Looc StudioDid not Receive Product or Refund


In the past year, Matt Carfaro's company LoocStudio has received FOUR complaints against him with the BBB of North Carolina. Further, Matt Carfaro of LoocStudio has refused to acknowledge any of these complaints. LoocStudio earned an F from BBB. Do not conduct business with LoocStudio or Matt Carfaro unless you want to LOSE money. He has also refused to acknowledge letters from the North Carolina Attorney Generals Office.
Matt Carfaro, owner of LoocStudio, was hired by myself and given a deposit to make a piece of furniture for me. Instead, he cashed my check and never delivered the piece nor did he refund my money although he said in a text that he would return my money. It appears that he has sent another client a bounced check. This information came from someone who posted on another consumer complaint site.
There are many complaints against Matt Carfaro and I highly suggest that you avoid doing any business with Matt Carfaro and LoocStudio or Ava Furniture.

Matt Carfaro changes the names of his furniture companies so you need to make sure you do not purchase or hire any company to create furniture that is associated with Matt Carfaro of North Carolina. He will promise you that he can deliver the furniture and will keep you hanging until you finally ask for a refund. Then he will promise money and never send it.

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