Lincoln Technical Institutelpn program

S Jul 11, 2019

Do not plan on going to Lincoln Tech for LPN unless you are very smart and good at teaching yourself. The staff here is useless and the Director is a scam artist. They will trick you into coming here by telling you you excelled on your Teas test. How odd when you start classes and find your classmates saying they were also told they were above average. Clinicals consisted of sitting in the break room of a nursing home, rarely able to handle patients as these places do not want to be liable if you make a mistake. 15 months of classes and you get to experience exactly 2 med passes. The teachers here act so above you, treating you as though you're an idiot peasant who needs them in order to survive. I plan on filing a complaint for fraud and applying for the borrower defense to take care of my loans. Oh yeah, I find it awfully strange with a company this large that you're unable to view or pay your loans online. I asked for a receipt for my payment or even a regular bill and was told they don't do that, that my bank statement serves as my receipt. I have never heard of such a thing in 2019. I should be able to see what I owe and what I've paid. Please please do not go here. I wish I had just gone straight for my RN.

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