Lincoln Technical Institutemedical billing and coding program


My name is luzmary ramos-sosa I am a recent graduate of lincoln technical institute also known as lti. I enrolled on 02/11/2015 - 11/03/2015. I graduated with a gpa of 3.86 and received a certificate for deans list, in which I had to maintain an a for three consecutive months. I am 28 years old and very proud to have went back to school after so many years but I am very disgusted to say I graduated from lincoln. First of all let me clarify that nothing that they taught me helped me on my extership, I had to be retrained by my site manager and was highly embarrassed that she had to call my school and ask for the curriculum because I did not know how to bill. She also requested to go to the next meeting in which they give feedback on the curriculum taught at lincoln. They also lied to me and said that we were a high paying job and we would be making good money. They never said we would be getting $12-15 dollars which is exactly what they are offering us that is not high paying. I am currently home buying study guides to help me get certified... Waste of time, I could have saved all that money and bought a couple books and study at home. Majority of our classes just consisted of reading a chapter and writing down power points. Many of days I had to teach myself the curriculum to achieve the grades I got. I was so lucky to have such positive and motivated peers in my class that we formed our own support group to help each other study and find new ways to understand the curriculum better. If we would have had experienced teachers that worked at our school then we would not have had this problem. Many of the teachers in lincoln, have at least once confessed that they were recruited from the work field as experienced medical biller and coder (Mcb) and after some training at lincoln were put to teach. Now this is very bothersome. This program is exactly 9 months long. Not much time to squeeze in all the information you need to be an mcb, why would lincoln believe that it is ok to have unexperienced teachers trying to teach us the most important classes like coding. I couldn't explain it. I complained every single day. To everyone as high as corporate. Oh and corporate they are just as unprofessional as the school. Not only did corporate not keep my identity confidential when I did complained. The people who I spoke to in regards to my complaints, I had to constantly call to speak with them directly and all they did was email the dean and press her to fix the situations and them knowing one of my first complaints was about the dean. She did nothing when me and a couple of students reported two of our teachers speaking to students rude and inappropriately and rolling there eyes at the students. There is no chain of commands because no one does nothing but point to someone else. Corporate did not call me back either to assure me the problem would be resolved and because of them failing to keep me anonymous I was treated unfairly and felt discriminated against for speaking up. One thing I can say is the staff sticks together, that school is so corrupt its ridiculous. I had spoke to the president of campus about unfairly being suspended from school. For doing nothing but breaking up a fight in class. This occurred twords the end of me graduating. By this time I have made lots of enemies. Two of my classmates got into a fist fight and I broke it up. When the teacher arrived he automatically started yelling at me. I told him to lower down his voice I was not the one fighting and I knew he thought I was a troublemaker, no one likes someone who says the truth but that comes with being honest. Of course he took the opportunity to say I was being intimidating and challenging him whatever that means. I guess a nice way to say he was wrong and I addressed him on it. So they sent me to speak to the dean in which I have had previous uncomfortable encounters with and asked for another teacher to be present in our conversation because she hates my guts for going over her head and reporting things to corporate. So no teacher was present during our conversation but a teacher stood outside the door. Supposedly "anyone involved in a fight had to be sent home upon investigation" mind u she contradicts herself and says" she knows I was breaking up the fight because she spoke to some students already. " so why was I being sent home?? Discrimination? Yes.. Later that afternoon she calls me back and says I was using foul language and students in other classrooms heard my voice. Mind you this conversation is in regards to a fight during class with loud screaming and tables moving and two girls fighting with no teacher in the class room... How was it my voice they heard and students that don't even talk to me from another program that have never heard me speak. Wow.. This school is great. I ended up having to sign that false write up in order to not be supposedly expelled. For breaking up the fight.. Oh which brings me to another time where me and a girl, another student from lincoln, got really close and had a personal disagreement outside of school and decided we no longer wanted to be friends. I decided I am older and more experienced in friendships sometimes they go sour and the other party becomes resentful, so I started sitting away from this individual and avoiding her so there would be no conflicts during class. So on this particular day I came a few minutes late and someone had sat in my usual seat so I sat in the back not to disturb the class. Shortly after that she comes in late and sits next to me. So I got up when the teacher wasn't speaking and moved a couple rows in front. The girl then started verbally attacking me and insulting me. I did argue back and I did it but I took all precautions to avoid speaking to her for this reason. I felt embarrassed, frustrated as well as offended. When the teacher addressed us it was clearly her who started the arguing I had said not one word to her. But they still wrote me up for disturbing the class. And I refused to sign it. So that week I called corporate and made a complaint that this girl was ambassador of our class and why was she still representing our class as a role model if this is the behavior she was promoting. It took some time but she was stripped of her black uniform but no one did nothing about my write up that reflects behaviors that I would never portray unless I felt attacked. Just sitting here remembering my experience at that school and all the things I want people to know gets me more upset that I trusted this school to enforce their staff to act professional as well as the students. I trusted them to make sure I had a friendly positive experience everyday when I come to school. I expected them to be organized and get back to me when I ask for something. I cannot express how big of a mistake it was for me to go there and if it wasn't for the support at home and my support from my peers that this school almost broke the motivation I had to further my education. They nearly drained all the happiness I had inside of me. I even went to a therapist for a couple of weeks to get some clarity about how was I feeling about the pressures in this school. Please do not make the mistake I did. Research the school before you enroll and consult with your family make sure you are mentally prepared its not easy. And speak up if something is bothering you, who cares if you have to deal with crap for it. No one likes to hear the truth.. I want every last dime I spent on that program, every dime I owe and I want pain and suffering. The problems I endured in school took a tole on my relationships, made me depressed and affected my grades. I have much more stories and many more complaints and if someone can help me in suing this school please contact me at [protected] upon request I can produce statements from multiple students as well as emails to and from the campus president as well as phone records if needed. Thank you... Sincerly, unhappy student... Luzmary

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