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A Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

Ms. Lindsay Michelle Belovari the immigration paralegal from Merkham (ON) has scammed my friend and I. We were her clients from 2014 and over the time started being suspicious of her actions. Eventually she simply disappeared.
We live in the UAE and hired her as a paralegal representative to help us apply for PR in Canada. We found her on LinkedIn and she had good experience and provided us with her license copy. So we trusted her and paid her the service fees and Canada Immigration fees to pay on behalf of ourselves and our families.
She gave multiple excuses and fake reasons we believed and simply waited for nothing. We never got any receipts that she really paid on our behalf, no application number or tracking number, absolutely nothing. Eventually we started sending our complaints left and right to Canada immigration related authorities. ICCRC said she was not registered with them but we found her registered with the The Law Society of Upper Canada. About six months after we filed the complaint, the Investigations Dept send us a letter that her license was suspended and she cannot practice law. Unfortunately, we lost time, money and our applications were never submitted.


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      Aug 11, 2019

    We had the exact same experience with my husbands immigration .. she took our money and his papers were never submitted and I ended up redoing all his application and submitting myself ... we lost over 2 years and large amount of money using her... and to find out she was suspended as I was going to have her served as she disappeared and could not get a hold of her!!!

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      Aug 13, 2019

    @d3E Oh, sorry to hear it. Thanks for responding. Regret to find out that my friend and I were not the only victims of Lindsay Michelle Belovari's scam. Did it happen recently or about the same time span? Hope, you guys eventually made it to Canada and living a good life. We never made it, unfortunately. We lost precious time but we'll try to do it again without any assistance. I'm glad we managed to get her license suspended. I still cannot understand how someone can earn an education, years of experience and reputation as a paralegal and then do a scam like that... Anyways, let God and karma deal with that.

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