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After a lengthy fight with an Estate Agent at Marx & Bester Properties Germiston (Margaret Brink), they have refunded me less than half of my original deposit. This agent went ahead and claimed that I damaged the paint in a unit and claimed R 4 000.00 for this cause alone. She even went as far as taking photos of another unit in Stone Arch, Castleview claiming that it was the unit I lived in. Mysteriously the photo's happened to be taken a week before she ever even did an inspection of the unit. The story presented by herself has changed several times throughout our dispute. I have tried contacting the owner of Marx & Bester (M. van Heerden) as well as the Agent herself. The agent refuses to refund my money and the owner of the Agency doesnt even bother replying to my emails and he doesn't contact me. The manner in which this lady communicates with me is so shocking, telling me I lived dirty (when for majority of my stay in the complex there was no-one even present).
I urge you to take photographs of every milimetre of a property before you ever move in. Make sure you also have a detailed list signed by yourself and the Agent of everything that is wrong with the property (including dirty paint) before you ever even move in anywhere and insist on attending the outgoing inspection.
I will not give up my battle in getting my money returned. Their lease provides for them paying my legal fees if I have a valid claim and with all the emails and photos I have I will win this battle


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    Lollipop0408 Jul 22, 2013

    I cannot believe the audacity of this woman and negligence of the company as a whole. I trust that you will win this battle to ensure that such immoral, dishonest and cunning business dealings come to an end. They will not get away with this. When has paint ever cost R4000 by the way? I am sure it would cost less to paint the White House!

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