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Heads up. This is a company who has ripped off and or had a bad experience with dozens if not hundreds of people. The first contact you will receive is a phone call from Joe David. This company, Golden Rule Alliance/Success Power Unlimited, makes lofty claims. Joe claims they have the ability to capture tens of thousands of people wanting to start a home based business. The way they get the information is from various sources including infomercials on T.V. Supposidly, people fill out a 21 point questionaire. This information is put into a data base 3-5 days old and a 12 week campaign is set up for you. When asked to talk to someone who had success with them we were denied. Something about people like to keep their markdeting private, which I can understand. I partnered up with two other people and paid a total of $5000.
Enter a woman named Marina Hwee. Marina is the owner of the company. Sometimes it is called The Golden Rule Alliance or Sometimes Sussess Power Unlimited or sometimes, Success Power Marketing. We were told that in ten business days, our campaign would start. Weekly, an email would be sent to each of these "high targeted prospects" instructing them to go to my website and if they liked what they saw, opt in. Weekly we were to receive reports showing who went to our website, who opend the emails so we could follow up whith these people after contacting all of our leads. We would each receive a data base via email and as a back up, on a CD. The total number in our data bases was to be 80, 000. We split them 32K, 32K and 16K. The data bases were sent via email but the C.D.'s never were mailed.
Before the campaign was suppose to launch, Two of us were set up for a conference call with Doug Smith. This is the "coach" and talking to him was something "SPECIAL" Marina was throwing in. I understand upselling, and that is what we received from Doug Smith. The cost, 2100 each. Needless to say, we wanted to see the campaign start first.
The third member of our group was contacted by phone by Marina where she tried to sell an additional 300, 000 leads for an additional $15, 000.
Durring the ten day waiting period, we were informed that there would be a short delay, the company was changing servers. Then there was a computer "glitch", and the another. Be patient we were told. All three of us had started calling the
people on our lists. I started with the people who were planning on investing $5000 in a home business. I made over 200 calls. 18% bad phone numbers. 20 plus percent had no idea why I was calling, never filled out anything and were never interested in a home busiess. Several people I talked to were well into their 80's. Not one person returned the message I left on their answering machine.
After two months of when we were suppose to start, the two other participants, requested their money back. I hung in there thinking a refund would never happen. I negotiated an additional data base weith an extra 10, 000 names for all of the aggrevation this had caused me. Marina agreed. I honestly wanted to see this work and be part of my marketing arsenal.
Finally, 6 weeks after the we signed on, a campaign went out. I did get people opting in. That was four weeks ago. Since then no other campaigns have gone out.
Phone calls aren't returned. Appointments for calls made via email are rescheduled at the last minute or blown off completely.
I called Golden Rule's office, the day after Thanksgiving, a woman answered hello, it sounded like Marina. She hung up. I immediately called back and some guy named Tony Parker answered and told me the number, I called, Marina's office number, was his office number. The guy got indignant with me. I couldn't believe it. I asked him if he was affiliated with Marina and he said no but he could give her a message. I asked him to have er call me.
The following week, I called Marina's office. The switch board opperator, (are they still called that?), told me Marina wasn't in. I struck up a conversation and the woman told me that she didn't know much about her business but she fielded calls on a regular basis from people looking for Marina and upset with her not delivering.
By the way, Marina's physical address is 1055 Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, CA. Not the one she uses on all of her correspondence.
1055 Colorado Blvdwhere


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Joel Gelfand
, US
Jan 05, 2010 4:23 pm EST

Same thing happened to me make sure you do NOT give them any money, I lost $13000.

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