CB Dating Services Review of manjam gay social network or fraud
manjam gay social network or fraud

manjam gay social network or fraud review: manjam gay social network or fraud 1

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Why manjam is wanting payments for gay dating?
by Kareem Tabish on Saturday, 08 January 2011 at 12:39

Why manjam is wanting payments for gay dating?

i have seen that manjam want payments for gay dating while manjam has at-least 100000 fake profiles with fake names and fake pictures of celebrities and models, so what they think about us ? do manjam owners think that we gays are fool or mad that we pay them for browsing of fake profiles while we have which is not only free, but profiles are real and chat is also there which is not in manjam and manjam has very limited pages for free members while is providing unlimited free use ! do you guys think that manjam is doing good with customers ? what we do against manjam as they are making us fool from last 8 years ?

it is not only about manjam but gayromeo / manhunt and all others are making fool in same way as they want payments and is free for ever

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, CN
Apr 19, 2014 9:54 pm EDT

As all other dating sites, gay or hetero, you can find good or nasty guys or gals. Depends on your luck and Manjam as others explores some need of communication and loneliness that actual lifestyle drives everyone . As all business they are looking to make money and is for us to defend against such trend and use carefully and ignoring to much offers. Never try bestlads and will do it with same precautions, I dont believe that much on samaritans nowadays... Good luck to everyone and Happy Easter Season !