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On October 2, 2008, My Toyota Camry 1996, was crashed on the left rear and sidewhile parked at VanSiclen Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y. I contacted Long Island Insurance company which is the insurance company of the car that hit my car. Mr. Fitz Becford is the owner of the car that hit my car. He left a copy of the police report on my cars wind shield. The insurance co sent me a letter stating that they had received a report of an accident damaging property owned by me. Ever since this date it has been a night mare to communicate with Ms. Carissa Koerner, Claim Representative from the L.I.I. Co. The last contact was on October 20, 2008 when she stated that the car had been finally seen by on e of their representative and that the value of the damages was of $4, 795.95. and that the checkk was going to be mailed on the next day, 10/21/08. I have been trying to speak with Ms. Koerner ever since because I have not received the check to pay for the repair of the car. My son uses the car to get to and from work and since the accident he has been traveling by train. I would like for your immediate attendtion to this matter. me and my insurance co. Geico, have continuosly left messages but they have not reply to any..
I thank you in advanced for your cooperation and expect to hear from you soon. My contact number is [protected].


  • An
    Anonymous Nov 26, 2008

    You should send your complaint to the New York State Insurance Department. They can help you. I agree that this company is horrible

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  • Be
    Beth Dec 08, 2008

    The exact same thing happened to me with Ms. Koerner. I've called her twice a week for over 6 weeks now and have not recieved any calls back. I filed a complaint with the state insurance board, and reccommend you do too!

    No one should ever use this insurance company. The person who hit me had been driving with 2 suspensions on his license and was issued a summons to court at the time he hit me. His car wasn't damaged at all and it's just me who's had to go through all of this work to try to get what I'm legally entitled to while he had to go through nothing. Complain to the authorities, maybe they can shut them down.

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  • Ro
    Rosa Feb 04, 2009

    I think the first thing that people that get into accident should do is speak to an attorney or representative of the law. Insurance Company do not pay any attention when a claim is made personal. I personally work with insurance companies to settle property damage cases which include car accidents and they do get back to me as soon as they can because i work for a law firm. Maybe i can help you or anyone who gets into accidents. Please give me a call [protected] (Rosa-(Paralegal). I do hope that all your problems solve without attorney's help but i doubt insurance will commit to paying straight to a person. Have a nice day.

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  • Bb
    bbrising Feb 18, 2009

    My daughter is currently having the same problem with this insurance company. She had her accident on 1/9/09, and the car has been fixed for one month now and the Long Island Insurance Company still has not paid. We're hiring an attorney.

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  • Sa
    sal Apr 15, 2009

    Go to small claims court and take out a summons on liic and the driver that whole the insurance and drag them to court it only cost 15.00 a summons and you dont need a lawyer

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  • Mu
    Mur Apr 27, 2009

    I got rear ended by a driver insured by these jerks, I have been calling them to file a claim, got a automated machine to leave a message with my name and number and still no reply. I have no time to play games with Long Island Insurance, I am just going to take leagal actions.

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  • Ch
    Chris May 16, 2009

    I too got rear ended by a guy insured with these people. This was back in January of this year. My car has been fixed and ever since then I been calling Ms. Koerner every single week to get back the money that I am out with not one single call back. Now when I call, it tells me that her mailbox is full. Perhaps it wouldn't be full if this b**** would call people back.

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  • Bo
    bob franklin square May 30, 2009
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    Verified customer

    add me to the list about this company.My daughter got into an accident with a person insured by them and I get a real bad feeling about them.Now after reading these complaints I can see why.The people who ansewer the phone are arrogent and all they say is we never got the paper work.

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  • Mu
    Murphy Jun 01, 2009

    My car was hit while it was parked but the driver never left his/her info, my car is insured with LLIC and they are horrible !!! I have been trying to speak to anyone that would help me with my claim. All they do is keep transfering me to the same ext that I have been leaving messages for over a month. I ask to speak to a supervisor they transfer me to that same ext. I will choose my insuranace better the next time around. I rather pay more for better service.

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  • please let me add this one to your list, this companies has only 2 underwriters and one of them is an arrogant POS named Mike, it is no wonder that they do not let their last names be known, he probabl is a felon or something but he does not know anything about the NY state laws and he always tries to brashly accuse other people for the ies tht he makes, and oh yes call his phone too the voicemeail is always full.

    and as for the above problems with the claim rep Carissa Koerner, guess what the pesident of the company is robert koerner do you think they are related, it is a a scam to avoid paying accidents that they get paid to defend.

    the whole company is a scam and know one should use them their phone number is [protected] they are all frauds who hide behind voicemail and automatic attendants

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  • Mi
    Michelle Davis Jul 06, 2009

    I agree, this company is run by a bunch of thieves!, my husband and I are going through the same thing! It has been over a month, and they are still giving us the run around! This is ridiculus and disgusting. We're missing doctors appts, taking public transportation and they are still taking our money. We are paying for full coverage and yet we're still walking. We cannot afford to fix/pay for a rental!
    I'm going to follow some of your advices, thank you so much, I thought it was just us! I was originally looking for a regional office or something that I can make a complaint to, in order to report them to someone higher at the office, when this page just popped up. I'm glad I wasn't wrong about my opinion about the company. Let's see what we can do, Keep at them people!, with the economy the way it is no one should have to go through this and obviously they are not afraid of losing their jobs!

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  • Ki
    Kimberly W Jul 13, 2009

    Honestly I am 100% agreement with everyone. This company is a fraud and has ripped me off. I was paying $260 a month for 25/10/25 coverage. I recently have switched to Geico and am paying $116 a month for 50/100/50 coverage.

    This company has failed to respond to ANY phone message/letters I have given them with an emphasis to CONTACT me with regards to my questions. Even the producer I went through SUCKS. They screwed me over big time just too probably get a paycheck from LIIC.

    I am fairly new to New York having moved in September and just bought a car in January. I don't really know the NYS laws 100% yet. I am learning as I go through the months. I didn't know under NYS law besides giving a letter of cancellation I was suppose to show the company my new ID cards from the new insurance company. You would think the company would contact me with regards to my lack of information/proof for cancellation. No they didn't. Instead they sent me a letter notifying me that they were cancelling the new policy because I failed to pay for my new premium and I either need to pay for the premium or turn my plates in. I so disappointed in their service and HIGHLY wouldn’t recommend them to anyone looking for insurance.

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  • Kr
    KRock Sep 05, 2009

    I'm really glad I found this site. I decided to switch from travelers last month to find something cheaper. I went through a broker and he gave me LIIC. It's been one month, I've already paid the down payment and the brokers fee, but I still have not received policy information. Now, I have a payment with travelers due and can't cancel because LIIC still hasn't issued me a permanent policy number, which, I'm told, travelers needs in order to cancel. They claim it takes 30 to 45 days to issue a policy. That didn't sound right to me and that's why I decided to look into them. Something about them just seems very shady. Now I have to see if I can get my money back because I'd rather pay high premiums with travelers and know that they'll be there when I need them the most.

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  • Be
    belindaM Nov 30, 2009

    This insurance company has a bunch of ignorant people working there. They are ruid and nasty. They hung up on me four times. They are a bunch of liars and a bunch of thieves. I think this is a phony insurance company. Get this...I have 100% window insurance coverage and they won't cover my window becuase they said that a rock has to break my window. My car was in a parking lot, I don't know how it broke...he said it's impossible for a rock to hit my back window, and said that it was vandalizm and that they won't pay for it. I asked them to send me the policy where it states that and he refused to fax it over. There is a guy named Anthony that is supposively the supervisor, he is thenastiest person, I can't even believe he has a job there. I will never, ever, ever use this company again...they are rip off's...this will be my last month with them.

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  • Re
    RealTalk Feb 09, 2010

    Well, well, well. I feel sorry for everybody who's posted here and for everybody who's reading these posts and is currently insured by Long Island Insurance. They pulled the same thing with me... took forever for the claim to be put in.. took 2 weeks for somebody to come look at the car, and thats with me calling non-stop to send somebody out. Then after that, they mysteriously never recieved faxes from the adjuster they sent out so LII didnt know if the car was being totalled or being fixed. I spoke to the adjuster personally and was told it was being totalled and they sent a fax over to LII a number of times. Getting a rental was a hassle in itself, had to drive to Amityville to get a rental because that was the only place they told me I could get one from and then 3 1/2 weeks later (prior to the 30 day allowance) I recieved a call from the rental company stating that they were coming to pick up the car from me.. when I asked why, they said because your card is declining.. I said what card? They said the card we've been charging since your insurance company has refused to cooperate with us. I was down at the LII office 2 hours later.. by the way, it isn't open to customers.. unfortunately for them I don't take no as an answer (small dirty office with boxes EVERYWHERE, random papers EVERYWHERE, people dressed in street clothes, on the phone cursing.. most unprofessional environment I've ever witnessed). I got into the office and refused to leave until we spoke to Nancy. I sat down with her and immediately got the rental issue fixed.. the money was creditted back to my account. Then she magically did speak to the adjuster and told us "No, it is not totalled.. its only x amount of money worth of damage" ..oh, okay great.. then let's fix it. Few minutes later she walked away for something and came back with another piece of paper stating "Wait, I was missing a sheet.. yes it is totalled" Then I spoke to Carissa from the claims department (which consists of 2 people, literally) and she told me that she would process everything and the check would be cut for the car asap.. I told her I'd come back with the title and whatever other info that was needed and a pre-paid overnight envelope so the check would be overnighted to the bank.. she said great. When I came back a few days later, Carissa, who was expecting me, was at the dentist.. how convientent. They obviously didnt want me to come in the office but I came in anyway and they had me sit down with Vivian (the only other person from the claims department). Vivian seemed to be the most normal person who worked for this company. We went over everything and she said she needed to do some paperwork and the check would be cut... after waiting a few days I spoke with her (yes, like the rest of us.. phone calls are rarely answered.. so I would call non stop until I got an answer. this is the only way to speak to somebody) and she told me she was waiting on a letter of gaurantee from the bank.. and then the fax machine was once again being blamed. After speaking to the bank and the insurance company back and forth for about a month.. I finally annoyed everybody enough and my car was paid off. I could type more details for hours but I'll just give the "short" version of my experience.. Everybody at this place is unprofessional, rude, arrogant... any word you'd like to use perfectly fits. Vivian was the most helpful and most pleasant person to talk to out of my 2 month battle to get my car paid off. Many times it was difficult to get her on the phone, but when I did she was helpful for the most part. If you are currently insured with LII, cancel your policy immediatley. And if you're fighting a claim with them, looking to get your money, looking to get answers.. whatever... just go there. Go to the Melville office, if I remember correctly its suite # 417 and demand answers. Your paying them, your doing your part... make them do theirs. I do not wish my experience on ANYBODY.

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  • Le
    LeahBarz Apr 06, 2010

    I too am dealing with the shinnanigans of this insurance comp and have to vent to someone
    because every time I call there they send me to the same ext number
    as my claim rep if you'd like to call her that carissa even when I ask for
    a supervisor I get her. I got into an accident on march 12 it took them
    two weeks to send someone to see my car
    I never got a phone call or a letter stating the amount they were paying for the
    car or anything I've spent over 700 in car rental and 1000 for my deductible
    for the damages I didn't inflict on my new car. I still have not recieved
    a check for the car and it's now sitting in the shop finished and ready
    we are all waiting on the arrogant slackers at liic and Carissa is the most
    unprofesional person I've ever spoke to the few times I did
    get the chance to speak with her I left about 20 messages and never
    recieved a cAll back ! And then to top it off Shes basically called me
    a liar .

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  • Lo
    looser insurance company Sep 14, 2010

    I am just starting to go threw this now. The company should be shut down. Some first time driver side swiped me and damaged the whole drivers side from front to back. Already weve been warned we might not see our money. Are you kidding me whats the problem!!! I want my New car fixed I have it 2 years brand new not a mark untill they insure someone who cant drive. I am truly dreading the headache I am going to get with this company.. Its not fair !!! The owner of the company should be hung...only after he pays everyone.

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  • Ag
    AGNES KELLY Dec 02, 2010


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  • Ba
    Barbosa03 Dec 06, 2010

    I have a customer which car is at my shop. The car came in last month, we are the ones dealing with the insurance. When we first tryed to contact with them we spoke with nancy, she gave us another number to call. We called that number and finally 2 weeks later they told us that they were going to send someone to make the apraisal. The person didnt come till a week later than we had problems getting the apraisal we had to contact them over and over until they finally sent us the apraisal. We called LIS back and asked them if we could of start working in the car, they said yes. We stared working in the car and took money out of our pockets to get things done quicker. We keep calling them asking about when are they going to send us the check because the car is been here for a while now and its almost done, and till now they havent gaven us an answer, We call everyday, they tell us to call someone else, and that they cant handle it no more. I dont find it fair to the people that pays their insurance everymonth, i dont think is right keeping a car in the shop because their insurance is not paying. The car is here it need to get out its taken up space. We been in bussiness for more than 8 years and i can say we never had that problem before. The insurance said that they are no longer mailing any checks, they give us no information on who to call, or what could happen. The owner of the car needs the car and we need to get it out of here so more cars could come in. If anyone has any information on who us bodyshop could call please feel free to email me at [protected]@live.com or call at [protected] thank you

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  • An
    annet122 Jan 21, 2011

    some guy hit me who is insured by these people. They told me my car is worthless now and I haven't heard anything back since they are going in liquidation. I keep calling but have never spoken to Nancy, I have no car and don't know what to do.

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  • Br
    bri bri Jan 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same insurance company, I recently had to switch because they cancelled everyone policy. Yes they now are in liquidation and I make sure I speak to someone at least twice a week. My car has been in the shop for over three months now, all my paperwork is completed now the liquidation bureau is saying that it need to get reviewed by a judge and 2 other departments before a payment can be submitted to my insurance company. Its a hassle and I am furious. I just dont know what to do anymore, everytime I ask Nancy Giacomazza when will they judge review it shes says it at a 'stay.' She says the judge hasnt reviewed anyone claims yet but first party policy-holders will get their claim payed for. Ive been calling a [protected]. Its very unfortunate what has happened to all of us but I will definitely take this experience as a lesson learned, I really should have know when my insurance quotes so cheap that should have been a red flag for me. As far as LIIC I'm sure everyone will be taking legal action for them because its not fair that we are stuck without our car and they only cover rentals for a certain period of time. I havent had my car in 7 months but its been in the shop for over 3 months but if i can make it this long i can hold on a little longer. I just want to get my car back, the blame is all on LIIC not the NY Liquation Bureau. The only question I have though is where did ALL of our money go? This is a great story for Newsday and a great interesting case for an attorney. I hope everyone gets their problem handled because we are the victims and shouldnt be going through this, its stressful.

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