Resolved Market America,IncTake money out of your bank account without notice


Failure to honor refund, money that was taking out of the account without notice!!!In the end, after a week of waiting for the refund, they still keep 10% of the money!!!Horrible!

Never get involved with this company!

Everything is a lie!


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    billybitty May 10, 2010

    Well, it's MLM so there's are bound to go wrong. The creator of Market America is actually some guy from Amway. He's created this idea of "Vertical Marketing", which basically means everyone in the chain gets the same commissions. Sounds like communism to me.

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    slielgey78 May 15, 2010

    My friend is in MA and I just see him travelling everywhere trying to build his team. He's been doing it for a while now, so it doesn't look like the nature of the job really provides for a residual benefit, b/c in order to have this benefit you've gotta maintain your team and prevent fallout as much as possible.

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    Holly Hurd Feb 13, 2011

    In this rotten economy, Market America went up on the OPC-3-their best selling product. I was a distributor, so I know the huge difference in cost and retail for these products. The Isotonic line is the best out there. I have to buy other products elsewhere. None of my customers could afford to buy these ridiculously high priced products, so I had to give up my "unfranchise". Also, this business is not for everyone- you have to have $ to buy products, and to sell. Don't be surprised when you loose friendships- Market America advocates that you hound folks you know. I spent about 10, 000 over three years. Lesson learned. Be aware of unscrupulous "uplines"-they don't care about you-only themseleves. It is nearly impossible to do this business. BUYER, BEWARE!!!

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    HealthyinNewyork Mar 21, 2011
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    It is very costly to get into this business and there are many unmentioned monthly costs. They tell you that it cost $129.00 to be a distributor. There are however additional costs. Besides the initial cost to obtain enough BV and IBV to open your two legs, there are monthly costs. They collect three months upfront for your personal website ($60.00). After three months you are charged $20.00 monthly. You also must purchase 50BV and 10IBV monthly. This totals approx $120.00 monthly, not included i-transact. The monthly requirement is considered personal bv/ibv and does not go towards building your legs to obtain commissions. I have to agree w/Holly about uplines. They only tell you information on a need to know bases.

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