service Aug 29, 2016

    Hi Thuy
    We fully refunded your deposit in May 2016 and made several attempts to contact you by phone. If you have any other enquiries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us, . Sorry you're unable to invest with Massland at this time. All the best, Massland.

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  • Em
    EMai Aug 26, 2017

    I think that if you can interview future students and except a decision on the day that you can also answer real questions without being told that we are defensive. Real questions like; how many staff and what are their experiences they can offer? Where can we see financial figures and deals already processed? How long has Massland been trading for? This is all very simple questions. Maybe the consultants that so easily read of their sales script can also learn some company information and facts to answer if asked. Maybe the question should be: Is Massland and Mark Rolton right for me rather than are you right for Massland? You will have a higher strike rate with hopefully more success than just hoping that the average person would invest in the training material. Thats what we really are paying for. Not financial growth or freedom per say.


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  • Ma
    Massland Team Member Sep 04, 2017

    Hi EM - thanks for your feedback, we're always happy to hear about our customers experience with Massland and make any adjustments or improvements. We do our best to provide as much information as possible to help our potential clients and investors decide if Massland is the right solution for them. Occasionally, a team member may not have all the answers, but we'll always try hard to help our investors get the information they need and our website also has a lot of background on Massland. If we can help answer any questions, I'd encourage you to contact our office on 07 5531 7822. All the very best in your investing. Massland Customer Service

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  • Me
    melcan21 Aug 06, 2018

    I am not getting when reading your responses to these complaints that there are many people saying that massland is taking peoples money but not refunding them. Then massland is responding saying they have refunded them the money well before they complained on these posts. You guys obviously are lying as these people would not have taken the time to complain on here to begin with if you had refunded them the money that had given you.
    I had an appointment with you guys tomorrow, but now I am cancelling. Don't need this rubbish in my life. You can get better info off you tube for free.

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  • Ma
    Massland Team Member Aug 09, 2018

    @melcan21 Hi Melcan21 - please be assured that our organisation always refunds deposits on request. All deposits are held in trust accounts which are non-interest bearing accounts - this is by law, and not something we would ever compromise. Massland does not make any money from holding deposits, and makes every endeavour to refund promptly any of our clients who change their mind, or cannot secure finance. All the very best, Massland customer service.

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  • We
    Weevqueen1 Feb 17, 2019

    @Massland Team Member OMG! What's going on with all these complaints going on they're freaking me out. My first deduction of part payment is due this week Thursday. These complaints are confusing me.

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  • Ly
    Lyn Stebbins McQueen Jan 25, 2019

    Mark Rolton and Massland are without a doubt, corrupt individuals and an organization. I agree with the above posts about the lies about refunds as I have tried from day one
    to obtain a refund and been fobbed off over and over again. When finally someone called me they were highly manipulative, passive aggressive in advising me that i was the one
    with a problem, and not them. While i phoned within what they advised was acceptable to ask for a refund, the boundaries changed constantly and whoever took the phone call was unable to handle the request and 'someone would get back to me' ... ha ha of course they never did and when i did receive a call back months later i was told no way would they refund as i did not ask within their guidelines... what a manipulative joke.

    When i purchased i was promised mentoring and ongoing support and not one phone call in six months until i put in writing my request for a refund, after all other forms of communication resulted in no response. I phoned numerous times and asked for help and support and received not one phone call back !! (at least ten calls, which they now totally deny ever occurred !!! total lies and corrupt practices. So they sell a program that is five years old, with specifics about where the market is in 2013, (sold to me in 2018) wont answer phone calls, all their promises of mentoring and ongoing support totally non existent. Do not have anything to do with the corruption and lies of this organisation.

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  • We
    Weevqueen1 Feb 17, 2019

    @Lyn Stebbins McQueen Wow! Or should say 'oops'. My first deduction of part payment is scheduled this Thursday, I'm freaking out by these complaints. What the heck is going on.

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  • Ma
    Massland Team Member Mar 10, 2019

    @Lyn Stebbins McQueen Hi Lyn, please contact our office and we'd be happy to discuss any issues. We're always keen to hear feedback, address any issues and endeavour to resolve to your satisfaction. Look forward to hearing from you, Massland Customer Service.

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  • Da
    Daniel hain Apr 23, 2019

    I have found the massland material only as good as the effort you put in
    You can’t blame the system if you don’t work the system
    I havnt not made a deal work yet, but Iam fully open to day I havnt been 100% at it
    I am glad for my investment in the education
    All the best to everyone

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  • Ja
    jasper18 Nov 27, 2019

    I haven't personally had anything to do with Mark Rolton or Massland, other than seeing his persuasive webinar, but after a brief google search, I'd suggest caution. While it's true that online feedback isn't always as genuine as it may seem (be it positive or negative), I do start to worry as soon as I see media releases from Govt departments suggesting companies did more than just make an honest oversight...

    Hope this helps.

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