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I had registered for full 6 sessions of facial with this salon which was worth 400$
I had also paid 100$ deposit.

When I went for the first session, just while doing the facial, the KAREN & Amy, started verbally harassing me in paying the remaining balance before she even completed the first session. I had the this facial wash on my face, and KAREN just didnt stop talking.
Since the salon, was only 15 walking from my home, I just walked to the salon, without my wallet. I thought I had already paid, 1/4th of the cash, which covers atleast 1 session.
I had already paid 100$ deposit. They never mentioned about that i have to pay the entire balance, before i can even have my first facial done.
They yelled at me.
Every session comes to the cost of 67$. Even if they did first facial, they still had the left over money from 100$.
Being 8 months pregnant, they made me walk to another center for 10 minutes, and fight and argue with me again.
For two hours, this continued, finally, i felt even if i call my husband to bring the remaining 300$ balance, why I would want to even see their face and further humiliate myself.
I heard from the supervisor, many people do 1 or 2 facial and never complete the course. Why would someone even come back, looking at my experience. All three woman were bunch of fools. I earn over 150k a year. 300$ is absolutely nothing for me. Its the kind of service I pay for.
Had they even been considerate on my pregnancy state, and been soft spoken, I could have called my maid to bring my wallet from home.
PLEASE DONT ENTERTAIN SUCH COMPANIES, who have no value for customer service.
In my opinion, Lifestyle La Beaute - Toa Payoh waste of time.


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    Ashleeh Mar 09, 2018

    I did eyebrow threading there as well and they kept promoting their other services to me. Not only that there were thread cuts on my eyelid as it was not done properly. I told her that it hurt and it didn't feel right but she kept insisting everything was okay until I saw blood on my eyelids after the session. It is truly unacceptable and she even had the cheek to ask me to try out other services. It has been a day since the eyebrow threading and the cut is still on my eyelid. I'm very upset with their service and standard and will never patronize them. Proceed with caution. Epitome of unethical business practice. If my cut isn't healed by this week, I'll proceed to lodge case complaint.

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