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1 Apr 28, 2019
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DO NOT PURCHASE A PET FROM HER. This lady has something to hide. She does not offer health guarantees— any true breeder should stand by the genetic health of their pets because THEY BRED THEM. Run away from any breeder that tells you over the phone they guarantee their cats are healthy, but won't provide any written contract.

I recently had a kitten pass away from FIP, so during an emotional time I called her in search of a kitten. On the phone she was extremely nice, seemed professional, and mentioned that her cats came from championship lines. I made the hasty decision of putting down $1, 000 deposit for a $2, 500 cat. She kept saying she guarantees her babies are healthy, so I assumed like any other true breeder, she offers some sort of written guarantee.

When I realized she didn't, I asked several times about this and finally she agreed to write one up for me. Afterwards, upon asking about papers to register the cat so that I could show the cat, even if it meant altering him first, she told me she wants another $800. Papers to register a cat costs about $40.

Immediately then I told her I do not want to go through with purchasing the cat anymore and asked if I could have PART of the refund back. She denied it and does not answer my texts. I have not said anything nasty towards her besides politely asking for a refund, and she's blocked me and declined to answer me.

The kitten is still 8 weeks old, in her hands yet she refuses to give me a penny back of that $1, 000. Breeders may charge a bit more for papers, but $800 on top of $2, 500?! Backyard breeders should charge backyard breeding prices. Money hungry, unethical, breeders like her are what gives breeders a bad reputation.

Please do your research and find a breeder that actually CARES.

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    The photo source is from —-> how to recognize an unethical breeder

  • Updated by 10011 · Apr 29, 2019 she is the definition of a backyard breeder


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    She has sold so many sick kittens! And she changes her name constantly!

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