Lifetime Movie Networkmovie contents belong to the 1994 movie of same name.

K Jan 11, 2020 Review updated:

Death of a cheerleader 2019...
I wanted to watch this movie again because I was a little preoccupied the first time around.
Too my surprise it's the original movie of same name released in 1994. I have seen that version at least 20 times in the last 25 years.
I really wish that lmn would correct this.
Another complaint is I notice whoever is making the weekly lineup is repeating movies. This makes me so irritated to see a movie on tuesday of the week then it's scheduled to come on thursday of the following week. Omg there are literally hundreds of lifetime movies why keep playing the same movies within a week or so of each other.
One more complaint, I like to set my dvr ahead of time especially my lifetime movies.
There has been a number of occasions usually in the early morning where I had set my dvr to record a movie that was older and was very good. These have been movies that haven't been on in a long long time.
I get around to scrolling my list of shows all of the sudden some movie I don't even like had been recorded. Low and behold lifetime switched out the movie. At first I couldn't figure out what was going on but then after a couple of times it hit me, wtf?? I was looking forward to watching that movie that I hadn't seen maybe in about six or seven years all the sudden it's disappeared nowhere to be found replaced by some movie I wouldn't record catch.
Please get that straightened out!!
I should be in charge of the movie lineup I bet I could make everybody happy and maybe go at least a month before a movie is repeated.
Thank you

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  •   Jan 11, 2020

    you sure its lmn and not the cable provider? try unplugging your cable box and wait 15 seconds. reboot.

    usually it clears it.

    if it doesnt, prioritize your complaints in life.

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