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Lisa Bryceland review: Scammed over $5,000 worth of postages and merchandise

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This person has been doing business with me for a few years and it's just in October 2010 that she stopped paying me for postages and merchandise. She was buying UGGs from me and would say she needs it immediately. I had found it strange that she wasn't paying for the expedited shipping and then at the end, she racked up almost $5, 000 in postages and merchandise. She also lies constantly. She was saying that I was missing a couple of pairs, she also claimed that I had sent her mismatched pairs and I know for sure those allegations weren't true as I check the shoes before I send them out. She goes by the name of Lisa Bryceland, Pam Smith, and or Pam Hanner. I had e-mailed her friend and the stories that I am getting from this person are not all in sync with the lies she has made up. She also did a scam on this other person I know and she currently owes my friend $2, 000.

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