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I went to log into my account, it stated to call in. My account was closed based on some other accounts under my ip address is what they stated first, then they stated it was someone made a complaint against me. I was advised by loretta that she would call in the am. No response, 3 months later all they do is not respond. I leave messages in their customer service voicemail where they promise to call back in 24 hours. No callback ever. Also on their site you can send a issue to customer service, no response to what happened. I have sent emails, no response. Poor customer service. The only person who actually can get to is the receptionist who transfers you to the voicemail. No callback either. I have read other blogs and it seems to be the trend with linkedin, no customer service person responds to anyone when they send a complaint or a question. All I am asking for is a response and to find out why my account was closed. I sent documentation like loretta asked for, never heard back from her. Today 11/14/08 when I called, I was informed loretta no longer works for them. Funny thing is I used the keypad when I called back and she has her voicemail still intact. So if she is no longer there after the middle of last month, why do I have proof she opened my email.


  • Wi
    Wizzaard Sep 06, 2009

    I totally agree that LinkedIn customer service sucks. I have sent them 3 tickets related to the suspension of my account. All I need to know is 'why' and I haven't received a single reply, but it seems they were very fast at responding to someone else's complaint for suspending my account. If they can't provide a good service then I guess people are foolish who use LinkedIn. Poor suckers.

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  • Ep
    ep2002 Sep 08, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just happened to me.

    I had unemployed workers harassing me b/c of something I said in a discussion FIVE month ago. I asked them to STOP. After 5 months of workers constantly PMing me to disagree with a statement I didn't even make (I was quoting someone else), I warned them that if they didn't stop I was going to start to paste their name & comment in the discussion.

    After that another worker PMed me, so I did what I said I was going to do.

    I also contacted LinkedIn to tell them what was going on, but they didn't get back to me.

    The next thing I know after a written argument broke out between me & one of the workers who accused most online companies of being scams, my account is closed down.

    No warning, no discussion, NOTHING. I was being harassed by some angry unemployed workers who I can see don't even deserve a job & for this harassment they closed my account. Even today before the account got closed some of the workers on that list PMed me to give me condolences.

    Very VERY immature behavior on the part of LinkedIn. I had tons of connections in my network & have been on LinkedIn for at least 3-4 years.

    They also have no way to contact the people who even matter.

    1. Jeff Weirner -
    2. Reid Hoffman -
    3. Ellen Levy -

    Their complete list is here & there's no way to contact them.

    I'm also wondering if the reason they closed my account is because literally an hour prior to this happening I called & left a message on customer service complaining about their customer service.

    Their customer service has been terrible in the last several months ever since they changed so many things on their site.

    Almost every time I ask a simple question, I don't get a straight answer or the person doesn't understand the question.

    So after this happening over & over again, I finally called up & complained. I mean you'd think the higher ups would want to know what's going on, right?

    Lastly, the problem I had was that people were PMing me & I wasn't getting all the PMs. I tracked that it happened at least 4 times, but there were probably more that I was just unaware of.

    We'll see if Risk Management even gets back to me because Melanie wrote them an e-mail & told me to write an e-mail, so I did.

    It's unfortunate that so many of these sites online aren't smart enough to investigate each situation on its own merit. A lot of these community sites don't talk to the person first to find out their side of the story, they just assume, believe other people & use their immature authority to delete people.

    I've learned over the years that there's always a mob mentality on these sites, so if one of them doesn't like something you say, they will get their friends & contacts to back them up.

    These are the kinds of people who are unemployed in the US, ones that harass companies & then tattle lying about what really happened.


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  • Wo
    WordSmith1220 Dec 04, 2010

    LinkedIn's lack of customer service and, frankly, common sense amazes me. A woman who 20 years ago thought I had an affair with her husband (I didn't) started sending me harassing and borderline threatening messages via LinkedIn and other social media last year. The other sites allowed me to block communications from her. LinkedIn doesn't. This woman can remain a LinkedIn member, but the only way I can stop getting hateful messages from her is to cancel my account. LinkedIn won't even look into my complaints.

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  • Ka
    Kamaranti Feb 11, 2011
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    Verified customer

    They replied to my emails but all they do in the end is forward it to 'technical service' and then two weeks later come with a frustrating cookie cutter answer that totally ignores the actual discussion that has already taken place. The purpose must be to discourage you. Then they start replying with empty messages. It's hard to stay patient and polite, and finally they'll remove your account. They have not worked out their concept of customer care yet because they don't have enough competition.

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  • Ep
    ep2002 Feb 18, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Let me know when you find a good startup like LinkedIn. There are other similar business networking sites, but none that have their interface, features & that many members. Plus others want to charge you just to talk to someone else on there, whereas LinkedIn doesn't. It's a shame their human side is so inept & they have no customer service to speak of.

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  • An
    antisocialnetworking Sep 15, 2011

    Social networking on the most part is a waste of time in my opinion.
    Yes, our company spent two years cultivating 778+ contacts only to have the account yanked by a psychotic individual from their sales department when we told them we weren't interested in advertising on their platform. The account was closed the next day for 'technical reasons' (our user name). This is pure bs.
    Our company has never actually made a sale to any of the participants on Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter - so, we have no plans to pursue those avenues any further. I must say - Google on the other hand is a very attractive on-line source with their various focused programs for developing real sales and earning real income on-line.
    Cheers to you Google! and to hell with these other anti-social and greedy corporate companies.

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  • Th
    thunksalot Oct 04, 2011

    WHY I HATE Oh let me count the ways.
    (1) It sends 1, 000 invites to people when I seriously thought I indicated correctly that I did NOT want that to happen. If I did make a mistake, it should not be so easy to accidentally send invites to everyone you've ever emailed.
    (2) I followed their instructions to "withdraw" the invitations, but that appears to have done nothing because LinkedIn has continued sending additional "invitation reminder" emails to everyone - repeatedly.
    (3) When I complain via their help center, I get an email saying I'll be helped within 24 hours if I'm a paying customer and 48 hours otherwise - but 6 days later have still heard nothing and it keeps sending "invitation reminder" emails to people against my will!!
    There's no phone number anywhere that I can find to call and speak to a human - if anyone knows one, please let me know.

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  • Bo
    bobamb Nov 22, 2011

    I have a person making false employment claims at my company and contacted Linkedin 3 times to no avail. They don't care the the information on their website is incorrect.

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  • Bi
    Bill Spencer Sep 10, 2013

    LinkedIn is supposed to be a "professional" website. The first thing I do is log onto my profile and there is some bimbo licking a circuit board on the home page. Whenever you point out a fire code or safety problem a bunch of jerks comes back incorrect information with name calling and smartass remarks so I started collecting them here.

    The website can be a source of good information. It has become a cesspool of bad life safety advice as seen above. I started posting these on my Facebook account under William Spencer - South Houston.

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  • Ep
    ep2002 Sep 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For me this is called cyber bullying & there are TONS of cyber bullies online & yes on LinkedIn.

    I've been bulled on LinkedIn many times AND cyber stalked too.

    AND LinkedIn removed MY account for sticking up for myself, so be careful & save all your connections (there is a way) b/c if those bullied want to, they can get your account shut down.

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  • Cm
    cms, May 17, 2014

    fine, i think LinkedIn is the most unprofessinal site, as they have full right to deactivate your account with any reason, its really useless to use Linkedin, as while using it you are just wasting your time in making connections, and uploading your post, as no one is there to clarify your queries, they should close this site, as they are just making fools of the people using their site, people should avoid using LinkedIn, as they are doing what they want to do, even they close your account without informing you, its really very stupid on their part, think,

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  • Fake id from linkedin profile and misused

    This lady offering sex on Skype and capture video and forcing to pay money

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  • Dr
    Dr J Apr 01, 2015

    I signed up to LinkedIn primarily to see if it was as advertised -- a boon to finding other people in your business. It wasn't even close. Worse, it was an instant increase in junkmail. So what was mild interest turned into increasing annoyance. There was no meaningful contact ever established that couldn't be achieved through FB or iPhone. And then it got worse.
    I was asked to engage in the no-risk FREE MONTH OF PREMIUM SERVICE to see how much better LinkedIn could be. OK. Free. It was not better, the only change was a huge increase in the junk email from LinkedIn. "Wish so-and-so congratulations for his/her one-year job anniversary." Really? So, at the end of the free month, I did NOT subscribe, and assumed it was over and out. I never heard anything more from LinkedIn (administration) aside from the flood of crap email. And then it got even worse.
    Recently, while paying an American Express bill online, I noticed there was an impending payment. I'd just paid the bill, so I checked it out from curiosity. The payment referred to a payment being made from my account to someone -- LINKEDIN. WTF??? About $30. I called American Express to see what this was and if there were any other charges. Long story short, the charges were monthly, and as far as American Express records went (meaning there might be charges before their records), there were monthly charges for Premium (aka FREE) Service. I immediately disputed the charge and all charges from LinkedIn and blocked them from any future charges. And then it got worse again.
    Not with American Express. They've been very good so far. I tried to resolve it with LInkedIn directly. It's been impossible. For starters, Customer Service is literally NOT HUMAN. It's a) a limited series of FAQs that, when they don't answer issues, will allow you to state your problem in an empty window, and someone will respond in a day or two. (Someone above said it was listed as 24-hour response time.) I left at least five different messages after the FAQs not only didn't answer questions, but went like this: FAQ 1 refers you to FAQ 2; if that doesn't work, you are referred back to FAQ 1. And so begins the circular response with no exit.
    It's been over two weeks, and no response has been forthcoming.
    I used their prescribed method to quit Premium Service AND LinkedIn completely. It's over two weeks now, and there has been no response, I'm still online with them, and the junk e-mail is never ending.
    I believe this is not just a corporate scam, but since they have stolen over $300 (probably more) from my credit card account without alerting me clearly or making sure I was okay with it -- that it's a criminal operation.
    They are constantly bombarding me with Requests to get hooked up from people who know me or wish to know me. When I ask these people who they are and why they contacted me -- I'm told that they DID NOT ask to contact me.

    I would suggest to anyone and everyone that you avoid LinkedIn as you would any toxic substance. It's dangerous to your peace of mind and your finances.

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  • Ar
    armedforceceleb Jul 20, 2015

    They have done this to celebrities, artists, athletes and even armed forces employees and family. They hack into the account. We thought it was cause of fan base worldwide on such like some knowns. But we see here they do it to a lot of others. They have hacked, or phishing scam I think trying to get personal identification from even high profiled. They state about fake accounts. yet when seeking others like fake Kim Kardachian she has like 5 -10 fakes or profiles. Did they ask her for her ID, , , , ssn personal info. I think there needs to be a class action lawsuite and FTC.

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  • Bk
    BKlinger Jun 14, 2016

    If you are considering using any of the paid LinkedIn services, let me stop you from making this mistake.

    After entering an agreement with them to help grow our business and paying them close to $11k, our experience with their development team has been abysmal, the results our company saw from their supposed services were non existent, and after numerous requests to speak with members of their staff to review our service agreement we received absolutely no response.

    LinkedIn was not responsive to multiple requests from my company for servicing, we failed to receive a single lead from our investment, and when we asked LinkedIn for a review of the services multiple times there was never a response.

    By choosing to use their services we invested a great deal of capital (specifically $10, 580.76) and time into what we were sold from them. After we signed the contract and paid the money, the only time we ever heard from them was when they were asking for more money. We cut our losses and ceased using their services due to lack of results and no communication on their part.

    About a year after we ceased using their services, we began to receive collection calls from LinkedIn. In our communications with them we requested verification of the debt, a copy of the original contract, a list of leads generated by their services for us and made the offer to enter into mediation on what LinkedIn considered still owing to them from us as the contract with them required.

    We made this request on multiple occasions and were never provided anything. I thought it was odd that they were not willing to provide any documentation so we continued to call their offices and left messages. We never received a response from Linkedin regarding our requests, just more collection calls demanding money.

    It eventually got to the point that we told LinkedIn we wanted a refund for the monies that were already paid to them. We also again told them that we were happy to enter into mediation with them regarding this matter. After this we received no further communications until they sent their goons from a law firm, Law Office of Kenneth Freed to harras us. These guys had no interest in resolving the matter, called us all sorts of names and told us we were "ridiculous" for not just paying the second half of an agreement that LinkedIn never fulfilled.

    I would not recommend this company to anybody for their paid services. Try calling their offices and see what happens! They robbed us out of close to $11k, refused any accountability, and then they came looking for more money. When their only response is "because you signed on the dotted line", sorry but your contract does not give you the right to defraud businesses out of thousands of dollars.

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  • Linkedin shut down my profile which I own a business. I can't access my company page with jobs listed to correct the closed ones. I had a Linkedin account since 2008 + 25 years job experience + 7 Recommendations. Our family is on SAFE AT HOME PROGRAM. Protected under State and Federal Stalking laws. Drivers License is blocked at the DMV Confidential Records Unit. My family helps in business with same IP from home.

    "Shannon" with no last name wants our entire families: Drivers License, "SIGNATURE", PHOTO, FULL ADDRESS & DATE OF BIRTH. Sent to "Shannon" who we don't know where our information is going. I found you can file a SMALL CLAIMS COURT ACTION in your own state. Because Linkedin operates over 70% of their business out of their own area. You don't have to file a SMALL CLAIMS COURT ACTION in their courts area.

    We did look on Linkedin at Linkedin employees and NO "Shannon" exists. "Shannon" is a FAKE NAME AT LINKEDIN.

    I made Jeff Weiner CEO a lot of money. Over the years, as a Recruiter I referred Linkedin services 1000's of times. And, this is the crap I get below they sent without any "Shannon" to speak with directly. LINKEDIN IS HOLDING MY BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION "HOSTAGE" FOR OUR ENTIRE FAMILIES PERSONAL ID'S. NOT EVEN OUR BANK HAS A PHOTO OF US.

    LinkedIn Response (06/17/2016 09:07 CST)

    Hi Vicky,

    We've identified suspicious activity concerning your LinkedIn account. It appears that you may be accessing multiple LinkedIn accounts and/or sharing access to your account. This activity is in violation of the LinkedIn User Agreement. For a complete list of "LinkedIn User Do's and Don'ts", please see the LinkedIn User Agreement:

    In addition we've received complaints from other members that you've sent unsolicited mass mailings and/or promotional materials in messages that appear to be phishing, spam, or abusive in nature. We realize not everyone understands how messages on LinkedIn should or should not be used. However, the LinkedIn User Agreement prohibits using LinkedIn to connect with people you don't know and/or sending unsolicited mass mailings.

    As a result, we've suspended your account. To allow access back to this account, we'll need a scanned image of a valid government issued photo ID (like a driver's license or passport) that has your:

    • Photo
    • Name
    • Signature
    • ID expiration date (if present)

    We're using this information solely for the purpose of validating your identity and assisting you with re-accessing your account. We'll remove any and all copies of identity you've provided once this specific issue is resolved. Please note that if this issue comes up again, we may require you to present this information again.

    Note: We request that prior to submitting your government issued ID, you cover the identification number on the copy of the document.

    I look forward to your response.


    LinkedIn Safety Operations Support Specialist
    Member (06/15/2016 15:06 CST)
    Phone number associated with LinkedIn account (if applicable):

    Country of Residence: United States


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  • Ep
    ep2002 Jul 14, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So I wonder how things will play out now that MICROSOFT owns LinkedIn.

    Let us know people : )

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  • Ha
    Hardtobelieve Feb 22, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, Linked in is not a totally professional site. I have had mine hacked by a person who in turn got another person on linkined in to say inappropriate things about in an effort to defame me. I am going to go to the police at this point because LinkenIn does not have a customer service number nor email to contact them. I hear that same person Adriana Lopez has done it again!! This is two years later and I don't even know the person! I never knew this person in my life. Linked in NEEDS to stop this! I need a number or email for someone at linked in. I am not on linkedin and I am hearing about this. This person even posted a picture of me from almost 2 years ago. I have complained about this and it has happened again.

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  • Ly
    Lynn Andries Dec 08, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Despite several attempts to stop further deductions by LinkedIn they have continued to deduct fees .I have tried their suggested method to stop the subscription, however there is always some reason/ excuse issued by their system that prevents the notification from being transmitted. I have sent emails to no avail.

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