Linkedinnon-existent customer service

I thought I was through with Linkedin and its horrendous "customer service, " after canceling all the accounts I thought I had. However, I found out tonight that I apparently have an account filled with error that absolutely do not want and it appears I never started.However, true to their mantra of never helping any customer, here I am writing this report.

I tried repeatedly to "log in" to delete this horrendous, inaccurate account, but cannot use this to sign in--I tried every phone number I have had in the past 15 years—no avail.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Mountain View, CA I tried every email address I have had or currently have going back 15 years, no avail. I even tried my husband's information--nothing. They just shuttle me back to their "sign in" screen, " which then takes me to those stupid pictures to "make sure I am not a robot."

Now, I find out I cannot contact them unless I can Log in, but I cannot Log in. This [censored] is what they are famous for. I am writing them up on any and all websites which deal with rip-offs.

These people are just sleazy. By making themselves "unavailable" they keep their site going based on [censored].

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