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Marthill International Ltd review: The company provided 4 pallets with the fault products 1

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I have purchased 5 pallets of goods from Marthill International Ltd. The company sent and delivered these pallets on time, but when I looked at them to check, I found out that 5 pallets were full of some unnecessary goods and items, which were on the sale. I immediately found the phone of the manager and contacted him. But there was only voice mail. I hoped to get some more information, but nothing. Don’t work with such irresponsible people.

Sweet Cherry
, US
Oct 26, 2018 4:15 pm EDT

If you ever buy anything from Marthill always make sure you keep all the transactions information and also take photo of the items you have received and if possible keep the pallets intact, then go claim your money online. They have been using their “terms and conditions” to rip off customers but the company is now blacklisted as a scam so you will be likely to get your money back if you take them court. Soon this scam company will be no more.

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